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markusleistnutzt hier jemand pylint im Zusammenhang buildout?10:23
markusleistmein Problem sind die Pfade10:23
markusleistpylint kriegt bei diesen ellenlangen Pythonpath-Geschichten Schwierigkeiten und ich weiss noch nicht genau warum10:24
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* markusleist is talking to the wrong channel ....10:25
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nyowas 3.5.2a1 ever released? CHANGES says that it is on 2008-10-23, but there's no such version on pypi. wtf? :)16:21
zagynyo: probably
nyozagy: nope16:22
zagyinteresitng :)16:22
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mintsauceHi - how do I i18nise vocabularies?16:36
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nyomintsauce: what's the problem?16:54
nyomintsauce: you can pass Message as title for vocabulary term16:54
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mintsaucenyo - message as title? i dont understand....16:56
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nyomintsauce: i mean you can do SimpleTerm(value=1, token='1', title=_(u'One'))17:00
nyowhere _ function is zope.i18nmessageid.MessageFactory17:00
nyomintsauce: did you use it before?17:01
mintsaucenyo: i use it already for localised titles and descriptions, haven't seen that form before for vocab terms - how would i do multiple terms?17:02
nyoterms = [SimpleTerm(...), SimpleTerm(...)]17:03
nyovocab = SimpleVocabulary(terms)17:03
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mintsaucenyo: great thanks :)17:12
mintsaucenyo: whats the difference between the value and token?17:14
mgedminvalueican be any object17:14
mgedmintoken must be a 7-bit ASCII string17:14
mgedmintoken is used to identify the value in HTML forms17:14
mintsaucetag id?17:15
mgedmin<option value="token1">Title 1</option> ...17:15
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ChrisWJ1m: ping?19:49
J1mChrisW, what's up?19:49
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ChrisWah, as I said that I got your reply :-)19:51
ChrisWI assume you guys just manually install pycrypto on windows?19:51
ChrisWI gotta dash, but I'll reply on the mailing list...19:53
strichterChrisW: you even isntall it usually fairly manually on Linux as well ;-)19:54
ChrisWhow come?19:54
ChrisWdoes specifying it in a buildout on linux not "just work"?19:54
J1mWe never use this on Windows.19:55
J1mWe have no customers for Windows.19:55
J1mI develop OS stuff on windows, but don't need this for that.19:55
ChrisWthe docs kindof imply that windows is one of the targets, what with mention of putty and the like...19:55
J1mYou mean the docs for paramico?19:56
ChrisWwell, it seems to work just fine apart from the hang at the end, and I don't know if that's actually going to cause problems...19:56
ChrisWnope, I mean the docs for buildoutsftp19:56
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J1mI remember testing buildoutsftp on windows at some point.19:56
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ChrisW mentions putty19:57
J1mUnfortunately, I've never figured out a sane way to write automated tests for it, so all my testing has been manual.19:57
ChrisWcertainly seems to work fine in terms of talking to putty and the like19:57
J1mRight, I think I tried it on windows.19:57
ChrisWwould just love to know what's going on with the apparent hanging19:58
J1mme too.19:58
ChrisW(which seems to be after all the work is done...)19:58
J1mas I wrote, I suspect it's a resource issue.19:58
ChrisWas I just replied, I'd be surprised19:59
ChrisWthis is a real machine that's doing not a lot else19:59
J1mk, later19:59
ChrisWand it's only one or two eggs19:59
ChrisWdid you ever get to the bottom of the weird behaviour on windows where buildout spawns off a process and returns to the prompt before it's actually finished?20:00
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J1mChrisW, I don't remember that20:06
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