IRC log of #zope3-dev for Sunday, 2008-09-21

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regebroWhat is the best way to have fields that are optional depending on the value of another field?17:31
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andresregebro: invariants?17:44
afd__andres: no, I think those could be used only for validation17:45
afd__maybe properties, I'd say17:45
andresafd__: yes. If a field is required is some kind of validation issue?17:45
regebroandres: Never heard of invariants before, any pointers?17:46
afd__andres: right, I only understood the question now17:46
andresregebro: zope.interface.invariant17:46
andresAt least formlib and z3c.form check those.17:46
regebrook, thanks, will look17:46
andresregebro: and I think both have examples in their doctests.17:46
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afd__I was reading the question as having an field whose value may depend on another field :)17:47
andres(in z3c.form its inside field.txt)17:47
andresafd__: yes, that shouldnt be done inside of a invariant ;-)17:47
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