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imgreyhi #zope3-dev11:48
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imgreyis it possible to make zodb to store data in RAM ?11:51
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mgedminyou could use MappingStorage11:54
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nyowho is maintaining
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Theuni1nyo: jens vagelpohl17:02
nyoTheuni1: tnx17:04
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imgreymgedmin, I do not see a way to use it with ZEO17:20
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mgedminimgrey: what exactly are you trying to accomplish?17:20
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mgedminMappingStorage is intended for throwaway data such as used for functional tests (although DemoStorage may be more convenient there)17:21
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mgedminfrom your questions it sounds like you're reinventing memcached17:21
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imgreymgedmin, right. ZODB was an option. probably it will be better to use memcache17:23
* mgedmin is, actually, surprised that you cannot use mapping storage as a zeo backend, and wonders why that is17:24
Theuni1mgedmin: usually you use mappingstorage and demostorage together17:25
Theuni1actually i think you should be able to use it with zeo17:25
imgreymgedmin, do you know how to configure zeo to use MappingStorage ?17:25
Theuni1but i've gotta run now17:25
mgedminisn't it just a matter of saying <mappingstorage /> in zeo.conf?17:25
* mgedmin not familiar with zeo configuration details, actually17:26
imgreymgedmin, seems runzeo script wont read any configuration files17:28
imgreytried with strace17:28
mgedminwhy do I see zeo.confs around then?17:28
mgedminwith <filestorage> in them17:29
mgedminactually, <filestorage 1>17:29
mgedminin zope.conf it's ZConfig magic that lets you use pluggable storage backends, so I wouldn't be surprised if the same thing were being used here17:29
mgedmindoes runzeo fork?  did you run strace with -f?17:30
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imgreymgedmin, could you pls show your zeo.conf ?17:30
imgreymgedmin, yes, with -f17:30
mgedminor does zeoctl read the .conf file and convert the settings into command-line args for runzeo?17:30
mgedminin which case <mappingstorage> is not likely to work17:30
* mgedmin doesn't have a zeo.conf, me found one in the root of his Zope 3 checkout17:30
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imgreythis is my zope.conf:
imgreyI've found out the source of problem17:33
imgreythere's two 'runzeo' scripts. one in ./ZEO/ and another in ./ZEO/scripts/17:34
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imgreycould someone tell svn url of zope3 trunk ?18:10
imgrey\svn: Repository moved permanently to '/Zope3/'; please relocate\18:10
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afd_imgrey: svn://
afd_and then the svn module, Zope3/trunk18:14
imgreyafd_, thanks18:14
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junkafariani have a BTreeContainer object with a PersistentDict attribute is there any reason for it not to be persisting?19:34
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junkafariani am ensuring i do a transaction.commit() whenever changing values to be on the safe side19:34
zagyjunkafarian: wah, commit should be done by the publisher19:35
zagyjunkafarian: this should be persistent, indeed19:35
imgrey_what does this mean: """Error: no matching section defined for type='zodb', name='None'""" ?19:35
imgrey_cannot understand how to run zeo correctly19:35
imgrey_not specifying options from command line19:35
junkafariani am able to access the contents fine while the service is still running but if i restart the process it purges the data19:35
imgrey_is it even possible ?19:35
imgrey_because I haven't seen anything working19:36
zagyjunkafarian: are you using zodb just by itself?19:36
japimgrey_: do you have a correct configfile?19:36
junkafarianw/o zeo? yeah19:36
mgedminimgrey_: that error means you don't have a <zodb> section in the config file19:36
zagyjunkafarian: w/o zope?19:36
imgrey_jap, how I can check ?19:36
junkafarianwith zope19:37
junkafariantis where it gets the BTreeContainer from19:37
mgedminjunkafarian: show us the code please19:37
imgrey_there's <zodb> section19:37 is slow19:38
mgedminstill slow19:38
mgedmineither that, or my internet died19:38
imgrey_tried to leave only this: """<zodb><mappingstorage /></zodb>"""19:38
mgedmin*tap* *tap* can anybo..19:38
imgrey_the same19:38
mgedminok, loaded ;)19:38
japis a working setup for me ;)19:38
jap(for the server)19:39
mgedminimgrey_: that looks like a zope.conf19:39
mgedminbut you said you were trying to run zeo, and not zope?19:39
junkafarianmgedmin / zagy:
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mgedminaren't threaded conversations fun?19:39
