IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2008-07-21

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mcdoncmalthe: this little script causes a UnicodeDecodeError... I'm trying to figure out why.. .
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mcdonc(the © in there is the numeric equivalent of ©)02:30
mcdonc(oh and btw, that site is rendered with ;-) )02:30
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ARiKAanyone here?03:10
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ARiKAon a BrowserPage03:26
ARiKAself.context is somewhat the object the view is made for03:26
ARiKAisn't it?03:26
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gstrattonARiKA: Should be, yes03:39
ARiKAbut context is always defined, isn't it?03:39
ARiKAAh yeah03:40
ARiKAIBrowserView... :))03:40
ARiKAgstratton: if I want to make my blog to support teh <year>/<month>/<day>/<title> url thing03:42
ARiKAthe blog has to have a view that works with traversal03:42
ARiKAbut how?03:42
ARiKAdon't find information about traversal...03:42
gstrattonDoes that help, ARiKA ?03:46
ARiKAlet me read03:46
gstrattonGrok makes this much easier03:47
ARiKAit would serve03:47
ARiKAat least it helps03:47
ARiKAI was looking at that IBrowserView apidoc03:47
ARiKAbut doesn't explain too much :)03:47
ARiKAdo that blog talks about zope 3?03:48
ARiKAgot a problem03:51
ARiKAgets the next yeah03:51
ARiKAbut I have 3 traversal things in the url :)03:51
ARiKAand also the title03:52
ARiKAhas to be with request, suppose...03:52
gstrattonSo each call to publishTraverse returns a new object03:52
gstrattonAn instance of Month, for example03:52
mcdoncmalthe: i've checked in a provisional fix that i'd like your blessing on in
gstrattonAnd then you register a new traverser for month to give you a Day, etc03:53
mcdoncmalthe: i may have misunderstood, but I *think* this is the right fix (always passing the compiler a string rather than unicode)03:53
ARiKAbut IBrowserRequest03:53
ARiKA#  getTraversalStack()03:53
ARiKAReturn the request traversal stack03:53
ARiKAThis is a sequence of steps to traverse in reverse order. They will be traversed from last to first.03:53
ARiKAso I can simply get the traversal in the __call__()03:54
ARiKAbut no03:54
ARiKAwould call to publishTraverse03:54
ARiKAbecause we're not the last in the traverse03:54
ARiKAbut can make every post contained03:55
ARiKAreturn itself on the publishTraverse03:55
ARiKAso would jump anyway to itself03:55
ARiKAin the traversal03:55
ARiKAwould that work?03:55
ARiKAThis is a sequence of steps to traverse in reverse order. They will be traversed from last to first.03:57
ARiKAbecause it's reverse03:57
ARiKAjust poping the name one time03:57
ARiKAand well03:57
ARiKA__getitem__ that03:57
ARiKAwould work03:57
ARiKAtomorrow I'll do it ^^03:57
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mcdoncmalthe: nope, that's not enough either04:59
mcdonci'm stumped04:59
mcdonci fucking hate unicode04:59
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romanofskimoin :)09:29
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malthemcdonc: remember that XML is never unicode10:51
malthebut I'd have to take a closer look to understand the issue and what the remedy could be; it's expensive to convert values while rendering so we'll have to be careful and pay a close watch to the output of bin/benchmark.10:53
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goschtlmalthe: hi i try to use z3c.dobbin in an grok.environment. I run into an error if i try to create(IAlbum)
wolfeI'm still debating with myself, should a developer new to zope be using 3 or 2? :/12:03
wolfeI'm used to running -HEAD of most frameworks12:04
wolfeerr, s/-HEAD/trunk/12:04
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* malthe looks12:09
malthegoschtl: <include package="z3c.dobbin" />12:10
malthegoschtl: I'm in the last stages of upgrading dobbin to SQLAlchemy 0.5 btw12:10
goschtlmalthe: i thoutght z3c.autoinclude does the job for me in this case. But i will try to add it manually. thanks so far.12:12
malthegoschtl: I think I need to put some special file in there for autoinclude to pick it up12:15
