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regebroI'm trying to do some tests on what happens to a ZEO client when the connection to the server is dropped. No closed, but brutally dies.15:19
regebroDoes anybody have any idea of how to test that in a way that is unit testable? J1m?15:19
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jayarajregebro, there are some bugs in that area for sure. most of the 'logicaly correct' setups dont work in practice. like the second diagram in this blog
jayarajregebro, we have tesing it manually and the result was negetive... and it was few months ago.15:47
jayarajwe have been* tesing it...15:47
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regebroI don't think that setup makes much sense to be honest.15:48
regebroTwo servers talking to the same Data.fs? Nah.15:48
regebroBut that doesn't matter, this is a completely different issue.15:48
jayarajregebro, that setup was actually to add to reliability. the zope.conf has support for that too. and only one server will be used at a time and other one will be used only if first one is down15:51
J1mjayaraj, multiple zeo servers serving a single Data.fs is not a valid config.  It shouldn't even be allowed by FileStorage, which uses a file lock.15:51
J1mregebro, I'm not sure what you were asking for above.15:52
jayarajJ1m yea there will be locking issues. i know.15:52
regebroJ1m: Well, there are some bugs if a tcp connection gets dropped, by for example a firewall timing out.15:52
J1mI'll note though that, starting in ZODB 3.8, ZEO clients send keep-alive messages to servers periodically to help detect if connections are dropped in a way that would not normally be connected.15:53
regebroJ1m: OK, that's good, that would at least help to avoid the problem.15:53
regebroJ1m: Are there any tests for that? I couldn't find any.15:54
regebroAlso there seems to be a bug reported that the client goes to 100% when trying to reconnect, maybe that actually gets fixed by that too?15:55
J1mI havent' seen this problem for ZEO, but I had observed it recently in ZRS replication using a VPN and adding keep alives there solved the problem.15:56
J1mI have no idea how to write automated tests for this, since I have no idea how to reproduce the problem.15:56
J1mI haven't seen that bug report.15:56
J1mI havent' observed that, but I don't think I'd care if I had.15:57
jayarajJ1m, but <zeoclient> element supports multiple zeo servers, right?. and in my setup the data.fs is on glusterfs and that saves us from locking issue. and is there any other issue than locking?15:57
J1mjayaraj, yes, that has nothing to do with multiple servers using the same storage.15:58
J1mThis ability to use muiltiple servers is there to support replicated databases.15:58
regebroJ1m: OK, thanks.15:59
regebroUsing 3.8 with older versions of Zope shouldn't be a problem, right?15:59
jayarajJ1m, replicated in what way? drdb?15:59
jayarajor zeo-raid, or zrs16:00
J1mzrs or zeo-raid.16:00
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J1mregebro, right16:01
J1mZODB 3.8 servers support ZODB 3.2 to ZODB 3.8 clients.16:01
jayarajthats nice16:01
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Vq^can pagelets be used to create a static number of nested views?16:39
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Vq^in the demos i've seen only one pagelet is imported in a template16:40
Vq^i would like to have a view that uses two other pagelets16:42
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nyoVq^: Not with standard implementation. But you can override its "publishTraverse" method to do further traversing17:07
nyo(because default BrowserPagelet inherits from BrowserPage that raises NotFound in its publishTraverse17:07
Vq^i've just found the addressbook example in z3c.formdemo and it seems to do what i want, with the exception that it creates the sub-pagelets in python-code17:10
Vq^but maybe thats something i got to live with?17:10
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mintsauceI'm trying to call a class, from within a class that's called by a page template, but i keep getting this error:19:24
mintsauceTypeError: unbound method method() must be called with Class instance as first argument (got SimpleViewClass from /Users/mintsauce/sandbox/browser/ instance instead)19:24
mintsaucetfrom the call is: otherfilename.Class.method(self)19:24
mintsaucewhat am i doing wrong?19:24
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Theuniyou have to call it on an instance19:27
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Theuniyou're trying to pass self19:28
Theunibut self isn't an instance of Class or a subclass of it.19:28
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