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projekt01srichter, ayt?04:46
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srichterprojekt01: on and off04:50
projekt01srichter, I'll implement the ITerms part04:51
projekt01do you know the package for give others permission on pypi (script)?04:51
projekt01is there a built in user name list in the script?04:51
projekt01do you have any other issue in z3c.form which we need to solve?04:53
srichtertest coverage04:54
projekt01Ok, will take a look at that too04:54
srichterI noticed Adam G improved test coverage already04:55
projekt01I added the same pypi users to zope.browser which get added to the z3c.indexer. Someone added them to this package, I hope they like that.04:56
projekt01Probably we should enhance the pypisupport script and everybody can commit his username if he likes to get added to packages04:57
projekt01so we can use the script for general important packages04:57
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projekt01srichter, can I increase the version for ITerms move in other packages with 3.4.2 -> 3.4.3 or should I make a 3.5 in dependent packages?05:37
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srichterprojekt01: 3.507:07
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jayarajstrichter, can please take a look at my mail when you are free... its about and local grants. i am almost stuck there.
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jayarajcan *you* please...09:03
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__mac__projekt01: ping10:19
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projekt01__mac__, yes10:41
__mac__projekt01: do you know anything about the failing tests of z3c.form/trunk10:41
__mac__in converter.txt10:41
projekt01I'll take a look...10:42
__mac__projekt01: btw I'm about to release zc.sourcefactory 0.4 and changed the zagy-sources branch to use zope.browser10:44
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projekt01I' have wired errors during checkout10:45
projekt01Getting distribution for 'sourcecodegen'.10:45
projekt01SyntaxError: invalid syntax10:45
projekt01  File "d:\home\.buildout\eggs\tmp0dl8o7\sourcecodegen-0.5-py2.4.egg\sourcecodegen\", line 16210:45
projekt01    finally:10:45
projekt01__mac__, Yes, I have some errors in converter.txt10:46
projekt01Set([0])  != set([0])10:47
__mac__projekt01: with py25 the errors in sourcecodegen disappear10:47
projekt01is there a linux, mac windows difference in set representation?10:47
__mac__the error in converter.txt I get in py24 and py2510:47
projekt01I'm using windows python 2.410:47
__mac__projekt01: i'm using macos, i think someone changed set.Set (py23) to the set build-in10:48
__mac__but I don't know in which package this happened10:49
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projekt01do you think someone applied a patch in another package which we see in z3c.form as result?10:50
__mac__projekt01: yes10:50
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__mac__it could be zope.schema10:51
projekt01must be somebody who was developing to long with zope 2 ;-)10:52
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__mac__projekt01: yes, it is zope.schema 3.5.0a1 with 3.4.0 the errors go away10:55
__mac__but 3.7.0 needs the new zope.schema version10:56
__mac__an z3c.form indirectly depends on
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projekt01we really need to get rid of this incredible dependencies11:02
projekt01it's so ugly if you take a look at the sys path in the bin scripts11:03
__mac__projekt01: is there still anything needed before merging the zagy-sources branch to the trunk?11:04
projekt01I guess not, I released the ITerms refactoring last night11:06
projekt01you can start using ITerms from zope.browser and move it to z3c.form11:06
__mac__projekt01: I have seen it and refactored the branch to use zope.browser11:06
__mac__then I'll merge the branch now11:06
projekt01sounds good11:07
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__mac__projekt01: do you look into the failing tests or should I correct them by s/Set/set/?11:16
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projekt01just correct them, we can ask srichter if he sees this output too on linux if he shows up11:19
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__mac__projekt01: after searching deeper: the solution is: we need a new release of zope.schema because the change done in zope.schema 3.5.0a1 was reverted on trunk11:22
__mac__projekt01: i can make a new release11:23
__mac__projekt01: hmm, the changelog of zope.schema/trunk exactely says that 3.5.0a1 has a problem with z3c.form11:24
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__mac__projekt01: done zope.schema 3.5.0a2 is out11:31
