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pyqwerprojekt01: ping12:34
pyqwerHi, I have a short question, which you can probably answer: I'd like to have a radio-widget for a Choice in z3c.form - is that possible?12:35
projekt01A choice uses a selection of a list, I guess there is a radio widget in z3c form for that which renders that12:36
pyqwerprojekt01: Hmmm, I found which is not it (an error is raised if I use that widgetFactory).12:37
pyqwerHmmm, then there's the CheckBoxWidget, I'll try that one...12:38
projekt01from zope.component import getGlobalService, servicenames12:38
projekt01ouch, that was wrong12:38
projekt01pyqwer, try: SingleCheckBoxFieldWidget12:39
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pyqwerHmmm, no, CheckBoxWidget does also raise the same error: "TypeError: __init__()takes exactly 2 arguments (3 given)"12:39
projekt01right, that's for a Bool field12:40
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pyqwerprojekt01: Ah, sorry, I found it: I mixed up RadioWidget with RadioFieldWidget...12:41
pyqwerNow it works, and RadioFieldWidget is the solution. SingleCheckBoxFieldWidget is for Bool (at least I once used it for that).12:42
projekt01but this one is for IBool fields, you need to write a radio widget for a sequence12:42
projekt01should be simple12:42
pyqwerprojekt01: I see. Hmmm, but I have only two values, so I can live with it. And it displayes nicely my values=['Optiona', 'OptionB']12:43
pyqwerprojekt01: No, just tried it as I was interested, and RadioFieldWidget works also for > 2 values.12:46
pyqwerprojekt01: Thanks for help!12:46
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sawdoganyone tried the haufe.eggserver versus the eggbasket package for internal pypi clones?13:15
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projekt01sawdog, I'll release another pypi mirror server in a month13:27
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Theuniprojekt01: why o why?13:42
projekt01I need one which works with distutil and allows to upload privat pacakges13:43
sawdogprojekt01 - you mean you're releasing smoething like eggbasket or just a mirror of pypi?13:44
projekt01it supports everything at once13:45
projekt01you can also define groups and grant different permissions for different groups13:45
sawdogit an open project or something you're doing closed?13:46
projekt01it's an mirror, eggbasket and uses a cron job for sync mirror packages13:46
projekt01it's open source ZPL 2.113:46
projekt01but I need to release all external packages first which this server uses13:47
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projekt01but if finished, it solves all our distribution problems13:47
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projekt01you can even mirror from such a private mirror for redundance13:48
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sawdogis there customizations to eggbasket or extending it?  I was tending towards checking out the thing haufe.eggserver so I dind't have to add more complexity to my environment with turbogears....13:49
sawdogwe already use zope - so having just another instance is a no-brainer13:49
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mintsauceBefore unleash my google-fu, has anyone done any work with Zope and chained form elements, like this example:
afd___mintsauce: I have one working with jquery17:08
mintsauceafd___: populated via zope?17:08
afd___ajax call + json17:09
afd___although it could be changed to get the data from a global17:09
afd___I suppose17:09
afd___the biggest challenge is the js17:09
afd___although you can just get the js from that page17:09
afd___(I wish I knew about that url when I wrote my widget)17:10
mintsauceIs the code public? Could i have a look?17:11
afd___msg me your email17:11
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multaniI just tried to create a new zope project in a virtualenv, using zopeproject17:48
multanihowever, when I launch paster, I got a ConfigurationExecutionError in
multaniit seems it tries to register some kind of documentation, from the transaction package, but it can't find the documentation files in transaction17:49
multanithis is the error I got
multanishould I report the bug against zope.api.apidoc or am I missing something ?17:51
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mgedminhey, trunk's tests fail on python2.519:00
mgedminsomething about inconsistent MRO19:00
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agroszerI'm gonna fix that on the trunk19:13
pyqwerHmmm, I checked in my first z3c product, but did something wrong, now there are 3 junk directories on - does someone know how to remove them?19:16
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agroszerwell, tortoisesvn makes life easier ;-)19:17
afd___pyqwer: svn del svn+ssh:// -m "delete"19:17
pyqwerAh, thanks, I'll try that...19:17
pyqwerafd___: Yep, that worked, thanks!19:18
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hexspritedynamic component architecture registrations question.  i want to register some utitlities that are dynamically generated at load time.  i thought i might try adding the registration in the for my module but wonder if there is a better place ?22:52
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hexspritehmmm that approach seems to work just fine ;)23:15
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Theunihexsprite: should be fine. depending on whether you also do zcml processing, you might want to wait for a later time23:28
Theunijust to avoid getting overriden by zcml23:29
Theunialso, i generally prefer if library code doesn't just 'run' when I import modules23:29
hexspriteTheuni: this is a Zope2 product... I added it to initialize() in the module23:29
hexspriteseems to work23:29
Theuniyes, that should work23:29
hexspritesaves me a _lot_ of typing ;)23:29
Theuniyou want to avoid zcml?23:30
hexspritenot necssarily23:30
CSWookieAvoiding zcml is a great goodness, generally speaking.23:30
hexspritejust in this case it was getting tedious23:30
Theunithe issue here is that zcml does more than just the direct registrations23:30
hexspritei had several vocabularies two for each schema attribute and then i had people going around and changing the nmbers of fields on me...23:31
Theunizcml builds an intermediate configuration representation that is checked for conflicts etc.23:31
Theuniso, you're probably gonna get away with what you do, but if you're building a general package used by "the anonymous crowd" then I'd recommend you not to go that route23:32
hexspriteahh ok23:33
Theunitime for bed for me :)23:33
hexspritethanks Theuni23:33
Theuniyou're welcome23:33
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