IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2008-07-14

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arikaDo every content type needs a factory to be created?02:45
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arikaanyone here?03:07
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gstrattonarika: I think the anwer's no03:08
gstrattonTo the first question ;-)03:08
arikawell at least it was better than asking to ask :)03:09
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arikagstratton: do I need a factory for every object that I create?03:09
gstrattonarika: From what I remember, it's not necessary to register any factories03:10
arikaI've created the browser vew of addMenuItem03:11
arikabut nothing appears...03:12
arikaI don't see my object under the adding thing...03:14
arikaThis will be a long learning curve03:14
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gstrattonSo you're registered an addform?03:14
arikaI don't know if it's using really my package03:15
arikaI would suppose that because it was created every .pyc file03:15
arikaI've got now an addform and an addMenuItem03:16
gstrattonHmm, sorry, I'm not too hot on this stuff. I haven't done it for a couple of years. Do you have Philipp's book?03:19
arikayeah that's what I'm using03:20
arikaand also the zope3 book03:20
arikaI checked that you can create a new object03:21
arikaI'm trying to continue now with the browser thing03:21
arikain order to make the part of adding the content03:21
gstrattonarika: Well, registering the class as a factory is quite trivial, so maybe you should try it too see whether that's the problem03:23
arikayeah I noticed03:23
arikaI suppose it fails when you try to package include something that doesn't exists, isn't it?03:24
arikaah then I've got no problem03:24
arika1) I created an interface for the content03:24
arika2) I created a class for the content that implements interface03:24
arika3) I added a subfolder browser/ with a configure.zcml thing03:25
arikadon't get my problem03:25
arikanow if I try to debug the factory...03:25
gstrattonAnd the package zcml includes the browser subpackage zcml?03:25
arikalet me check...03:26
arikayeah yeah03:26
arika<include package=".browser" />03:26
arikagonna debug this03:26
arikaif in my zcml Ive got03:28
arika    <utility        factory=".ara2site.Ara2SiteFactory"03:28
arika                    name="ara2CMS.Ara2Site"03:28
arika                    permission="Zope.ManageContent"03:28
arika    />03:28
arikait says03:28
arika>>> a = createObject(u"ara2CMS.Ara2Site")03:28
arikaTraceback (most recent call last):03:28
arika  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?03:28
arika  File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/component/", line 224, in createObject03:28
arika    return getUtility(IFactory, __factory_name, context)(*args, **kwargs)03:28
arika  File "/usr/local/Zope-3.3.1/lib/python/zope/component/", line 207, in getUtility03:28
arika    raise ComponentLookupError(interface, name)03:28
arikazope.component.interfaces.ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass zope.component.interfaces.IFactory>, u'ara2CMS.Ara2Site')03:28
gstrattonThis is from a debug prompt with the application configuration loaded, yes?03:29
arikayeah debugzope03:29
arikabut take this: (wait)03:29
arikagot a syntax error...03:30
arikalet me see :)03:30
arika>>> from ara2CMS.ara2site import Ara2Site03:32
arikaok ok03:32
arikathe file now is ok let me restart the zope server03:32
arikacontinues without working gstratton03:37
arikadoesn't also work with getUtility()03:39
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gstrattonThat zcml doesn't look right to me...03:40
arikalet me check03:41
arikautility has to be under content tag03:42
arikaisn't it?03:42
arikaI think that would be my problem...03:42
arikayeah it is under content...03:43
gstrattonI don't think so... I think either you use <factory> under content or utility outside03:43
arikafactory is deprecated, as I've read03:43
gstrattonSure. Actually, so I content, which is merely an alias for class03:44
arikaThe factory directive has been deprecated and will be removed in Zope 3.5. Use the utility directive instead:03:44
arikamy code doesn't seem the example code03:45
arikaand I've got the utility code from philip book03:45
gstrattonHmm, you are right. I wonder how it knows that it's meant to provide IFactory03:47
arikaas I understand03:48
arikafactories inherit from zope.component.interfaces.IFactory03:48
arikaso I put03:48
arikadon't know if you mean that03:49
gstrattonYes, I was just getting there!03:49
arikahahaha :)03:49
gstrattonSo when you look up a utility, you look for something providing an interface03:49
gstrattonIn this case, IFactory. Which means that when you register a utility, you need to specify the interface it implements03:50
gstrattonBut, if you don't specify it, and it provides exactly one interface, then it will be registered for that03:50
arikashould I use provides03:51
gstrattonSorry, there's a bit of provides/implements confusion here.03:51
arikaand say provide an IFactory?03:51
arikagot the error, I think03:52
arikaapi docs say03:52
arikaPython name of a factory which can create the implementation object. This must identify an object in a module using the full dotted name. If specified, the component field must be left blank.03:52
arikausing full dotted name03:52
arikameans in python jargon to specify all the dots03:52
arikawithout beginning with a simple .?03:52
gstrattonStarting with a dot means relative to the current package03:53
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gstratton.. means relative to the parent, etc03:53
arikabut what's a full dotted name?03:53
arikaok ok03:54
arikaI just learnt python to work with Zope, lol03:54
gstrattonWow, that's a lot to learn at once!03:54
arikaI think so...03:55
arikaanother language03:55
arikagetting addicted to python really03:55
arikadone some tests and it's really useful :)03:55
gstrattonYou said you put "implements(IFactory)" in the class def; was that from Philipp's book?03:55
arikai've defined __call__03:56
arikathat returns the object to be created03:57
arikaand getInterfaces03:57
arikathat returns implementedBy the object class...03:57
gstrattonOh, right. Fair enough!03:58
arikadunno I'm not a Zope expert...03:58
arikaI was really freak when I decided to do my website in Zope03:59
