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afd__is there a sane way to deal with a system install of zope.interface? (one Ubuntu package depends on zope.interface and they have 3.3.1, which is incompatible with the most of the zope 3.4 packages)09:08
afd__I get a "Error: There is a version conflict." We already have: zope.interface 3.3.1 but myapp requires 'zope.interface>=3.5.0'09:08
srichterafd__: I would compile my own Python09:08
afd__or maybe I should run it under virtualenv...09:09
srichteror at least use virtualenv or another method to setup a custom PYthon env09:09
afd__is there no mechanism in buildout to deal with this issue?09:09
srichteryes, you can pin the version09:09
afd__I did09:10
srichtermmh, that should work09:10
afd__I'm extending this:
afd__I've also set specific version dependency for install_requires, in my package setup.py09:10
afd__creating a versions section in my buildout didn't help either09:11
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davisagliafd__: I think if a package is already in your global environment then buildout won't install it, even if you use a version pin.  try running buildout from a virtualenv created with --no-site-packages09:16
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afd__yes, that was what I am doing... but isn't it a bug if buildout doesn't obey the version specifications?09:17
afd__actually, thinking about it, I have a python app that I'm developing that doesn't use so many zope libraries and there it works09:18
afd__although I needed to list zope.interface last in the install_requires, to get the zope.interface egg path to be inserted first in the wrapper scripts09:18
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mintsauceIs there a tal / python way to check for the existence of an image at an url?14:10
mintsaucelike exists: but for urls not paths ...14:10
ignasmintsauce: no, don't think it's easy to implement14:11
ignasmintsauce: without making an http request to your application14:11
ignasi mean - how else can you do that? unless you know what you are looking for, and if you know what you are looking for14:11
ignaslike a photo of a person14:12
ignasthen you can construct a case specific test like14:12
ignas<img tal:condition="person/photo" />14:12
mintsaucebut that relies on it being on zodb? (Which, actually in my case it is, I just wondered if I could avoid the ZODB overhead)14:13
ignasemm, what?14:13
ignasyou want to know if a resource exists without ZODB overhead?14:13
ignaswhere are you going to store the data about that then?14:13
ignasor are you only talking about "resources" that are registered through zcml?14:14
ignasif your images are in ZODB the only way to find out if they are there is to ask ZODB ;)14:14
ignasif they are not in ZODB then - well you know how to check if they exist, don't you?14:14
* mintsauce looks thick14:15
ignaswell you suggested that in some way testing for existance of "http://application/john/photo" would not add ZODB overhead that testing for person/photo would...14:15
mintsaucesorry, let me explain a bit more.14:16
mintsauceI'm want to return a users photo - but it's on the very front page and will be viewed a lot as a result. Now, correct me if im wrong, retrieving the image by wondering off into the member annoations (where it's stored) seems to be a higher cost than accessing the url and seeing if I get an image.......................14:18
mintsaucebut by the sounds of it, the latter isn't an option that's available.14:19
ignasoh really14:19
ignasyou mean - you think that an access of a bit of data in process costs more than14:20
ignasan http request, that traverses into person, then tries to access that same bit of data in a separate process14:20
mintsaucehehe - 'I think' - would be happy to told otherwise :)14:20
ignasit's the same info in the same place, but instead of doing 20 operations in the same view, you are doing 20 operations in separate HTTP request/response cycles14:21
mintsauceI see what you mean ..14:25
ignasbut do you understand it? ;)14:26
ignashow many of them are you displaying on the same page by the way?14:27
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ignasif it's less than 200 i'll yell at you for premature optimization too ;)14:28
* mintsauce keeps quiet14:28
mintsaucebut but but .... it's the homepage of the site, which i expect to be visited heavily .... ;)14:28
ignasyou expect14:30
mintsauceok. point taken :P14:30
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imgreyhi #zope3-dev14:57
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imgreydoes someone know why callback 'cb' not triggering here: a = tst_db['tst']; b = weakref.proxy(, cb); del a ?14:59
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ignasimgrey: where are you importing the weakref.proxy from?15:11
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ignasimgrey: well duh15:13
ignasimgrey: you are deleting "a" but tst_db['tst'] is still referring to the object15:14
