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andresHell. queryAdapter runs through quite a mess/maze before actually doing anything...00:38
brandon_rhodesTypical. :-)00:41
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mintsauceAnyone used poEdit much?15:04
afd_mintsauce: question?15:04
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mintsauceI'm a bit confused as to the difference between .pot files and .po files15:04
afd_pot files are just the template from which po files are generated15:05
afd_in practice you open the pot file with poedit and save it as a po file15:05
afd_poedit will also generate a .mo file, which is actually loaded by zope15:05
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mintsaucehow do i generate the po files? ive run i18nextract, but that only updates the pot?15:06
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afd_in practice you open the pot file with poedit and save it as a po file15:06
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mintsauceok, seems to make sense, thanks.15:07
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Count-DuckulaHow do I make a formlib field invisible?17:09
afd_Count-Duckula: I remember creating a "HiddenWidget" widget class17:15
afd_when I needed it... not sure that is the correct way to do it17:15
Count-Duckulaafd_: I have seen that and tried it with 2 problems, 1. The label still renders, which is just odd and 2. The data for the widget then isn't part of the request and doesn't come out in the data part of my button event.17:16
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exarkunHey guys.  Is anyone interested in trying to use Zope in the WSGI container in Twisted Web in trunk@HEAD and file tickets about how it's not good enough?17:17
afd_for #2: render it as <input type="hidden" />17:17
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Count-Duckulaafd_: Thanks, that's fixed #2. got it in the request now. Now I just need to get rid of the stupid label.17:30
afd_you could hide it with css... if the field id wouldn't contain "." :-)17:30
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afd_Count-Duckula: as a rule... I'm trying to avoid the smart solutions and just go with stupid simple when it comes with formlib. (although sometimes I need to go back and redo properly).17:37
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afd_one such stupid solution would be to just assign a custom template to this form and just insert that hidden field manually in the form template... you have the view, the request and context, so it should be trivial to get a value to put there17:38
Count-Duckulaafd_: Or set the label to "" :-)17:40
Count-Duckulaafd_: I'm just trying varous things at the moment, I could also just pass in this value as part of the request outside the formlib scope.  It just seem this should be relatively easy to do, have an field.visibility = False, but it isn't that easy.17:42
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* Theuni cries about modifying btrees while iterating over them20:32
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jerohi, quick question. Is ZODB ODMG compliant?20:37
Theunicome again?20:37
Theuniobject data what group?20:37
mcdoncOMFG compliant20:38
Theunimcdonc:  it's definitely OWTF compliant20:38
Theuniwhich reminds me, your syrup never made it here20:38
Theuniphilikon said he'd still have it in his fridge ... but who knows ...20:39
Theunijero: i'm pretty sure we're not20:39
TheuniBecause I don't think we care for it and I think it's rather unlikely we hit compliance just accidentally.20:40
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jerooh, i see20:41
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jerois it documented somewhere? i've looked on the wikis, i just found a thread with no clear explanation why20:42
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mcdoncTheuni: aw man, that syrup is gonna be delicious once you get it21:02
Theunii bet so21:04
Theunijero: what is documented?21:04
Theuniphilipp has a party coming up next month21:04
Theunii'll try to grab it then21:04
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nyosrichter: fyi, there's a bug wth wrong namespaces in z3c.versionedresource's configure.zcml21:25
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srichternyo: strange21:27
nyosrichter: yep, and it's a released version21:28
nyolooks like some copy-paste21:28
srichternyo: we are using this code in production21:28
nyosrichter: well, may be you are just not using the default configure.zcml21:29
jeroTheuni: if the non-support is documented? or it just doesn't matter at all?21:30
srichternyo: can you fix it? then I'll read the diff and make a new release21:30
nyosrichter: mm, I think so, lemme look)21:31
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nyosrichter: why it's buildout requires == 3.5.0?21:37
srichterI think I re-factored code to make the implementation much more sane21:38
nyosrichter: also, maybe that "configure.zcml" file should really be "overrides.zcml", because it will conflict with
nyosrichter: hm, does it work with from 3.4 KGS?21:39
aclarkany chance zc.recipe.cmmi could be made to support the 'svn = svn://' option in addition to url?21:40
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nyoor it should depend on >= 3.5.0 in the setup.py21:40
srichternyo: I don't think there should be conflicts21:41
srichternyo: you can use the 3.4 KGS and just oiverride this one version21:41
nyosrichter: well... it registers a "" page for IDefaultBrowserLayer, but is also registers one21:42
nyosrichter: also, if it does need the 3.5, I guess it should be added to install_requires as well21:42
srichterno, please do not add version number in setup.py21:43
nyosrichter: why so?21:44
Theunijero: it's not documented. :)21:45
Theuniat least i'm pretty sure21:45
srichternyo: there was a very lengthy discussion about a year21:45
srichterit basically boils down to bringing development to a screetching halt21:46
srichterbecause people do not get a choice of versions anymore21:46
srichterwhich is the reason we ahve the KGS21:46
jeroTheuni: thanks a lot!21:47
nyohm.. that just looks strange. If I develop my app using KGS and I want to use z3c.versionedresource (that is not in KGS). How could I know that I need to override a version for to make z3c.versionedresource work?21:48
srichterit should be part og buildout.cfg in z3c.versionedresource21:49
srichterbuildout.cfg of the package should always provide one set of working versions21:49
Theunijero: sorry for not bringing better news. but, hey, i'm just the messenger.21:49
nyosrichter: i don't understand. then I must check the buildout.cfg file of each package I use and look for versions that I need to override to make that package work?21:51
nyosrichter: can you give me some links to that discussion?21:52
nyoit's still not clear to me. if the package won't work with some package below some version, why not to depend >= needed_version...21:53
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nyo(also, the configure.zcml does conflict with's one)21:58
srichterbecause someone might backport the fix21:58
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srichtersomeone might create a private branch and fix the problem21:58
nyosrichter: hm. that's a good reason. but it's quite a pain to track down the problem for application developer, because z3c.versionedresource is not in the KGS and it works okay only with a version of package not in current KGS.22:00
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srichternyo: well, that's the price to pay for the latest and greatest22:02
srichterit will deifnitely work with the new KGS22:02
srichterand we can even add it to the KGS22:02
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jeroTheuni: he he, no problem! thanks!22:30
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nyosrichter: I just committed a fix to trunk, pls review, when you'll have time22:31
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srichternyo: thanks22:39
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srichternyo: you are right, we are not using this configure.zcml file, since we are registering things ina  anon-default skin22:40
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