projekt01I see11:32
__mac__but it still has to be put into the index
__mac__I don't know how to do this11:36
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__mac__projekt01: do you know how to do this?11:41
projekt01I don't use the KGS, but if you checkout z3c.form and do bin/buildout -n you should get the latest release11:53
projekt01is 3.5.0a1 the latest release?11:53
__mac__3.5.0a2 is the latest one11:53
__mac__z3c,form uses as index11:54
__mac__and everything after zope.schema 3.4.0 is not mentioned there11:54
projekt01z3c.form should not use as index11:56
projekt01is it defined somewhere explicit?11:56
projekt01try to remove:11:57
projekt01index =
projekt01from buildout.cfg11:57
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Count-DuckulaI've been testing some code, which queries a database and returns a result, and Z3 is performing markedly worse than Z2.  Z2 manages around 55rps with 1000 request (1000 concurrently).  Z3 just times out when pushes that hard, with 1000 requests (10!!!! concurrently) it only manages around 30rps.  Is Z3 really slower than Z2?12:06
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afd___Count-Duckula: maybe it's about the http server used12:07
Count-Duckulaafd___: I'm going straight to both the zope's12:07
afd___zserver in both cases?12:08
Count-Duckulaafd___: localhosted12:08
Count-Duckulaafd___: Z3 is zopeproject, Z2 is Zserver12:08
afd___if it's Paste#http server it's suposedly not very good12:09
afd___you could try changing the server that is used in the ini file12:09
afd___cherrypy has the best performance (2300 rps), followed by zserver (2200 rps)12:09
Count-Duckulaafd___: Z3 >> Server Software:        PasteWSGIServer/0.512:10
afd___this info is from some blog entry from martin aspeli, hope I'm not mistaking12:10
afd___I remember he benchmarked paster at 900 rps12:10
Count-Duckulaafd___: Z2 >> Server Software:        Zope/(Zope12:11
Count-DuckulaI can get 200rps from Z2 with only 10 concurrent requests.  That's a 200 vs. 30! That's horrible performance for the "default" way of installing Z3.12:12
Count-Duckulastrike that, I broke it.  But still Z2 is almost twice as fast 55 vs 30 rps.12:14
afd___you can see the entry point there12:14
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TheuniCount-Duckula: i'm not using the paste server but either twisted or zserver and i can get way beyond 100rps from zope 312:16
Count-DuckulaTheuni: I'm not saying you can't, depends on what you're requesting.  I've got an identical product that just returns some data from a postgresql database, so I wasn't expecting high performance, but the difference between Z2 and Z3 was the important factor.12:17
Count-Duckulaafd___: That ZServer for Z3?12:19
Count-Duckulaafd___: Cheers, will take a look a compare when I have time to work out how.12:23
afd___Count-Duckula: add zope.server as dependency to your app, set use = egg:zope.server#main instead of Paster#http12:23
afd___it doesn't support filters, though, I think12:23
afd___so you need to do that in deploy.ini and use that12:24
Count-Duckulaafd___: I've already for a deploy.ini, I'll change that.12:26
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Count-Duckula Entry point 'main' not found in egg 'zope.server'12:29
afd___that's funny, cause it works for me. The egg in my buildout is version zope server 3.5.012:30
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Count-Duckulahmm I doesn't want to get 3.5 version.12:35
afd___Count-Duckula: try deleting the egg in the cache12:40
afd___worse case, it will get it back12:40
Count-Duckulacache = buildout-eggs?12:41
afd___locate the ~/buildout-eggs folder, delete the egg folder from that cache folder12:41
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Count-DuckulaGetting distribution for 'zope.server==3.4.3'.12:42
afd___I'm using python 2.5, not sure it matters12:43
afd___try to change the depenncy to zope.server>=3.5 in your setup.py12:47
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Count-Duckulaafd___: I tried that: The version, 3.4.3, is not consistent with the requirement, 'zope.server>=3.5'.12:51
__mac__projekt01: without the index-declaration in builout.cfg zope.schema 3.5.0a2 is taken and all tests pass12:52
afd___Count-Duckula: run buildout with the -n switch12:52
Count-Duckulaafd___: Same error: is not consistent with the requirement,12:54
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afd___Count-Duckula: I saw that zope.server is at 3.4.3 at pypi12:58
afd___make sure you have find-links = in buildout.cfg12:58
afd___maybe that helps12:58
projekt01__mac__, sounds good to me, just remove it, everything should come from pypi in the future12:59
