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mgedminpcardune: could you remind me the name of that buildout recipe for building ctags out of all the eggs?00:11
mgedminoh, z3c.recipe.tag00:12
srichtermgedmin: pcardune is on vacation; it's probably an accidently left open chat session ;-)00:14
mgedminsrichter: do you use ctags?00:14
mgedminthey're great for instant navigation00:15
mgedminexcept that splitting a large source tree into many eggs makes building a complete tags file difficult00:15
srichterI guess with a recipe that references all eggs it would work00:15
mgedminthis is a bit more difficult when you have multiple buildouts and when you don't want to modify any of the buildout.cfg files stored in subversion00:17
mgedminI guess a new tags.cfg file that explicitly extends one of the existing ones and references its eggs would work00:17
mgedmindunny: this is cool, but I don't trust symlinks00:23
mgedminI may accidentally start editing the same file via two different paths00:24
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fcorreasrichter, hey yt?05:26
srichterfcorrea: yes05:27
fcorreasrichter, I just wrote a simple pagelet to handle a deletion process but I think I am missing something because when I use self.request.response.redirect(absoluteURL(parent, self.reques)), it fails after the redirection because it seems to maintain the same request05:30
fcorreawill paste my traceback05:30
srichterthat is impossible, because a redirect causes a separate HTTP request05:31
fcorreathat pagelet is something like:   site/folder/delete05:34
srichterok, so for some reason it seems the "parent" attribute does not have a parent05:37
srichtercan you check this?05:37
srichterbtw, I think your problem is totally independent of pagelets05:37
fcorreammm....the parent is my app root. An IPossiblesite05:38
fcorreasrichter, just put some more debug info in here
srichterdoes it have a parent?05:44
srichtertry to execute absoluteURL(...) in isolation05:44
srichtermmh, o05:45
srichteryou did already05:45
srichterI have no idea why this call fails then05:45
fcorrea:), np. Thanks05:46
srichterfcorrea: ahh, look at the traceback again05:47
srichterI know what happens :-)05:47
srichteryou set the redirect header and that works fine05:47
fcorreaAwesome, tell me. I already tear my hair off05:47
srichterbut then you still try to render the template05:47
srichterand there this call fails:05:48
srichterreturn absoluteURL(self.context, self.request) + '/addDocument'05:48
srichterso the general trick is to set a flag saying "self.completedDeletion = True"05:48
srichterbefore you try to render the view, you check whether the flag has been set to True05:48
srichterif True you do not render the template, because the redirect header is set05:49
srichternot only will this fix your bug, but will also be a nice performance improvement05:49
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fcorreawill self.completedDeletion be present in the viewlet where it is failing or do I need to push it somewhere?05:52
fcorreawhen you said that I still try to render the template, I assume this is caused by the redirection because that render process was supposed to take place after redirection and not at the sametime05:53
fcorreaThanks, anyway. Will try to solve it here05:56
srichterthe deletion happens during update(), the template is evaluated after render()06:05
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jayarajhi friends why we have both zope.file and ?14:51
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Theunijayaraj: the general answer is about the distinction between the zope.* and* namespace14:56
Theunizope.* are packages that are supposed to be useful on (almost) their own14:56
jayarajic14:57* however are zope-specific packages for assembling the Zope Application server and might have strong connections to various zope.* and* packages14:57
Theunialso, zope.* packages are not allowed to have dependencies into the* namespace14:57
Theuni(We do have some relicts that do this, though.)14:57
jayarajTheuni, functionaly they are same rite?14:57 probably is based on zope.file14:58
jayarajTheuni, as i can see in the code... zope.file is based on ZODB.blob while stores the data onzodb as a list of slices14:59
jayarajso the 'File' in and that in zope.file is quite different from each other!15:06
Theunigotta go afk15:08
Theunijayaraj: well. then i was wrong. :)15:08
jayarajTheuni, its ok... bye15:09
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ARiKAhow to adjust the constraints of a content type that I create22:17
ARiKAto make it not being created in the root of zope?22:17
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