malthehave never tried it :-(12:15
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goschtlmalthe: is there a reason why uuid is not in´s install_requires?12:16
malthegoschtl: we use python 2.512:19
malthecomes with batteries included :-)12:19
maltheyou should too!12:19
goschtlmalthe: i think 2.5 is not the recommended version for grok. Btw. the zcml slug does not slove the problem :(12:20
malthegoschtl: really? wth12:22
malthegoschtl: it's probably the case that adaptation "succeeds" but the adapter code fails12:23
malthein which case you still get a component lookup error *sigh*12:23
maltheon 2.5 and grok: there's absolutely no issues running Zope 3 on Python 2.512:23
maltheit's pure benefit12:23
VladDracgrok, python2.5, .., profit!12:24
goschtlok i try it in a 2.5 environment.12:24
malthegoschtl: but not system python (if you're on a Mac)12:24
wolfeoh, so 2.5 does work with zoep 3?12:24
wolfeI thought there was a reason they keep recommending 2.412:25
malthewolfe: for the last year at least, yes.12:25
wolfeoh okay12:25
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wolfeis there a default app I can use or specify when doing the VH thing on Zope3? it seemed straight forward in Zope2...12:36
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malthewolfe: :-)12:59
malthecheck grok; they do it12:59
mintsauceanyone used poEdit much?13:01
wolfemalthe: its kind of annoying13:03
wolfecomplete lack of documentation on the zope site13:03
wolfenginx + zope 3 + proxy_pass13:03
maltheI've only used Zope 3 with a global site13:04
wolfewell, I suppose it could be a bug with the rc :)13:08
wolfeI'm using 3.4.0c113:08
wolfedoesn't seem to rewrite refs to https13:08
wolfeI know its not me, zope2/phone works fine with the equiv rule for what needs to be defined with zope 213:20
malthewolfe: what's your symptom again?13:26
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goschtlmalthe: sorry for asking agin. This is a snippet of my code. The create(ICD) command gives me this error:  <include package="z3c.dobbin"/> is in site.zcml. Any ideas?15:17
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* malthe looks15:18
malthegoschtl: I suspect that you haven't set up a IEngineFactory as per the instructions in z3c.saconfig15:18
malthe(as yet unreleased)15:18
maltheyou need to use zope.sqlalchemy, and z3c.saconfig can help you15:19
maltheah you are15:19
goschtli use the trunk of z3c.saconfig15:19
malthebut is it working?15:19
* VladDrac 's happy his grok app is playing nicely with collective.lead and will stick with that for now15:19
maltheVladDrac: :-)15:19
malthegoschtl: perhaps try and set a breakpoint in z3c.dobbin.mapper:getMapper to see if it actually arrives there15:20
malthe(it should)15:20
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maltheand then see if there's some exception raised along the way15:20
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goschtlmalthe: first error: i have a named utility for IEngineFactory, but saconfig searches without a name. Ok now my engine doesn´t have the attribute metadata.  Any idea for this?15:43
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malthegoschtl: yes hang on15:43
malthe  <subscriber15:43
malthe     for="ore.wsgiapp.interfaces.IWSGIApplicationCreatedEvent"15:43
malthe     handler="z3c.dobbin.bootstrap.bootstrapDatabaseEngine"15:43
malthe     />15:43
malthethis assumes you're using ore.wsgiapp, but a similar event can be listened to in another WSGI framework15:44
* malthe really should start using Pythonic function names15:44
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goschtlmalthe: i ve bind the bootstrapDatabaseEngine to the this seems to work. thanks so far. maybe i can now store in the rdb.15:53
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malthemcdonc: ^^^ -re- unicode woes16:45
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wolfemalthe: eh, virthosting isn't rewriting URLS from http to HTTPS18:32
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wolfewell, actually I did get that part to work, but when it references @@/zope-blah.js it doens't go anywhere18:33
