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Vq^what is the story with installing Zope3 products via eggs? i've tried to install both kss and z3ext and they have both blown up in my face (kss requring a package which i think is in zope2 and z3ext due to configuration errors)14:39
Vq^am i supposed to add information in the buildout that i want zope3 compatible eggs or is it something else im missing?14:40
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TheuniVq^: zope 2 brings the same packages but not declared as eggs14:49
Theunimixing zope 3 packages as eggs and a zope 2 installation on the same pythonpath requires some care14:49
Theunithere's something called 'fakeeggs' what the plone people use to mix those things14:49
Vq^im not interested in zope2 or mixing anything14:50
Theunithen in general there's nothing special about the zope 3 eggs14:51
Vq^ok, the story is fairly short, i've installed zope3 via eggs and used zopeproject to set up the zope3 instance14:52
Vq^then i've added dependencies to to get kss and z3ext installed via buildout14:52
Vq^so far so good, eggs gets installed (thought i don't know if they are of the right version)14:53
Vq^but when i try to include the packages via configure.zcml things break14:54
Theunican you paste a traceback?14:54
Theunithat looks like the kss package is made for zope 214:58
TheuniWhich reminds me that I'm not sure whether kss is intended to be used standalone for Zope 314:58
TheuniAs it's (a bit of) a Plone thing.14:58
Vq^kss.core should be for Zope3 judging by their wubpage15:00
Vq^"KSS for Zope (kss.core)"15:00
Vq^"KSS for Plone ("15:00
TheuniThat's probably Zope 215:00
Theunithey should be more explicit with that15:00
Vq^"We support the following versions:"15:01
Vq^and then they mention Zope2.10 and Zope3.315:01
Theunithe traceback indicates it might be that the demo code is Zope 2 only15:01
Theuniyou might wanna try not loading the demo configure.zcml15:01
Theuni(i'm not sure how they load it)15:01
Vq^i could try that15:02
Vq^i tried fixing just the imediate errors but that didn't make the server start :/15:02
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Vq^ripping the demos out in an ugly way actually make zope start15:07
Theuniyou had to edit kss' configure.zcml?15:08
Vq^i think the 'installed kss.demo' condition got confused15:08
Theunithat's probably a bug in that package then15:08
Theunithey might  be happy if they get told15:09
Vq^they might, i think i should try it with a clean install again first thought15:10
Vq^now i installed the demos and removed them again, could be that causing the problem15:10
Vq^z3ext then...15:13
Vq^"Multiple distributions found for package z3ext.portal; z3c.autoinclude refuses to guess."15:13
Theunii never touched the z3ext stuff.15:14
Theuniand i haven't used autoinclude either, so i'm out of luck there :/15:14
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Vq^ok :/15:19
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J1mI wonder if I'm going to be able to build windows releases for Python 2.6. I suspect not.16:17
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regebroI'm trying to pickle things, but loads of the things I have are aq_wrappers.18:49
regebroUnfortunately, sometimes those things are lists, which again have aq_wrappers etc.18:50
regebro(not the lists, lists of things that have aq_wrappers)18:50
regebroIs there a method somewhere in Zope or ZODB that says "Eh, pickle this and unwrap everything". :)18:50
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Theuniregebro: good question. actually there probably isn't18:55
Theunirecursive unwrapping is non-trivial.18:55
regebroTheuni: Yeah, I suspect so.18:55
Theunibecause from the point of containers that probably needs to be an in-place operation18:55
regebroIf I have to no pickle dump but export this data to XML or something this migration is going to take WEEKS. And I have days.18:56
regebroTheuni: I hope there are no containers... :)18:56
Theuniregebro: "containers" in the pythonic sense18:56
regebroTheuni: Ah, I'm not even sure what that is. :)18:57
TheuniYou might wanna check how pickle does its recursive thing.18:57
Theuniregebro: usually stuff that "contains" other objects like lists, dicts, etc.18:57
Theuniiterable/enumerable stuff18:57
regebroWell, as long as they are not objects that have aq_wrapped objects as attributes it might work. :)18:57
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rockyok ... i need to figure out what eggs/projects depend on egg X ... so the opposite of what most dep tools do... any suggestions? (i've tried tl.eggdeps and zope.dependencytool and no luck)19:20
Theunithat's a pretty hard one19:21
Theunii mean in general19:21
Theuniyou have to limit the scope like 'all eggs on pypi' or 'all eggs on my harddisk'19:21
rocky"my workingset" will suffice19:21
