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binbrainhow do I have to do with my schema declaration to get a pulldown menu00:43
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binbrainright now it, as the list is, the widget appears as to selection boxes00:43
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buckyhi, i got an error in make check on Zope-3.4.000:49
buckyany clues?00:49
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lisppaste6tisto pasted "zope3 helloworld has no global error" at
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timohi. I'm tying to get a zope3 helloworld app running but I get a " has no global error" error.07:19
srichtertimo: is a dependency of the package?07:25
srichteralso, are you using the Zope 3.4.0 KGS?07:25
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timohmm...I've just installed zopeproject with easy_install...07:31
timoI did not add any additional dependencies07:31
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timoI've tried to add "index =" to my buildout.cfg => same error07:37
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srichtermhm, darn07:41
timonow it's working07:42
srichtertry to add "" as a dependency07:42
timoI had to add a [versions] part into my buildout.07:42
srichterah, yes07:42
timohmm...but it is really really hard to get started with zope3...every time I try... ;)07:43
timowhat do I have to do to contribute to the zope3 documentation?07:44
timoin addition to the zope contributor agreement?07:45
timoI really like zope3, but it is so hard to find good documentation...07:45
srichterthe docs on the Wiki you can just edit07:45
srichterif you want to change docs is the repository, you need to sign the contributor agreement07:46
srichterand get SVN access07:46
timook, thanks for the info...I will do that...07:49
timois there any progress on getting online?07:50
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srichtertimo: no, we jsut recently heard that the project was cancelled07:52
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timoreally? why?07:52
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srichterno idea07:53
srichtertimo: but you can use the content and put it on the wiki and improve it07:53
timook, where should I put it in the wiki?07:57
srichterwhereever you think it fites07:58
srichterwe can reorganize later07:58
timook, then I will start right away...07:58
baijumtimo: Sometimes back I started another effort to document Zope 3 using srichter 's training material. May be you can use that also (now that effort is also stopped), I have added it here:
lisppaste6timo annotated #74960 with "zope3 wiki error" at
timobaijum: thanks! I will take a look at it too...08:04
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goschtlHi is there an example for IGroup ldap implementation?15:17
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sm_timo: I look after wiki errors.. thanks for the report. What page name did you use ?20:22
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timosm_: I think it was only "Get started", but I copied the whole page into it. Then I tried it with the title only and it worked...20:26
sm_ok, thanks20:26
sm_and yay! thanks for working on docs20:27
timoI'll let you know when I find any other errors...20:27
sm_have you a url where I can get the source of the get-started page ?20:28
timoI'll try it again...20:28
sm_I mean the raw source.. or did you just copy and paste from the html page ?20:29
timojust copy-paste20:29
timothere is the error again... :)20:29
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sm_I can probably find it, but I wonder why you get it and I don't20:31
sm_I selected the whole page in ff3, and pasted into a new wiki page, no problem20:32
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timoI've just copied the content of the page (from "Downloading and installing Zope).20:33
timohere is the exact code I've copied:
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sm_again, no problem here. I'm using the default page syntax, restructured text20:38 too...20:38
sm_what browser version ?20:38
timoff 3.0.5 on ubuntu 8.0420:39
sm_strange.. well I'd like to investigate this further - we can private-message - but if you'd rather carry on with docs work, that's cool20:40
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timono. I can do both...20:41
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sm_problem found, temporary workaround: when using the create button at bottom of page, be sure to enter a page name first20:52
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sm_restarting the wiki, momentary outage21:10
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