ignasimgrey: that you have passed to weakref.proxy15:14
ignasimgrey: so the object is not gone, thus weakref is not doing anything15:14
ignasimgrey: and anyway - how is that related to Zope3?15:14
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imgreyignas, module weakref. python2.515:32
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imgreyignas, as it is impossible to use __del__ method I'm trying to find a way to execute callback after object destructor finished its work15:34
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ignasimgrey: what desctructor15:43
ignasimgrey: use IObjectRemoved event and subscribers if it's zope15:43
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projekt01jukart, ayt?15:46
jukartprojekt01: jep15:46
projekt01jukart, did you just remove duplucated code in jsonrpc?15:46
jukartprojekt01: im my own branch not in trunk15:47
imgreyignas, I saw zope events and canot imagine how it may be used in my application15:47
projekt01or what is your goal?15:47
jukartprojekt01: my goal is to get non positional arguments back for version 1.115:47
projekt01can we do this and be compatible with the specification?15:48
jukartprojekt01: the proposal for 1.1 defines non positional arguments and we already used it15:48
jukartwe need to stay with 1.1 because our gae backend only supports 1.115:49
projekt01I'm fine with any improvment, I just saw the changes. I'm not sure what's missing, was I while ago since I was working on that ;-)15:49
jukartprojekt01: my brach i made now supports everything for all versions15:50
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projekt01just wondering if it has sideeffects for z3c.json or the JS lib z3c.jsonrpcproxy15:50
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projekt01Do you think it's compatible with everything before?15:50
jukartprojekt01: I don't think there are side effects because it is just an extension15:50
projekt01can you merge that back to the trunk?15:51
jukartbut didn't look at jsonrpcproxy15:51
jukartprojekt01: np15:51
projekt01I'll take a look at that tonight15:51
jukartprojekt01: I would also like to make a new release because right now I use my own eggs in our internal repos15:51
projekt01of corse, no problem15:52
jukartwould like to see it on pypi15:52
jukartso I merge it to trunk now so that you can test it15:52
projekt01jukart, Ok, will do so and let you know if it's working15:53
projekt01jukart, what JS library are you using with z3c.jsonrpc?15:53
jukartprojekt01: we have a GWT frontend15:54
jukartand I used pyjamas for some tests15:54
projekt01is thre a simple way to test GWT with z3c.jsonrpc?15:54
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jukartprojekt01: no not really, nothing is simple with java :(15:54
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projekt01I see15:55
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projekt01I'll take a look at that tonight and let you know about that15:56
projekt01jukart, probably I'll find a way to add a handcrafted test framework using a server setup for the different JS libs like JQuery uses by default15:59
jukartprojekt01: merge is done, z3c.jsonrpc tests are still passing15:59
jukartprojekt01: but the test only use version 2.015:59
projekt01I'll add more tests for the other versions tonight16:00
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jukartprojekt01: did you see my other fixes I did last week, there where wrong checks for incoming version numbers16:00
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jukartI changed them from float to string16:00
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projekt01Yes, saw that looks good to me16:01
jukartprojekt01: and works much better with our frontend :)16:01
ignasimgrey: sorry, had to go afk16:01
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ignasimgrey: as I said - you have to do del test_db['tst'] to trigger the garbage collection of your variable16:02
imgreyignas, the same16:02
ignasyou do both del a and del test_db['tst']?16:02
imgreyas far as I understand zodb managing objects on its own. and it is necessary to dig into its caching mechanism16:03
imgreyignas, only tst_db['tst']16:03
ignasimgrey: i am not sure how and why are you trying to mix zodb garbage collection and python garbage collection16:03
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ignasimgrey: well - python garbage collection and object destruction is only triggered when there are no more references to the object16:04
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ignasimgrey: so naturally as long as at least one of the "a" and "test_db['tst']" are pointing at your object16:04
ignasimgrey: the object will have refcount > 0 and will not be destroyed16:04
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ignasimgrey: and still I don't get how it is related to zope3, and what are you trying to accomplish...16:05