rockyif i could get a tool that just printed out the graph of all module deps, that'd be fine... but as it stands tl.eggdeps seems to hide certain deps with ellipsis for no good reason19:22
rockyi'm getting a bad version of but i can't figure out what's depending on it19:22
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Theunirocky: you could email thomas I guess, he's likely to respond19:23
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ChrisW1anyone know how to load up an old revision of an oid?19:41
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ChrisWis loadSerial the correct way to get an old revision of an oid?19:52
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sidneiJ1m: ping?19:58
J1mChrisW, yes19:58
sidneihi J1m, i ran the zodb 3.8 tests for python 2.6 on windows, theres one failure an one error19:59
ChrisWJ1m: hmm, what format is oid in and what is serial?19:59
J1mso much for windows errors not depending on python version.19:59
sidneiJ1m: you get no errors on other versions?19:59
J1mNot with b9 or with 3.8 branch19:59
ChrisWp64(oid) seems to not TypeError for oid, but I get a POSKeyError for an oid which works fine with .load(20:00
J1mChrisW, oid is a string oid, serial is a string transaction id.20:00
ChrisWso how do I turn tid 0x03790c7883c21100 into the thing to pass to loadSerial?20:00
sidneiJ1m: i will try with other versions on the same box, maybe its something local20:00
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J1mmaybe, I'll also install the express VC and test with that, although I'm unsure when I'll get to that.20:01
sidneiTests with errors: checkCrossDBInvalidations (ZEO.tests.testConnection.MappingStorageConnectionTests)20:01
sidneiTests with failures: c:\src\zodb-3.8\src\ZEO\tests\zeo-fan-out.test20:02
ChrisWah, u64, right?20:02
J1mChrisW, p64(0x03790c7883c21100) should do.20:02
sidneithe first one failed on os.fsync()20:02
sidneimaybe that is a python 2.6 failure after all20:02
J1mChrisW, p64 packs an int into a string. u64 does the opposite.20:02
J1msidnei, maybe20:02
J1msidnei, does the express vc version optimize as much as the normal version? Or is optimization an upsell?20:03
ChrisWhmm, is still current?20:04
sidneiJ1m: never measured it, i guess it doesn't really matter that much20:04
sidneiJ1m: i will ask Mark though20:05
J1mIt does to me.20:05
ChrisWits output is returning tids for an oid, but loading the oid and tid with loadSerial gives a keyerror :-S20:05
J1mTim used to say that the VC optimizaer was very good and that some operations were faster on windows than linux as a result.20:05
sidneiJ1m: fwiw, running that test in isolation does *not* fail20:05
J1mOh, wonderful20:05
J1mChrisW, I have no reason to think fsoids is broken, but I rarely, if ever use abny of those scripts.20:06
J1msidnei, in any case, it would probablty ve easiest for me to at least install the express version and debug the test failures myself.20:07
J1mI'd much rather post an optimized version to pypi than an unoptimized one.20:07
sidneihere's what i've found:20:07
sidneiYes, Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition includes the same core optimizing compiler that will be included with all other Visual Studio 2005 editions. Some new expanded optimization features, including Profile Guided Optimizations, will be available only in the Professional and above editions of Visual Studio 2005.20:08
sidneinot sure how official that is, it's from some developer forum20:08
J1mHm, sounds god enough to me.20:08
J1mI'm not about to use a profile-guided optimizer. :)20:08
sidneiok, so that's official, it's copied from here:
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J1mCool. Then you're off the hook. Thanks for pointing me in this direction.20:12
sidneinp, glad to help.20:12
sidneii should be looking at running zope2 on python2.6 soon btw20:13
ChrisWcool :-)20:13
sidneiMark said we shouldn't even try to build for Windows x64 with python 2.520:13
ChrisWwhat about RestrictedPython?20:14
sidneiChrisW: will cross that bridge when i get there :)20:14
ChrisWwell, it hasn't been crossed for 2.5 yet :-(20:14
sidneiChrisW: yes, sad but true20:15
J1mI wish someone had the energy to get Zope 2 to use Zope3's protection system (security proxies with limited restricted Python).20:20
* sidnei too20:23
J1mIt would also be interesting for someone to do a packaging of Zope2 or Plone (or whatever) that didn't have any TTW code and could thus avoid the whle issue.20:24
J1mI bet 97% of apps don't really need TTW code.20:24
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sidneiwell, plone depends a lot on FSPythonScript for example, due to it's CMF base20:25
sidneibut i guess those could be turned unrestricted?20:25
J1mI would think so.20:26
J1mDon't forget python code in templates.20:26
J1mBut the same applies.20:26
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