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peaquinois there a recommended way to make a widget source request dependent?11:52
peaquinoI would like to have a Choice field, with different values choosed for different users11:53
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nyoIIRC, IVocabularyFactory thing has the "context" argument11:58
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nyopeaquino: there's also some context binder mechanism for ISource11:59
nyopeaquino: ah, you need to make it _request_-dependent..12:00
peaquinonyo: yup :)12:00
nyopeaquino: i think it's not very good to work with request data in the data model itself, but you can always get the request object from the current security interaction12:02
nyopeaquino: but I think it's better to do that in the widget itself12:02
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nyopeaquino: if you are using z3c.form's sequence widgets, you can just provide custom ITerms adapter12:05
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__mac__peaquino: there is a branch of z3c.form which has support for sources12:07
peaquinonyo: right now I'm using grok and formlib12:12
__mac__peaquino: then you can have a look at zc.sourcefactory12:12
__mac__it has already the ITerms adapter12:12
__mac__for the sources12:12
peaquinonyo: yup, I'm already using zc.sourcefactory12:13
peaquinook, thanks!12:13
peaquinoI'll lok into that12:13
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pyqwerprojekt01: Hi, are you online? I think I found some kind of but in z3c.form...16:30
projekt01pyqwer, yes16:30
pyqwerprojekt01: Ah, great - well, issue is that I construct my fields from two seperate interfaces. Both interfaces have invariants.16:31
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projekt01oh my, what a use case16:31
pyqwerAnd during validation, a validator is queried, for which one arbitrary schema is selected.16:31
projekt01why not use one interfaces inherited from both interfaces?16:32
pyqwerAnd then the validate()method somehow arbitrarily selects one of these interfaces for its getMultiAdapter() directive.16:33
pyqwerAnd if I'm out of luck, it chooses the "wrong" interface with a validator which does not make sense for my form.16:33
projekt01do both interface define the same fields?16:33
projekt01or at least are some fields defined in both interfaces?16:34
pyqwerprojekt01: No. I have a basic interface for my form (a search form in my case) and mix-in some specific search field from another interface.16:34
projekt01do you need to adapt the context within the intefaces? or are you using ignoreContext=True?16:35
pyqwerprojekt01: No, the search-form is context-less.16:35
pyqwerYes, so, ignoreContext=True.16:36
pyqwerBut I don't think this makes a difference.16:36
projekt01Ok, that's simpler16:36
projekt01What is your problem right now?16:36
pyqwerYou see the problem in, line 193.16:36
projekt01what do you mean by choose the wrong interface?16:36
pyqwerWell, the validate() method calls an invariant that it should never call. It's an invariant which is defined in another interface, from where I draw one schema field into my form, but don't want to use the invariant.16:38
pyqwerAnd as the invariant checks some other fields, which are irrelevant and non-existent in my search form, an error occurs.16:38
projekt01invariants are schema specific and not field specific16:39
projekt01I guess you can't use the invariant pattern and use only one field for mixin into another interface16:39
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projekt01I think you should write a own interface and not inherit from others16:40
projekt01That's why I asked about ignoreContext16:41
projekt01you don't need to provide an adapter for that search interface16:41
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pyqwerThat would be a possibility.16:42
projekt01I implement often a custom interface located in a view if I need one for a context less form. It's often not usefull to inherit from interfaces which describe a component.16:42
pyqwerAnother one could possibly be to do something like that: fields+= field.Fields(MixinInterface, interface='SearchInterface').select('name1')16:43
projekt01Search interfaces are often not the same as the component interfaces, this is also true for invariants16:43
pyqwerYes, that's right.16:43
projekt01Is this not only needed if the second interfcace is used for adaption?16:44
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pyqwerprojekt01: If I understood it right, one can set the interface for a field.16:44
projekt01this is a pattern for inject another interface for adaption if the used interface doesn't provide an adapter, right?16:44
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pyqwerprojekt01: I'm not really sure about it.16:45
pyqwer(And does not work as I hoped...)16:45
projekt01sometimes if you use an interface, the interface itself is not adaptable, then you need to define another interface which the context can adapt to16:45