mgedminaaah, vhosting18:33
wolfeI'l take a look at logs and collect info in to a info bundle18:34
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wolfethat way I can make a small posting to the ML18:34
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wolfeperhaps there is an extra rewrite rule required for /@@/ part of the URL18:34
malthethat would be strange18:34
mgedminit might be needed18:35
mgedmindepends on what your rewrite rules look like18:35
wolfeits simple...18:35
wolferewrite ^/(.*)$ /VirtualHostBase/http/$1 last;18:35
wolfeexcept that one is for zope2, I just rewrite the 2nd part for zope 318:35
malthewell that's going to be 'http'18:36
mgedminthat's not zope 318:36
wolfemy zope3 one is...18:37
wolfein fact rewriting doesn't work right for zope 318:38
wolfeI've to add it on to proxy_pass, which is odd18:38
wolfe        proxy_pass;18:38
wolfe    <style type="text/css" media="all">@import url(;</style>18:38
wolfeit doesn't rewrite the css18:38
wolfenor the JS paths18:38
wolfe            src="">18:38
malthewolfe: what are you using for css and js?18:39
wolfemalthe: what do you mean?18:39
wolfeoh, and if I visit those paths directly, I get "A system error has occured"18:39
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wolfeI just take it all away and leave it as a proxy_pass http://localhost:8081/18:41
wolfeworks fine, within exception of the URL rewriting is not working18:41
malthewolfe: how do you generate the css and js urls?18:41
afd_why not redirect to https?18:41
wolfebut at least I can visit and stuff and they work18:41
wolfethe URLs are still not being rewritten, not sure why18:42
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wolfeoh wait18:47
wolfeI think I got it18:47
wolfeI'm going to put this on the zope site so others dont' get frustrated18:47
wolfeI'm sorry, grok is very wrong18:48
wolfeI've never seen a set up that way for zope, I'm surprised that works.18:49
afd_the problem I found with that article was that the proxy line was missing a slash at the end18:50
wolfeafd_: the last example worked actually18:50
afd_also, I have there two different ways of doing it. A proxy pass and a rewrite18:51
wolfewell, I looked at my old zope2 setup and figured it out though18:51
afd_yes, I did the same :)18:51
wolfeafd_: the plain proxy_pass does not work for me18:52
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afd_wolfe: what problems do you have with it?18:53
afd_The only vhm related problems I had with z3 was when I was getting errors with resources because I was trying to make a Folder the root of the app, it needs to be an ISite18:54
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ARiKAhi afd_ :)18:54
afd_ARiKA: hi18:54
wolfehey ARiKA18:54
* mgedmin needs someone's help to update the ClientForm version to 0.2.9 in the Zope 3.4 KGS18:57
wolfeafd_: ah, well I've been just testing to see if I could get it to work with the base part of zope18:58
wolfeafd_: not tryign to point it to an app18:58
wolfeyet, anyway18:58
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afd_the proxy.conf stuff in my article is old, perhaps I should update it...18:59
mgedminphiliKON: you know a lot about zope 3 package maintenance procedures, right?19:01
mgedminwhat's the procedure for updating the KGS?19:01
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mcdoncmalthe: this code is generated out of my templating; it raises a UnicodeDecodeError when BufferIO's getvalue() is called.19:11
* malthe looks19:11
mcdonci removed _context from the call list and one other but otherwise it's a literal translation19:11
malthemcdonc: uuh you write ugly code!19:11
maltheok bad joke19:12
malthemcdonc: I think we should commit the failing test to trunk19:13
malthethen look for a solution19:13
mcdonci'll do that.19:13
maltheI like having a failing trunk for critical bugs19:13
mcdoncoh... ok... so not on the branch then19:13
mcdoncalright no problem19:13
* mgedmin shudders at the idea of having failing tests in the trunk19:14
mgedmindo you eat little babies for lunch too?19:14
