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imgreyhi #zope3-dev12:12
imgreycould someone plz take a look at my zoe.conf:
imgreyIm trying to run zeo in daemon mode12:13
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imgreycould someone explain me why zdaemon tries to connect to unexistent socket ?14:23
imgreywtf is daemon manager and how to run it ?14:23
mgedminsorry, bit of black magic there14:44
mgedminmaking sense of zdaemon.conf + zeo.conf is hard14:45
mgedmina coworker did it once and I'm happy just to use it while it works14:45
* mgedmin now feels guilty about spreading zope fud...14:45
mgedmindaemon manager == zdaemon == a tool to make sure the server proces (zope, zeo or whatever) comes up, and stays up14:46
mgedminif zeo would crash, zdaemon would restart it14:46
mgedminzdaemon also maintains the .pid file, and lets you control it using zeoctl start/stop14:46
imgreymgedmin, h,, could you plz show a working config of zeo and zdaemon plz ?14:54
mgedminimgrey: do you use zc.buildout, or are you writing those by hand?14:54
imgreymgedmin, buildout14:54
imgreymgedmin, hmm, Ive initialized environment with buildout once and forgot how to use it. this is my current configs:
imgreymgedmin, do you know what it is necessary to change to make zdaemon to run zeo as a daemon correctly ?14:58
imgreybecause at the moment it hangs14:58
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mgedminhow do you run it?14:59
mgedminhow does it hang?14:59
DrogoNevetshi all - can anyone help me, i recently ran buildout (on windows) and all of a sudden get14:59
DrogoNevetsAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'IRoot'14:59
imgreymgedmin, zdaemon -C zdaemon.conf start14:59
imgreymgedmin, it writes dots15:00
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mgedminimgrey: buildout creates bin/zeoctl for you, you should use it, I think15:00
DrogoNevetshas anyone seen this before?or know why i might be getting it (it does genuinely appear not to exist)15:00
imgreymgedmin, and wont detach process15:00
mgedminDrogoNevets: your question lacks information15:00
mgedminpastebin the full traceback please15:00
imgreymgedmin, Ive created link on zeoctl on my own15:00
mgedminimgrey: where does 'zdaemon' comes from?  it looks like something in your $PATH15:00
imgreymgedmin, yes, it was installed with easy_install15:01
mgedminimgrey: did you also easy_install zeo?15:02
imgreymgedmin, no15:02
mgedminwell, zeo is not a package name, it would have to be ZODB3... but maybe that's not a good idea...15:02
DrogoNevetswhen going into the python in my bin directory I can import as far as interfaces, and when I look to see what classes are available IRoot doesnt appear in the list - but it was working fine last week, and working fine on LINUX and have tried rebuilding from scratch15:03
imgreymgedmin, Ive tried to use zdaemon which buildout installed and it was not working, so installed with easy_install15:03
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DrogoNevetsok - now getting "Error: unknown type name: 'blobstorage'", and before anyone says anything, that is all the info i get given!15:20
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nouriSo includeOverrides doesn't seem to override sometimes.16:23
nouriI get a ConfigurationConflictError where one of the files was included via includeOverrides.16:24
nouriAnyone have a clue?16:24
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pyqwernouri: Silly idea - perhaps you already have this in this/another includeOverrides file?16:26
nouripyqwer: Hey there16:26
pyqwerHi! :-)16:26
nouripyqwer: I don't think so.  This z3c/form/file.zcml is unlikely to be pulled in via another includeOverrides.16:27
nouriIt seems to help if I put my includeOverrides higher up in the tree of included files.16:30
nouriNo idea why.16:30
pyqwerWhat I did in such cases is to put some debug information into the included file, so that I see when it was included.16:31
nouriHow would I do that?16:33
nouriIs there debug statement?16:34
pyqwerSimply by putting some "print/log" into the included file...16:39
pyqwerAnd then starting the instance.16:39
pyqwerOr maybe by registering something in the ZCML-file that does some debug output.16:40
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mgedminnouri: includeOverrides is a very very very very twisted concept17:42
mgedminyou've got to have a PhD in computer science to understand it17:42
nourimgedmin: It is, isn't it?17:42
mgedminthat, or read the source code :)17:42
nouriI'd rather have a PhD :-P17:42
mgedminthere's this include tree, and includeOverrides pretends an intermediate tree node doesn't exist, and then the regular conflict mechanism allows parent nodes to override everything in child nodes17:43
mgedminwhich is exactly not what everyone intuitively understands as "overrides"17:43
* mgedmin sighs17:43
* runyaga gasps17:44
runyagamgedmin, a zope concept that is super complicated?17:44
runyagaoh your talking about the implementaiton of it17:45
mgedmins/your/you're/, please17:45
runyagashould nt that be ignore?17:45
* mgedmin is snippy today :)17:45
* runyaga could say ur17:45
mgedminthere's this uncanny valley of typos17:45
runyagaonce you're in you never escape?17:46
mgedminthe closer your text is to the correct spelling while still being incorrect, the moar irritating it is17:46
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mgedminanyway, nouri found the correct solution: moving includeOverrides higher up in the tree17:48
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nouriTHis is terrifying17:58
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DrogoNevetshi please someone help - im begining to want to KILL my machine -
DrogoNevetsthat is all i get, the whole error18:01
DrogoNevetsi havnt touched zope.conf18:01
runyagawhat version?18:03
DrogoNevetsreally, i even went as far as reinstalling EVERYTHING (including python)18:03
DrogoNevetsversion of what, zope?18:03
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DrogoNevetsrunyaga: you come across this before?18:05
runyaga3.4? what version of zodb?18:06
runyaga3.4 release?18:06
runyagaor 3.4 from KGS?18:06
runyagabecause.. there is certainly a blobstorage in zodb18:06
DrogoNevets3.4 doesnt actually work - i just used the follwing installer18:06
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DrogoNevetsok runyaga18:11
DrogoNevetsstrangely, i dont seem to have a Data.fs either :S18:13
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