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pyqwerprojekt01: Ok, I see. Hmmm, but that *could* solve my problem, as the lookup for the validator would be correct, then.16:47
projekt01probably ;-)16:47
projekt01it depends on which interface get used for validation.16:48
projekt01I think the adaption interface is only used for adaption, and the field defining interface get used for bind fields etc. but I'm not sure about that16:49
projekt01This could mean that still the wrong interfce get used, which is correct because the adaption interface is only responsible for return an adapter for the context16:49
projekt01it should get ingnored for everything else16:50
projekt01does this make sense?16:50
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pyqwerYes, I fear that does make sense, therefore the interface attribute is useless in my case.16:52
pyqwerIn validation it reads: "for field in fields: schema = field.interface".16:53
pyqwerAnd it seems that field.interface alway points to the original interface, where the schema is from.16:53
projekt01yes, that's correct16:54
projekt01you need an interface which describes what you need, e.g. no bad invariants16:54
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pyqwerBut that means, that one should always create a form-specific interface.16:55
pyqwerOr one should not use the invariant pattern.16:55
projekt01only if you like to define something different then in your component interfaces16:56
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projekt01and I guess that is the case with the invariants in one of your interfaces16:56
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pyqwerHmmm, but then the whole idea of creating fields via select(), concatenating fields etc. seems to be not a good idea.16:57
projekt01you can define a mixin interface wich only defines the invariant and implememtn them directly in your component16:57
projekt01this will make your real interface stay clean of invariants16:58
projekt01and you can use it in the search form16:58
pyqwerprojekt01: I have to think about that, maybe that's an option.16:59
projekt01the problem is not related to the form framework the problem is that you use a invariant and z3c.form handles them correct. It whould be very bad if this didn't work17:00
projekt01invariant is a concept for ensure a overall check. You can partialy use such interfaces or you will break the concept17:01
pyqwerHmmm, the current design seems to gather all interfaces and execute all their invariants.17:01
projekt01yes, an invariant is allways responsible to ensure an overall validation17:01
projekt01that's all what an invariant does, nothing more or less17:02
pyqwerOk, I understand.17:02
projekt01I recommend to define plain invariant interfaces if possible17:03
pyqwerI'll probably create a custom interface for my search form, I think that's the cleanest solution.17:03
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projekt01I'm not sure if this can be done without to define the fields again in such invariant intrefaces17:03
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pyqwerWhat do you mean with "plain invariant interfaces"?17:04
projekt01just implement an interface defining the invariants17:04
pyqwerAh, ok, and use that as a mixin.17:04
projekt01or you can definen a invariant ware interface and inherit from an none invariant interface which defines the fields17:05
projekt01I often define an interface which defines some useable data e.g. metadata and use that a base for different other interfaces17:05
projekt01a/as a17:06
pyqwerYes, that's similar to what I do. But it seems I need one more meta-level.17:06
pyqwerprojekt01: Well, many thanks for that insight, you persuaded me that my issue is not a z3c.form shortcoming/bug but a misunderstanding of the invariant-concept.17:10
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projekt01the intergaration in z3c.form is a real pain in the ass, this work has to be done in a branch!!!17:29
projekt01the lxml dependency is very bad, we should move all that to another package then z3c.form, z3c.marco or any other package which doesn't require lxml17:31
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maltheJ1m: so right now, a lot of z3c.*-packages depend on ``zope.pagetemplate.interfaces.IPageTemplate`` where actually they want to ask for ISomethingWeCanRender. Where could we put such an interface? Ideally it should have only minimal dependencies.22:10
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J1mmalthe, That's an interesting question.  I wish I had time to think about it. :)22:37
J1mI suggest bringing this up on zope-dev.22:38
andresI have an app which is instantiated multiple times inside a single zodb (with different data sources, and so on). At Startup I have to do some configuring. Is there a more elegant way than subscribing to IBeforeTraverse for every application and unsubscribing in the event handler?22:40
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