__mac__projekt01: done13:00
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Count-Duckulaafd___: I removed that as per instructions:   Added it back, didn't help :-(13:01
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afd___Count-Duckula: make sure you run buildout with -n switch13:02
Count-Duckulaafd___: Ahaa, I had to remove the "extends =" line that I had added, now it's got it.13:02
afd___ok, cool13:02
afd___I'm curious about the results of your benchmark, so please report :)13:03
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Count-Duckulaafd___: Still only getting 30rps, (vs. 50 on Z2), but the concurrency is far better Paster#http timed out on anything over about 50 concurrent requests.  ZServer seems happy with the 1000 I tested.13:10
projekt01__mac__, build z3c.form doesn't work on windows anymore13:12
projekt01someone removed the lxml version marker13:12
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Count-Duckulainteresting, my total-tranfered values are out.  Wonder is Z2 or Z3 is silently erroring or something13:21
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afd___Count-Duckula: I'd benchmark also the business logic itself, with the db connection. Just to see how much that takes...13:32
* nyo wonders why IIntIdAddedEvent doesn't extend IObjectEvent13:43
* nyo is going to make it do so)13:45
__mac__projekt01: svn blames malthe13:48
* CSWookie finds the notion of events getting fired in response to intids being added a little frightening. Sounds like an opportunity for me to get bugs.13:49
__mac__projekt0: so at least it was not me :)13:49
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nyoCSWookie: events are already being fired when intids added and removed, they just aren't IObjectEvent's, so we can't subscribe to them as (ISomeInterface, IIntIdAddedEvent)13:57
Count-Duckulaafd___: Fixed the bug.  Both running ZServer.  Z2 = 50rps, Z3 = 60rps14:06
nyoI just committed a fix+test for to make intid events subclass IObjectEvent, can someone make a release (or add me to pypi package owners for z.a.intid)?14:13
nyohowever, i think the event could be more informative, for example include the utility that fired it and the uid itself...14:16
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Count-DuckulaFor anyone interested, it seems like Z3/Z2 both running ZServer perform almost equally over a number of requests.  Z2 performs maybe a tiny bit better, but the http headers seems smaller, as the test transferred more data with Z3 for the same document size.14:24
afd___Count-Duckula: cool. How much of that is spent on the db?14:26
Count-Duckulaafd___: Don't know, haven't profiled it in depth.  But I would guess most of it.14:28
afd___Count-Duckula: did you try to switch back to paster#http? just for comparision, now that you have the tests setup...14:29
Count-Duckulaafd___: No, but I will14:30
Count-Duckulaafd___: Almost exactly the same a ZServer (maybe a tiny bit more rps), but I can't get more than 300 concurrent requests or it times out.14:35
Count-DuckulaIt seems like zope.server is slightly slower than Paste, but a lot better at concrrency.  And Z2 ZServer has the speed of Paste and the concurrency as zope.server.  But you get stuck with Z2 ;-)14:37
afd___Count-Duckula: there's also mod_wsgi which I think could be integrated, I'd be curios about the performance of that14:45
Count-Duckulaafd___: Think I'd better get on with some work now, that'll have to wait. :-)14:51
projekt01nyo, you can't do this, this will mess up existing projects!14:53
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projekt01nyo, you can simply register another event dispatcher which allows to subsribe to (object, event)14:55
nyoprojekt01: why it will mess up them?14:55
*** afd___ has quit IRC14:55
projekt01because all existing event subsriber for IObjectEvent will get adapted by the IIntAddedEvent and IIntIdRemovedEvent now14:56
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projekt01which means they will get adapted twice if an object get added to a container, because the ObjectAddedEvent which is also based on ObjectEvent get notified too14:57
projekt01nyo, there is a simpler way to do the same14:58
projekt01you can just add a new event dispatcher for the IIntIdRemovedEvent and IIntIdAddedEvent14:58
nyoprojekt01: hm. I still can't see the problem with dispatching intid events as ObjectEvents15:01
projekt01it's not the dispatching15:01
nyoprojekt01: why so. zope.component's subscribers to the IObjectEvent calls handlers for (event.object, event)15:02
projekt01simple subscriber which get registered for only the IObjectEvent will get adapted to IIntIdAddedEvent now15:02