imgreyignas, according to my logic, when I perform 'del' object should be deleted (its __del__ method should be called). and when it deleted, then weakref proxy should call my callback. it may not happen only for one reason, if zodb overloaded __del__ method16:05
imgreyif it is so, then its impossible to catch event16:06
ignasdeletes 1 reference of the object16:06
ignasand __del__ only get's triggered if you delete all of them16:06
ignasdo you know what's the difference between the object that is created when you do A() and the variable that you assign the instance of the object to?16:07
ignas"a" is not the same thing as the instance of A(), "a" is pointing to A(), so by doing "del a" you remove reference to the object, not the object itself16:08
ignasso try doing this:16:09
ignasa = A()16:09
ignasb = a16:09
ignaswrap the object16:09
ignasand "del a"16:09
ignasyout callback will not get called16:09
ignasand i really hope you understand why16:09
imgreyignas, I got it. thanks a lot16:10
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imgreyhave someone seen this: ?17:38
imgreycannot understand why application hangs on commect to zodb17:39
ignasimgrey: and the code that causes that?17:40
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benjiimgrey: which line in your 109 paste throws the exception?  15 perhaps?17:44
imgreybenji, there's no exception on client side17:44
imgreybenji, ZEO raises exception17:44
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benjiimgrey: if your code is working, why are you complaning? ;)17:49
benjimore seriously: I /think/ that's normal the first time you open a brand new DB17:50
imgreybenji, my code hangs17:50
benjiah; what line does it hang on?17:50
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imgreybenji, db = ZODB.DB(storage)17:52
imgreybenji, seems it hangs randomly17:55
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benjiimgrey: sorry, nothing springs to mind17:58
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runyagahi guys21:11
nyohi guy)21:11
*** pelle_ has joined #zope3-dev21:12
runyagacan you have two zeo servers: one in READONLY and one WRITING connected to same file?21:12
runyagai presume not21:12
runyagabecause that is why we have zeoraid, relstorage and ZRS ;)?21:12
nyowell, don't ask me, I didn't use ZEO at all:)21:13
agroszerrunyaga: I'd say yes21:13
agroszeror mostly yes21:13
runyagahow mostly?21:13
agroszerwell, haven't used zeoraid yet21:14
runyagai'm talking about w/o zeoraid, relstorage or ZRS21:14
agroszerwhat are looking for?21:14
agroszeror trying to do?21:14
runyagatwo servers running off the same file21:14
runyagasame data.fs21:14
runyagaone in readonly mode21:14
runyagaone in normal mode21:14
agroszerI think the "normal" one will lock the data.fs that way that you cannot open it from any other process21:15
runyagaif not read_only:21:16
runyaga            # Create the lock file21:16
runyaga            self._lock_file = LockFile(file_name + '.lock')21:16
runyaga            self._tfile = open(file_name + '.tmp', 'w+b')21:16
runyaga            self._tfmt = TempFormatter(self._tfile)21:16
runyagaso th elock file is only done if your not in read_only21:16
agroszerahh, haven't used that21:16
agroszerask Jim, he is the expert there21:17
runyagaJ1m, ?21:17
runyagai couldnt imagine this working.. it sounds too easy21:18
agroszerbut when the file is on the same server,21:18
agroszerwhy two ZEO servers?21:18
runyagaright.. they are on a SAN21:18
runyagaread only redundnacy21:19
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runyagaJ1m, last question 3.8a1 fixes are in 3.8 final? or 3.8.1.? doesnt show 3.8a1 (cache verification) in HISTORY.txt21:44
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J1mrunyaga, I don't know what you're talking about. :)22:33
runyagai dont see HISTORY.txt file in ZODB 3.8.1 tag that says the cache fixes are in there22:34
runyagathe entries in HISTORY.txt on trunk say (3.8a1) and I was confused.. is that 3.8, 3.8.1?22:34
runyagato be more specific.. the cache verification enhancements you did, those in 3.8.1?22:35
*** benji has joined #zope3-dev22:38
J1mThe trunk history file seems to be missing lots of information.22:38
runyagaok.  i apologize for taking your time.  I will get someone to look at the diffs and ensure the verifications are in 3.8.122:39
* runyaga was just confused by history22:39
J1mIt looks like entries need to be moved from the 3.8 branch to the trunk and that entries need to migrate from changes to history.22:39
J1mLook in the NEWS.txt for 3.8.22:40
J1mLook in the NEWS.txt for 3.8.122:40
J1mWe're getting away from NEWS.txt, which is why entries were lost in merges.22:40
J1mThe various cache-verification fixes, among many other fixes are in 3.8.1 and on the trunk.22:41
runyagathank you22:42
J1mThe references to 3.8a1 in the reunk history file should almost certainly refer to 3.8.0a1.22:43
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