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agile123hello adll02:48
agile123can anybody tell me where i can get help for zope problem?02:48
romanofskiprobably here02:49
mcdoncagile123: dont ask to ask just ask and someone may be able to help02:49
romanofskidon't ask to ask, just ask ;)02:49
agile123thx guys ..02:49
agile123alright so here goes02:50
agile123I changed and for 2.9 _log error from launchpad bug fix02:50
agile123website is back on but I can't connect to mysql02:50
agile123when i go back to connector it says that connection is closed02:50
agile123by website i mean plone* site02:51
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mcdoncsorry agile123 i dont know03:14
mcdonchave you tried the connect button in the ui for the connector?03:14
agile123yeh it gives me this error if i click browse on connector Error Value: _v_database_connection03:23
agile123Error Value: _v_database_connection03:23
agile123Error Type: AttributeError03:23
mcdoncsorry, i have no clue03:26
agile123that is ok thx though03:27
agile123i'll just try to reinstall da and db and see if it works03:28
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Count-Duckulahow can I get to the context of a view from a pt, I used to be able to do restrictedTraverse('@@myView').myMethod()...but that obviously a no no in z313:47
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mgedminCount-Duckula: the context of *the* view is 'context' in pt14:32
mgedmindo you want the context of a different view?14:32
mgedminin which case, how are you getting the different view?14:33
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Count-Duckulamgedmin: The context of a different view14:40
mgedminbecause usually you get the other view by doing other_views_context/@@other_views_name14:40
mgedminin which case to get the context you just drop the /@@other_views_name14:40
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Count-Duckulamgedmin: In want the python class associated with a "view" which is not the current one.14:43
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mgedminclass or instance?14:48
mgedminusually you want an instance14:48
mgedmintal:define="some_other_view nocall:object/@@viewname"14:48
mgedminnocall: is the tricky bit14:48
mgedminwithout it you'll get a string with the rendered html contents of that other view14:48
Count-DuckulaAll  I want is the text from a method call like @@myView/myMethod I can't seem to do this in Z314:50
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mgedminstrange, since it should just work14:53
mgedminplease show me the full expression14:53
mgedminor, if that *is* the full expression, then you're relying on some magic that doesn't exist in z3:14:54
mgedmina path expression cannot start with @@14:54
mgedminyou need something in front of it14:54
mgedmine.g. context/@@myView14:54
Count-Duckulamgedmin: I don't have a context, it's a standalone view with a callable method14:57
mgedminstandalone means <page for="*", I take it14:57
mgedminin which case context/@@myView will work just fine14:57
mgedminand you even get overridability for free!14:57
Count-DuckulaIt's the method call on the @@myView I can't get to work, in Z2 it works, in Z3 is says...The page that you are trying to access is not available14:58
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Count-Duckulamgedmin: hmm That's odd your code works :-) but not if I call it off the URL15:06
Count-Duckulamgedmin: Thanks tho' got it working either way15:06
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afd_Count-Duckula: when you look at a view, it automatically execute its __call__ method. That's why you need to use the nocall: structure. Also, a string object (the result of calling the view) will not have your method available for it, of course15:07
afd_so you can't call a method from a view directly through the web, unless you do some other special things15:08
afd_the easiest would be to define a new view where you specify the attribute you want called as a result of the view15:08
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Count-Duckulatal:replace="@@context/myView/myMethod" does work from within my PT in both Z3 and Z3.  But I can only call @@myView/myMethod directly from the URL in Z2.15:11
afd_correct is:15:12
afd_<div tal:define="myview nocall:context/@@myView" tal:replace="myview/myMethod" />15:12
afd_and you can't call it directly from url, read what I wrote above15:13
afd_z3 (and probably browser views in z2) don't magically publish methods and attributes from page classes15:13
afd_you need to do it explicitelly15:14
Count-Duckulawhy the is the define considered good form?15:14
afd_because context is probably a persistent object, and you can't do @@context15:14
afd_it makes no sense15:15
afd_and you need to do it with define because you first need to get the view class, "uncalled"15:15
afd_when you do tal:content="structure context/@@myview"15:15
afd_you will insert a string, right?15:15
afd_so context/@@myview actually calls the view, it executes it __call__ method15:16
Count-Duckulaah, I get ya, to ensure that the view isn't called and doing stuff, when you don't need it to.15:16
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* mgedmin suddenly got what count duckula meant by "calling something directly from a url"16:14
mgedminno, zope 3 doesn't expose the internals of views in that way16:14
mgedminyour view could choose to expose some things if it wanted to by providing IBrowserPublisher16:15
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mgedminor, better, you can use multiple <browser:page> directives with method="methodName"16:15
mgedmin... or is that attribute="methodName"16:15
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gary_posterTheuni: ping21:18
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Theunigary_poster: pong21:21
gary_posterHey Theuni.  I was going to do a bit of zope.testing hacking today but the tests fail on Py 2.4 and 2.5.  log implicates you :-)21:21
gary_posterTheuni: most of the failures are having to do with some import checking, which I think is a feature you added recently21:22
gary_posterTheuni: I was hoping you just had a missing file or something21:22
gary_posterTheuni: will be happy to pastebin failures somewhere if you like21:22
Theunihmm. no. unfortunately not. i got stuck with a "simple" change on the trunk. let me back out my changes and move them to a branch. that's where they belong.21:23
Theunimy mistake.21:23
gary_posterTheuni: ok thanks!21:23
Theuniretrospectively i should have created a branch right away21:23
* Theuni hopes svn merge not to fail on him21:25
Theunithere goes my lesson21:25
Theunii forgot that i had non-checked-in-changes locally21:26
gary_posterare they saveable?21:26
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Theuniit was work in mid-air on getting the tests run, but it wasn't at any reasonable point anyway21:27
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Theunii'm running the tests without my branch now, gimme about 1 minute or so and you have a clean trunk21:28
gary_postercool, np thanks21:28
TheuniThere's one error about post_morten and exc_info that fails on both 2.4 and 2.5 for me and one (known) that fails on python 2.421:29
TheuniI think that was the same as when I started21:29
TheuniDone. r96602 has what you need.21:29
gary_posterTheuni: failures:  ok.  that's a shame too, but that's not your prob. :-)  I'll take a glance at em.  r96602: thanks again21:30
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Theuninp. mea culpa from my side.21:31
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