gstrattonRight, I've looked at what the utility directive does, and the utility will already be registered for IFactory!04:02
arikais it my problem?04:03
arikahave I done something wrong?04:03
gstrattonNope, sorry!04:03
gstrattonThat's not the issue :-(04:03
arikaso what should I do?04:03
gstrattonHmm, so is your utility directive inside the class/component directive?04:04
arikait is under content directive04:04
gstrattonTake it out to the top level04:04
arikalet me see04:05
arikaunder configure, I understand04:05
gstrattonYes, sorry04:05
arikarestarting zope...04:06
arikaif I understand this I can create content types for my little website :))04:06
arikacontinues not to work04:07
arikadoesn't appear any add site thing04:07
gstrattonOkay, but do you get the same traceback in the debugger?04:08
arikalet me check sir04:08
arikaik   raise ComponentLookupError(interface, name)04:10
arikazope.component.interfaces.ComponentLookupError: (<InterfaceClass zope.component.interfaces.IFactory>, u'ara2CMS.Ara2Site')04:10
arikathat one04:10
gstrattonDo you get that with the (deprecated) <factory> directive04:11
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arikahaven't used04:12
arikabut has to work in this way04:12
arikathe other thing is deprecated :)04:12
gstrattonSure, I'm just hoping for clues as to what the problem is. I'm not suggesting this way doesn't work!04:13
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arikahahaha sure it works :)04:13
arikagstratton: wanna a paste of code?04:16
arikagive it a look04:18
arikaI'm coding throught SSH so I can copy it every time someone can help04:21
arikaI explain...04:21
arikathe CMS type there04:21
arikain content/ gonna put subfolders for every content that can be contained by the CMS folder04:22
arikain skins/ have to code the skins04:22
arikaand so04:22
arikavery simple04:22
arikaas I saw in the manuals found04:23
arikacreating content types are the first stept on this04:23
arikaso that's what I'm doing in order to code a little cms that has what I need...04:23
gstrattonDoesn't the include package="" need to be inside the configure tag?04:23
arikaI think no04:24
arikabecause every configure.zcml04:24
arikalike that browser/ one04:24
arikahas its own configuring namespace04:24
arikaxmlns thing, I mean04:24
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arikagstratton: because I'm a novice with zope I can't find the error04:27
arika lol04:27
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arikagstratton: have you found an error?04:31
gstrattonSorry, been trying to run the code, but messed it up....04:31
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gstrattonHmm, the createObject() call works for me!04:34
arikaoh yes?04:34
arikahave you tweaked something?04:34
arikahow do you call createObject?04:34
gstratton>>> from zope.component import createObject04:34
gstratton>>> createObject("ara2CMS.Ara2Site")04:34
gstratton<ara2CMS.ara2site.Ara2Site object at 0x271f930>04:34
arikawait a moment...04:35
arikaI can see what's the problem maybe04:35
arikait crashes for me04:37
arikawhat have you tweaked gstratton ?04:37
gstrattonPretty much nothing. I got rid of the <include package=".browser"> line04:38
arikaexplain yourself04:39
gstrattonBut it's all a bit different as I'm running it using zopeproject with Zope 3.404:39
arikawhat's zopeproject?04:39
gstrattonBTW, the first implements directive in the content directive: it doesn't start with an ascii 'i'04:40
arikaI've got04:42
arika    <content class=".ara2site.Ara2Site">04:42
arika        <√¨mplements interface="" />04:42
arika        <implements04:42
arika        interface="" />04:42
arikawhere's the i?04:42
gstrattonThe first character of 'implements'04:42
arikaI've got written ok04:42
arikait says implements04:42
arikait says ì04:42
arikafucking accent I can't see it it's so shitty little04:43
arikathank you04:43
gstrattonWhy didn't that cause you an error? I couldn't start zope until I fixed that...04:43
arikadidn't caused a thing...04:43
arikalet me paste you a thing04:43
arika[arika@ara-ara ~/Zope/lib/python/ara2CMS]$ cat ../../../etc/package-includes/ara2CMS.zcml04:44
arika<include package="ara2CMS" />04:44
arikathis is the proper thing04:44
arikaisn't it?04:44
arika[arika@ara-ara ~/Zope/lib/python/ara2CMS]$04:44
gstrattonI think it has to end in -configure.zcml to be loaded04:46
gstrattonie ara2CMS-configure.zcml04:46
arikawith a dot04:48
arikaI remember04:48
arikaI read that 2 weeks ago04:48
arikanow my daemon seems to be death04:50
arikagstratton: have you modified another thing?04:52
gstrattonI don't think so.04:52
gstrattonSo your zcml is definitely being loaded, is it?04:52
arikayeah yeah04:52
arikaI think the last include is failing...04:53
arikamy daemon now is dead04:54
gstrattonOkay, well I've gotta go for a bit; good luck!04:55
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arika<include package="ara2CMS.browser" />05:09
arikawhat's the error here?05:10
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arikajunk after document element05:10
arikait says05:10
arikathink I've found the solution05:17
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arikaIt works... I've created the content and yes05:24
arikait ask for adding05:24
arikabut then says "system error occurred"05:24
arikawell at least it is an advance05:24
arikahahahaha :)05:24
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arikado Zope CMF works with Zope 3?20:08
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theuniit does with five20:29
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arikanot interested then20:33
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arikahave thought about this zope...20:50
arikagonna follow Philip's book...20:50
arikait's the recommendation I've found in order to get the rid of it...20:50
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arikagot a question...23:08
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arikausing formlib can I avoid to check the propierty set23:09
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arikaand leave it to formlibs23:09
arikabecause I could suppose it will fail setting properly a propierty on an object?23:09
arikaif insert a different propierty type than the schema I've used in the interface of a content object...23:10
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