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binbrainI'm struggling with some logic if somebody has a chance. I have a content type, that when created, needs to also create a container in the root of the site. I have the factory for the container created, but how do I get at the root directory to say root['newcontainer'] = createObject(myContainerFactory00:52
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srichterbinbrain: most likely your root is your site, so you can say: hooks.getSite()00:54
binbrainright on, that worked, thanks srichter01:01
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binbrainI swear I saw a post on this before, but isn't there some FieldProperty a incrementing int id?05:43
binbraindefaults to incrementing to the next05:43
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mgedminPermission denied11:15
projekt01I guess it's time to update to a buildout based setup ;-)11:16
agroszerand someone should invent the eye following window focus11:17
* mgedmin wants11:18
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mintsauceI have a site built (loosely) around philiKON's Zope3 Book. Each page access macros via metal:use-macro="context/@@standard_macros/whatever", which in turn, via zcml, is lined to From TAL, how would I access variables in this python file? The normal suspects view/ context/ etc dont work ...11:25
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mgedminwhat do you mean by variables?11:36
mintsauceyup .... self.whatever11:36
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mintsauceNormally a pt file has a 'matching' py file, linked via zcml and you can pass it via view/whatever. But I'm not clear how I would access stuff in the file when its linked via metal:use-macro11:38
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mgedminself.whatever aren't globals11:45
mgedminwhat's self?11:45
mgedminthe view?11:45
mintsauceahh hang on .... standardmacros has the line return self.template.macros[key] ..... I can only 'return' via this, rather than self.11:45
mintsaucei think im approching this from the wrong angle ...11:46
mintsaucebasically, every template file in the site needs to call a common .py file - I thought would be a good choice as they all call it already(!)11:46
mintsauceIs there a way via zcml that all .pt files could access one general py file - aswell as their specific ones that they are already linked to?11:47
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mgedminwhat does it mean to "access a py file"?11:49
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mintsaucevia view/ in tal in the pt file11:50
mintsaucedoh ...... should I just call a macro which uses that py file, in each pt file?11:55
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ignasmintsauce: did you try view/@@standard_macros/name_of_your_variable ?12:07
mintsauceignas: i think so, lemme give it another go12:07
mgedminMETAL macros only deal in TAL trees12:11
mgedminthere's no way to share Python code via METAL12:11
mgedminyou may want to use snippet views instead (<div tal:replace="structure context/@@something" />)12:11
mgedminor have the macro access attributes and methods of a shared view12:12
mintsaucemgedmin: ok, makes sense - thanks12:12
lisppaste6mintsauce pasted "Macros" at
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mintsauceI suppose the issue is the 'return' that returns the whole template - otherwise i could set self.whatever and access it via tal. (mulling it over still!)12:17
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mgedminwhen you do use-macro, it always takes something that refers to a precompiled TAL bytecode12:19
mgedminthere's no way around it, other than not using 'use-macro'12:19
mintsaucemgedmin: ok, good to know thats the case12:21
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mintsauceHow do I provide values to the Bool schema widget / how do I use a radio widget for a schema attribute?14:24
mintsauceOr(!) ..... can I use a radio-like widget for the Choice attribute?14:27
nyo1mintsauce: what widget framework are you using? z3c.form uses yes/no radio widget for bool by default, IIRC14:40
mintsauceBut how do i provide a list of values to a Bool? I suppose I'm looking for a checkbox list, where only one item can be chosen.14:42
nyo1mintsauce: There also radio and dropdown bool widgets in
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mintsauceHow do I specify in the schema which widget to use?14:42
nyo1mintsauce: that's not specified in schema, but in form14:43
nyo1mintsauce: for z3c.form it's done by setting custom widgetFactory attribute for the form field14:43
nyo1mintsauce: for zope.formlib fields it's custom_widget iirc14:44
mintsaucenyo1: Ahh ... that rings a bell, think I've done similar.14:44
mintsauceCan a Bool have a list of values / vocab though? Can't seem to get that to work ...14:44
nyo1mintsauce: no, bool can only be True or False (or also None if not required), but what to show in the form is widget's thing.14:47
nyo1mintsauce: in z3c.form, if you want to override default yes/no, you can provide a custom terms adapter (see z3c.form.term.BoolTerms that you just can subclass and override trueLabel/falseLabel).14:48
mintsauceSo i need to customise a widget for the Choice attribute then ..14:49
nyo1mintsauce: whay are you want to do?14:49
mintsauceI have a list of items, from which the user can only choose one. I'm using a jQuery plugin to render this as a slider (, it can only work with radio or text elements (text isn't an option)14:51
nyo1mintsauce: when why are you want to use Bool field?14:54
nyo1mintsauce: looks like Choice is the right one for that indeed14:55
mintsaucenyo1: Because that seems to be the only way to render radio buttons from my schema (other than a custom widget).14:55
mintsauceThe js im using requires radio buttons though, not a drop down list.14:55
nyo1mintsauce: Then use Choice in schema and specify as a widgetFactory for its field in your form.14:57
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nyo1mintsauce: or even you could subclass the RadioWidget to make it do all js include/initialization for you :)14:59
mintsaucenyo1: that would just be too sensible ;)14:59