malthemgedmin: shudder away :-)19:14
mcdoncit's malthe's world, i'm just living in it19:14
malthemgedmin: for critical bugs, I think it's nice.19:14
mgedminspeaking of failing tests, Zope3/trunk has 6 failures, 1 errors19:14
maltheit means: everybody hold it, we have a critical bug!19:14
maltheand a template engine that throws unicode errors without reason has a serious problem :-)19:15
mcdoncmalthe: i think the other fix committed to the branch might also be right and that this is a separate problem... we don't want to feed unicode to the compiler do we?19:17
maltheno, but XML is never unicode19:17
maltheat least, best to my knowledge19:17
mcdoncright, but we will actually generate and feed code that is unicode to the Python compiler now, i think, regardless of the input stuff19:19
mcdoncalthough maybe that's ok19:19
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mcdoncmalthe: this code is fantastic btw19:19
malthethank you, although I have mixed feelings19:20
maltheI feel that I didn't use what I learned in school :-)19:20
mcdoncit's a hard problem, and the code isn't a mess, and that's worth a lot ;-)19:20
mgedminmalthe: XML is best friends with Unicode19:20
mgedminwhich is a point in XMLs favour19:20
malthemgedmin: I think it's good friends with 8-bit encodings; last I checked, lxml didn't do unicode.19:21
malthebut that might be an lxml limitation19:21
mgedminah, parsing XML from a unicode string?19:21
maltheright; it has to be 8 bits19:22
malthethat makes good sense too, because how can we know in advance; well, there's the magic markers19:22
malthemcdonc: I can't see why the code itself should be allowed to be unicode.19:23
malthealthough I also don't see how it can end up being unicode :-) but encoding it as utf-8 seems correct.19:23
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mcdoncmalthe: ok...19:23
mcdonci *think* I found that it can end up being unicode when there is a numeric entity in the input document (e.g. &#169;).19:25
mcdoncbecause it all gets upconverted by CodeIO IIRC19:25
maltheok is that lxml doing that?19:25
mcdonci think at least19:25
malthein your paste, I didn't find the character '&'19:25
mcdonci think lxml hands you back unicode for these strings19:26
malthei'll try it out19:26
mcdonci must admit to being a little confused, because I couldn't just add a test to generation.txt that demonstrated the problem19:26
malthemcdonc: hmm I can't seem to be able to parse entities19:29
malthedid you define the entity in your document?19:29
mcdoncnumeric entities are always parseable iirc19:29
maltheah, forgot the '#'19:29
*** quodt has quit IRC19:30
mcdoncjust not the html ones until you define a dtd or what have you19:30
mcdonc(which is how i wound up here ;-) )19:30
maltheright: >>> tree.getroot().find('body').text19:30
maltheso it's unicode all of a sudden19:30
mcdoncso it shouldn't be then... you expect all output from lxml to be 8-bit?19:30
malthemaybe there's an option to force encoding to utf-819:31
maltheor to whatever the encoding should be19:31
mgedminyou feed 8-bit encoded unicode to lxml, you get unicode back19:32
mgedminthat's the way it is with all parser libraries I've ever seen19:32
mgedmins/all parser/all XML parser/19:32
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mcdoncso the right thing is to do the typecheck on the way out of lxml then and convert?  or use unicode everywhere?19:33
* malthe reviews19:34
maltheright; so the engine expects everything to be utf-8 or unicode19:35
maltheit must be like that I think19:36
malthethere's no such thing as an encoding-parameter19:36
mcdoncit'd probably be easier conceptually (i dont know what impact it would have on speed though) to make the engine accept only one: either unicode or utf-8 encoded string19:36
maltheright, but it doesn't matter too much since they're quite compatible.19:37
maltheesp. if your python has utf-8 as its encoding19:37
malthethat speeds things up quite a bit19:38
mcdoncright, but since the default is ascii when you install it out of the box, for those folks who dont set a utf-8 default encoding, anything that does ''.join(self.input) is going to break badly when they mix19:39
