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mintsauceUsing TAL repeat, is there a way to show a message if there are no records to iterate over?13:57
mintsauceThe items in the repeat are coming from a generator, which further confuses things14:02
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mgedminmintsauce: yes14:53
mgedminit's not pretty14:53
mgedmintal:define="items python:list(view.generator())", tal:repeat="items", tal:condition="not:items"14:53
mgedminwhich is why I use a couple of decorators14:53
mgedmina self-written @collect that wraps a generator in a wrapper(*a,**kw): return list(wrapped_fn(*a, **kw))14:54
mgedminso I don't iterate twice during the same request14:54
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mintsaucemgedmin: lol - thanks!15:09
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gary_postermgedmin: ping?16:43
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mgedminhi, gary_poster16:43
gary_postermgedmin: hey :-)  I was talking with a bzr developer about --the one you brought up when I brought up the launchpad code hosting for Zope.  He wanted to know what Zope's "main concern" was about file locking.  I guess that's a reasonable question, since the bug does have several elements.16:45
gary_postermgedmin: do you have any particular input I could give back to the developer in this regard?16:45
mgedminwell, it's my personal concern, not Zope's concern16:47
gary_postermgedmin: granted16:48
mgedminit is completely irrelevant to Zope and applies to every project16:48
mgedminI like to look at bzr diff at the time when I'm typing the message16:48
gary_postermgedmin: granted :-)16:48
mgedminsometimes I start bzr ci first, and run bzr diff later16:48
mgedminand that simply does not work16:48
gary_posterso, in sum, the behavior blocks your preferred workflow16:48
mgedminpretty much exactly as
mgedminexcept that I have a vim plugin that runs :!bzr diff for me16:49
mgedminI prefer that plugin to bzr commit --show-diff (or whatever the spelling is) for various reasons16:49
mgedmin1) I don't remember the spelling of that option16:49
mgedmin2) it's longer to type; I want just 'bzr ci<enter>'16:50
mgedmin3) my vim plugin opens a syntax-highlighted diff in a split window16:50
gary_postermgedmin: EOF?  If so, got it.16:50
mgedminin short -- a pure usability issue16:50
mgedminand bzr prides itself on usability16:51
gary_posterindeed :-)16:51
mgedminwhich raises my expectations and makes this more irritating than it should perhaps be16:51
mgedminI've also encountered the lock problem when trying to bzr st16:51
mgedmindon't remember why or when16:51
benjias someone who does almost exactly the same thing with svn and occasionally uses bzr, I'm +1 on making that work16:51
mgedminmaybe trying to double check if I've forgotten to bzr add a file before I quit the editor with the commit message16:51
* mgedmin hates urls16:52
* mgedmin has to go and look up his launchpad password if he wants to change something, because different domain -> firefox doesn't know; and launchpad has no openid support16:53
gary_posterheh, sorry.  We are expected to dogfood all the time, so that's all I see16:53
mgedminno problem16:53
mgedminbut openid would be swell16:53
gary_posteropenid support is coming, even relatively soon, AIUI :-)16:53
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mgedminif I weren't lazy, I'd log in once and tell my firefox to remember the password16:53
gary_postermgedmin: that's crazy talk :-)16:54
gary_postermgedmin, benji: cool, thank you very much.  I'll pass this on and see where it goes.16:54
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golgorakbonjour, j'essaie d'utiliser Chameleon, avec apache en mode wsgi18:13
golgorakmais je trouve pas de tuto qui explique comment utiliser Chameleon ?18:14
golgorakquelqu"un aurai des piste a me donné ? merci18:14
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__mac__golgorak: maybe you have to ask your question in English, to get understood :)18:48
golgorak__mac__: thanks, sorry :-)18:49
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golgorakhi, I'm try to use Chameleon with Apache but I don't find any example to use it ? if it possible to use Chameleon whitout zope ? Thanks18:51
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