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mcdoncnyo1: did you happen to see the changes i made to repoze.catalog.indexes.field (the curve-fitting sutff?)15:43
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nyo1mcdonc: I took a quick look at it, but I currently don't have much time to integrate that to zope.index15:47
mcdoncnyo1: no worries, just wondered if you had seen it... ftr, it gets the decision right about 95% of the time (by testing) for which strategy to use for ascending sorts15:48
mcdonci havent done descending yet15:48
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mintsauceAre there any 'nice' examples of using schemas and add / edit forms with z3c.form - im stuggling to adapt my formlib based widgets ..16:41
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ignasemm, you are adapting widgets, but want examples for schemas?16:42
ignasit does not make sense16:42
mintsaucehang on, let me past an example16:43
* mintsauce really needs to explain himself better16:43
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lisppaste6mintsauce pasted "AddForm" at
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mintsauceSo thats my Add / Edit form classes - how would I use z3c.form on *specific* fields - bearing in mind they all currently use formlib ...16:46
ignason fields?16:47
ignasouch, why?16:47
ignasi mean you either use one or the other16:47
ignasi would not suggest mixing them16:47
mintsauceCan i just switch to z3c.form?16:47
ignasyes, your form seems simple enough16:48
ignasthough - you might have to do some hacking around16:48
ignasi mean - with layers16:48
ignasz3c.form wants some layer in your skin or it does not work16:48
mintsaucei think i have layers already16:48
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ignasalso you might want to register some your application specific pagelets/viewlets to make it look like your formlib form used to16:49
ignascan't tell you any details at the moment, but I know that it is doable ;)16:49
ignasschooltool is using both formlib forms and z3c form in the same application, but not in the same view16:49
ignasbecause they are completely different approaches16:49
ignas(well, they share the part about schemas)16:50
mintsaucealthough - all i want to do is use a radio widget on a Choice field - i assume i could just do that with formlib?16:50
ignasyeah, i think you can16:50
ignasyou must set a custom widget16:50
mintsauceIn that same file?16:50
ignasfor that field16:50
ignasi think formlib or zope3 has a radio widget widget16:50
ignasso you just do fields['my_field'].custom_widget = TheWidget16:51
ignasor something like that16:51
ignasin your view16:51
pyqwermintsauce: Wait, radio widget on Choice field?16:51
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pyqwerHmmm, I think I have done that.16:51
mintsauceYup !16:52
* pyqwer searching code...16:52
* mintsauce praying16:52
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ignasshould work I think16:53
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ignasor you might have to wrap it in some kind of WidgetFactory16:53
pyqwerfrom import RadioFieldWidget16:55
ignaspyqwer: he has a formlib form16:55
pyqwerfields['myfield'] = RadioFieldWidget16:55
pyqwerignas: Oh, sorry, I thought he'd switch to z3c.form.16:55
ignasform_fields['my_field'].custom_widget = RadioWidget16:56
ignasand from import RadioWidget16:56
ignasshould work16:56
ignasI'd guess16:56 import RadioWidget16:57
mintsauceI'd like to switch to z3c.form - but it's a lot of work for now, for just this tiem16:57
pyqwermintsauce: I understand.16:57
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pyqwerI did the switch some time ago and did not regret it - although z3c.form can be kind of complicated.16:58
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mintsaucehmmm ..... that code doesnt give an error ..... but the page still renders a dropdown ...16:59
ignasmintsauce: did you set the widget for the right field?16:59
ignasmintsauce: for the right view?16:59
ignasjust after "form_fields =" bit?16:59
mintsauceyup ... double checking16:59
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mintsauceHmm .... was reloading wrong page .... but now there is an error:17:03
mintsauce_createWidget TypeError: __init__() takes exactly 4 arguments (3 given)17:03
mgedminthat's familiar17:03
mgedminmaybe try .custom_widget = CustomWidgetFactory(RadioWidget)17:03
mintsaucewheres CustomWidgetFactory imported from?17:04
mgedminscratch the 'maybe', CustomWidgetFactory contains the extra code to pass the vocabulary for choice widgets17:04
mgedminit is a choice field, right?17:04
ignasmgedmin: yes17:05
mintsauceits a choice that i want to be a radio yup17:05
mgedminso CustomWidgetFactory is necessary17:05
mintsaucefrom import CustomWidgetFactory17:05
mintsauceThat did it :)17:06
mintsauceOnce again, I suggest that zope3-dev needs a tip jar / paypal beer fund ;)17:07
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mintsauceIs it possible to override a formlib template easily?18:56
mintsauceThe radio template includes some extra divs that I dont want - can I include a or similar locally for it to use?18:57
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mgedminIIRC template = ViewPageTemplateFile('') in your view is sufficient19:05
mintsauceit doesnt have a seperate view, its called in the add from we discussed earlier19:06
mintsaucecustom_widget = CustomWidgetFactory(RadioWidget)19:06
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mgedminoh, you mean the *widget* template19:07
mgedminsorry, I misunderstood19:07
mgedminyou can subclass RadioWidget and use it for your custom widget19:08
mgedminor inline your wanted widget html in the parent view's template instead of using the form macro19:09
mgedminI suspect z3c.form would have more points for customization19:09
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junkafarianhow can i print a `%` in a tal python statement?21:41
junkafarianeg: tal:attributes="style python:'width:%s%%;' % ('40')"21:42
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junkafarianah, it was the `;`21:51
junkafarianmy bad21:51
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