IRC log of #zope3-dev for Tuesday, 2008-12-30

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nyomcdonc: ayt?12:46
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mcdoncnyo: hey12:46
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nyomcdonc: need to decide on IIndexSort interface. Should the sort method return an _iterable_ (like generator) or require them to return a finite sequence. I wonder if there can be any problems (performance or programming ones) with returning sequences from the ``sort`` method of some indexes.12:48
mcdoncnyo: the interface should probably make as few promises about this as possible.. just that it be iterable12:49
nyomcdonc: currently, for example, the z.a.catalog needs a sequence, so it has to manually do the list(index.sort(...)) thing, but we could just require the sort method to return a sequence12:49
mcdoncwhy does z.a.catalog need a sequence?12:50
nyomcdonc: because it needs to know length12:50
mcdoncone thing i thought of12:51
nyomcdonc: the ResultSet object that catalog's searchResults returns has the __len__ object12:51
mcdoncand this would make it possible to not need the length12:51
mcdoncinstead of throwing away docids that dont have a value in the sort index...12:51
mcdoncmaybe the IIndexSort interface can take a flag12:51
mcdoncsort_unknown_bottom=True (bad name)12:52
mcdoncbut essentially a flag that tells the sort method how to sort docids that dont have a value in the sort index12:52
mcdoncwhether they should be at the bottom or the top12:53
mcdoncso the length of the iterable you get back from the sort method would be guaranteed to be the length of the set you passed in to sort12:53
mcdonc(and then you dont need to recompute length, you'd have it already)12:53
nyomcdonc: I don't think it's possible anyway. it will break ResultSet. it relies on the sequence nature of uid list12:54
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nyomcdonc: if there will be a generator, it will work only once for example12:54
nyo(iteration, i mean)12:55
mcdoncthat's mostly resultset's problem i think12:55
mcdoncrandom access into the result set is a higher-level thing12:55
mcdoncand unwinding the generator if its necessary is probably the right thing12:56
mcdoncrandom access into a result set is sort of nonsensical for most apps i think12:56
nyomcdonc: so you think we need to declare it just as iterable as it's now?12:57
mcdoncnyo: i think so... at least avoid promising that it will be a fully materialized random-acessible thing... does that make sense?12:57
nyomcdonc: yep12:58
mcdoncwhat do you think of the dont-throw-away-values thing12:58
nyomcdonc: appending docids that is not in the index to the top/bottom can be quite hard to implement12:58
nyoin some cases )12:58
mcdoncmaybe yeah12:58
mcdonci havent done it yet12:59
mcdoncit sounds good ;-)12:59
nyoalso, I don't think there will be much cases where it's needed12:59
mcdonci think it'll always be bottom anyway12:59
mcdoncif it were to be implemented12:59
mcdonci dont want random stuff at the top of my result set12:59
mcdoncso i think it's fine to avoid it for now in the interface13:00
nyomcdonc: btw, even FieldIndex can't do that nicely when using set intersections13:00
nyomcdonc: ok13:00
mcdoncthanks for taking charge of this ;-)13:01
nyomcdonc: I'll commit keywordindex backward-incompatibility breakage now (normalization thing, we talked about), can you review?13:01
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nyomcdonc: Done. I also wrote an explanation in CHANGES.txt, please review that as well.13:12
nyomcdonc: I'm afk for some time13:12
mcdoncnyo: ok... will do13:13
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mcdoncnyo: would you be willing to reverse the arg order of limit and reverse in IIndexSort?  it'd help me not need to subclass to service existing code13:31
nyomcdonc: sort(docids, reverse=False, limit=None)? of course. that will do more sense even:)13:41
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mcdoncnyo: yes, great...13:42
nyomcdonc: done13:43
mcdoncthank you!13:43
nyoso I'm going to release it. others seems to either don't have any objections or are not interested (so they also don't have objections).13:44
mcdoncnyo: go for it13:44
mcdoncthis is factored really nicely... its great we can both use the same index impls but different catalog impls13:46
nyomcdonc: yeah, they can also be used just separately or with z3c.indexer13:47
* mcdonc reads
mcdoncgood idea...13:50
mcdoncyes, i suspect that being able to spell the ordering of which indexes to intersect in what order would help performance too... z.a.catalog and repoze.catalog dont allow for this13:51
nyomcdonc: yeah, it also does index-on-commit so it does less indexing-unindexing when using event-based indexing13:52
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mcdoncthat's awesome13:54
mcdonci'm so going to steal that ;-)13:55
nyomcdonc: okay, 3.5.0 is there13:59
mcdoncnyo: cool, thanks13:59
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goschtlhi has anyone an example of a custom IGroup implementation?15:49
nyoany1 interested in reviewing "nadako-sorting" branch of :)15:51
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