japlove it :)19:39
junkafarianmultitasking :P19:39
mgedminjunkafarian: do you know the difference between class attributes and instance attributes?19:40
mgedminlearning it will save you much headaches in the future19:40
mgedminsummary: your PersistentDict() instance is never stored, because there are no references to it from any ZODB objects19:40
imgrey_mgedmin, how to configure ZEO then ?19:40
japimgrey_: see the zeo conf i just pasted19:41
imgrey_and descript mappingstorage and filestorage19:41
mgedminthere's an indirect reference from through your btree's __class__, which itself is a non-persistent class object19:41
imgrey_jap, the thing is that I need mappingstorage19:41
mgedminimgrey_: take jap's zeo.conf, replace <blobstorage 1> with <mappingstorage 1> and see what happens19:41
junkafarianmgedmin: how do i push the attribute on the persistant instances then?19:41
mgedminjunkafarian: write a __init__ method19:41
zagyjunkafarian: __init__19:41
mgedminnever ever have mutable class attributes19:41
mgedmin(unless you really need them)19:41
imgrey_mgedmin, tried19:42
junkafarianhmmm, i see19:42
mgedminimgrey_: and?19:42
imgrey_mgedmin, I wouldnt aske if not tried19:42
imgrey_mgedmin, Error: no matching section defined for type='mappingstorage', name='None'19:42
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japimgrey_: and you run it like bin/runzeo -C etc/zeo.config start ?19:42
imgrey_jamur2, yes19:42
imgrey_jamur2, without 'start'19:43
japehm yep drop the start19:43
jamur2imgrey_: wrong tab completion?19:43
junkafarianmgedmin: do i need to specify the attr in the class for interface convenience?19:43
japwhat if you remove the inner mappingstorage?19:43
imgrey_jamur2, no tabs or spaces at all19:43
japimgrey_: he's probably refering to his nick being completed instead of mine19:44
mgedminjamur2: pass the messages over to jap, I think ;)19:44
mgedminjunkafarian: what?19:44
mgedminwhat does 'interface convenience' mean?19:44
imgrey_jap, without <mappingstorage /> it starts19:44
junkafarianshould i specify pending_credit_card_refs = {} in the class and then self.pending_credit_card_refs = PersistentDict()?19:44
imgrey_"""StorageServer created RW with storages: 1:RW:Mapping Storage"""19:45
mgedminjunkafarian: no19:45
imgrey_seems it started19:45
japhmm, and making the monitor-address different from the normal address?19:45
junkafarianok, will give it a go19:45
mgedminthat would be potentially dangerous even19:45
mgedminobjects loaded from old databases would get the class attribute, while new objects would each get a separate new shiny persistent dict19:46
mgedminhello, hard to debug problems19:46
imgrey_hmm. why this is not working: ?19:46
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mgedminzodb is hard19:46
imgrey_|Error: None is not an allowed name for '' sections|19:46
mgedminbut pretends to be easy19:46
japimgrey_: try <filestorage 2> , that's how you give it a name19:46
mgedminit's <$storagetype $name>19:47
mgedminI suspect imgrey found a bug19:47
junkafarianmgedmin: i need to add the attribute to an existing object?19:47
imgrey_jap, thanks19:47
imgrey_how to reference these storages fron application now ?19:47
mgedminjunkafarian: just rm Data.fs before you continue, if you can afford to do that19:48
mgedminsimplest way19:48
imgrey_here: ZEO.ClientStorage.ClientStorage(('', 9100)) ?19:48
junkafarianmgedmin: i cant :P19:48
junkafarianits dev work for an existing production site19:48
mgedminthen you'll have to learn about evolution scripts19:48
mgedminI'm sure they're documented somewhere19:48
mgedminperhaps even stephan's book?19:48
mgedminyou have a schema manager already set up for your app, right?19:49
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junkafarianschema manager?19:49
* mgedmin digs up
mgedminsorry, gotta go19:50
*** mgedmin has quit IRC19:50
japimgrey_: that should work19:51
japand then ......(addr=('', 9100), storage='2') to get to your filestorage19:53
imgrey_jap, yes, thanks. I've figured out )19:54
imgrey_maybe it is even possible to run it in daemon mode ?19:54
japthe zeo server?19:54
japyou can do that using zdaemon19:55
japthat's where my "start" came from ;)19:55
japbin/zdaemon -p "bin/runzeo -C etc/zeo.config" start19:55
japshould do the trick19:55
imgrey_canot find zdaemon in my ZODB19:57
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japhm, then I'm wonderig where that came from in my setup20:01
japah, there's a zdaemon egg installed in my virtual env whihc probably caused that20:02
imgrey_hmm, there's no fine zdaemon in zdaemon egg20:04
japthat's the one20:04
imgrey_ah, ok it has installed in /usr/bin20:05
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imgrey_what is the correct way to download eggs to separate directory ?20:09
imgrey_not systems /usr/lib/python/site-packages20:09
*** __mac__ has quit IRC20:10
imgrey_zc.buildout I suppose ?20:11
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