nyoprojekt01: isn't that dispatching?15:02
nyoprojekt01: well, yes, but is there any sense in generic IObjectEvent subscriber?15:02
nyoprojekt01: excepting zope.component's one15:03
projekt01as far as I remember subscriber will adapt (object, event) and handler will adapt (event)15:03
projekt01if I remember correct the IIntIdAddedEvent didn't get inherited from ObjectEvent because the event subscriber which invokes the intId add subsriber is allready a object event15:05
nyohm? there's a dispatcher function - zope.component.event.objectEventNotify that adapts IObjectEvent, it just iterates for (event.object, event) subscribers so they can be called15:05
projekt01it has nothing to do with dispatching or not15:06
nyoprojekt01: ok, wrong wording15:07
projekt01existing object event subsriber will get invoked now if IIntIdAddedEvent get notified, befor your changes they didn't15:07
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projekt01that could become a problem for existing projects15:08
projekt01but we can register a new event dispatcher for IIntIdAddedEvent, but there is no need to inherit from ObjectEvent15:09
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nyoprojekt01: is on earth a project that define a handler for plain IObjectEvent and doesn't check the type of event in it?15:09
projekt01I don't know, but if so this could be a big a problem, and nobody has a chance to know why15:10
nyoit won't affect any handlers for events _that are derived from IObjectEvent_, just ones for _plain_ IObjectEvent15:10
projekt01I don't understand your motiviation for inherit from IObjectEvent, is there any benefit?15:11
nyoprojekt01: well, it's just makes more sense, i think, because it's really an "object event", isnt it?15:12
projekt01is it no better to register a new dispatcher which will do the same without inherit from IObjectEvent?15:12
*** junkafarian_ is now known as junkafarian15:12
nyoprojekt01: technically - you're right :)15:12
projekt01no it isn't, the IIntIds get invoked by an IObjectEvent by a subscriber and notifies it's own event15:13
projekt01it's a kind of sub eventsystem based on subscribers which is based on IObjectEvent e.g. IObjectAddedEvent15:14
nyoprojekt01: hm, okay :-))) I'll make a dispatcher15:14
nyo15 mins15:14
projekt01what so you think, are you fine if we register a custom event dispatcher15:14
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nyoprojekt01: I also want to include more info in the event, like the uid itself and the utility that created it. is that okay?15:15
projekt01I'll take another look at z3c.indexer after that. This will allow us to register the IIndexer adapter lookup for the dispatched event15:15
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nyoprojekt01: yes, and in the as well, iirc15:17
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nyoprojekt01: i just committed reworked version, and added utility -> id map to the IntIdAddedEvent. Can you review?16:13
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nyoCan anyone who has some time review my latest commits to and release it if it's okay?:)16:44
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mgedminit's a feature, isn't it? some could argue for a version jump to 3.6.017:29
mgedminotoh it's a relatively small change17:29
* mgedmin is talking about nyo's changes to
mgedmindo we have a convention that x.y.z -> x.y.(z+1) has bugfixes only, or did I dream that up?17:29
projekt01mgedmin, I always asking that myself, I think as long as there is no release documentation everbody does it as he thinks it correct17:31
nyomgedmin: i think our version naming is messed up, for example, there was z.a.intid 3.5.0 released with the single change - separating configure.zcml to multiple ones (that's fully backwards-compatible as well)17:31
nyomgedmin: for z.a.intid i think it makes more sense to tag it 3.5.117:32
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nyoi may be wrong17:32
nyoBTW, I'd like it to be released soon, so if you guys reviewed it and have no objections, could you please release it (any version number is fine:) or add me to package owners so I can do it myself? :-)17:36
mgedminwhat's your pypi username [default: nyo]?17:37
mgedminI assume you've read philikon's releasing-software.txt?17:38
nyomgedmin: yes :)17:38
nyomgedmin: I actually released some packages before. like and keas.googlemap17:39
mgedminyou've got pypi rights for
mgedminif you ask srichter (when he wakes up, presumably), he has a script for mass-assigning pypi roles for all zope packages17:39
nyomgedmin: oh, okay, thanks. I'll ping him :)17:40
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nyook, done17:57
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