mcdoncs/install it/install python19:39
maltheyes, but the engine knows about that and knows how to deal with it19:39
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maltheat a 10-15% penalty19:39
mcdonchmm... so you're saying that it's ok that we build up the parsed document out of a mix of utf-8 and unicode then?19:40
malthebut I think it's a good decision to simply not allow anything but utf-8 and unicode19:40
* malthe thinks19:41
maltheI think I'm unable to think at the moment19:42
mcdoncif the default encoding was ascii, we could just unicode(foo, 'utf8') all output from lxml... or just foo.encode('utf-8') it....19:42
mcdoncok, no worries, i think i know what it is now, and i'll continue to mess with it19:42
mgedminwhat are you trying to achieve?19:42
mcdonci just didn't understand that you expected all output from lxml to be 8-bit19:43
mcdoncthe ultimate goal is to be able to use html entities like &nbsp; and so on19:43
mcdonc(i'll just load a dtd)19:43
maltheI only know that input for an lxml document must be 8-bit19:43
maltheI didn't know that it would change to unicode at its leisure19:43
mcdoncwhats the easiest way to run the bigtable benchmark.. is it in the buildout.cfg?19:44
maltheit's basically a test-suite that just outputs benchmark results19:45
maltheI didn't know how to do it any different19:45
maltheI think lxml should always output unicode, regardless of whether it finds entities or not19:45
maltheit's confusing19:45
mcdoncthat would seem to make sense19:46
mcdoncor at least always output one thing19:46
mgedmindoesn't it?19:46
malthe>>> tree.getroot().find('body').attrib19:46
malthe{'class': 'hello'}19:46
malthewhich is different than the example ^^^19:47
mgedminascii strings are perfectly interchangeable with unicode19:47
mcdoncthat is true19:47
maltheit is true19:47
mcdoncfuck ;-)19:47
mgedminfrom the readability perspective I prefer ascii strings to stay 'str's with no redundant u prefixes19:47
mgedminthere are some who prefer stricter type checks (see zope.schema)19:47
malthemgedmin: and doesn't care to raise friendly exceptions about it19:48
maltheTokenError! or something like that19:48
malthe... calm down zope.schema19:48
mgedminTypeError: ('title', <... Unicode>, 'whatever')19:49
malthehmm that's appropriate I guess19:50
malthebut it could say: hey, only unicode strings are allowed19:50
maltheI mean---it *almost* does, but in a non-friendly way.19:51
mgedminextremely nonfriendly way19:54
mgedmin"you must be this tall to develop with zope 3"19:55
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jpcw2002  wn,nnhnnnnnnnysd§§§§§§§20:24
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mintsaucewhere should i set browser:defaultSkin in a buildout based project?21:33
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dbfrombrchey guys23:28
dbfrombrcI was wondering if any of you have any experience running maildrophost via supervisor in a buildout?23:28
mcdonci dont but as long as it starts in the foreground, it should "just run"23:30
dbfrombrchmm, I have it running in "debug" mode, when I invoke maildropctl start manually it starts in the fg23:30
dbfrombrckind of frustrating that the supervisor can't start it23:31
*** elro has joined #zope3-dev23:31
mcdoncdbfrombrc: supervisor does nothing special to run it, but the program itself needs to not fork itself off.  i dont know if maildrop host does this.23:34
mcdoncdo you mean it can't start it or it doesn't keep it running?23:34
dbfrombrcmcdonc: I think it can't start23:39
dbfrombrcmcdonc: here is the output from supervisor:
dbfrombrcno log is generated by maildrop23:40
mcdoncdbfrombrc: when you do "tail securemaildrop" what do you see?  nothing23:40
dbfrombrcI think I found the problem...23:42
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dbfrombrcI think I need to have supervisor execute the start_maildrop script directly instead of using maildropctl23:43
dbfrombrclet me test my theory23:43
mcdoncthat sounds likely23:44
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