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__mac__Hi, which bug tracker should I use for bugs in z3c.form?09:58
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Theuni1benji: ping16:16
benjihe, Theuni1, what's up?16:16
benjiwhen did you grow a "1"?16:16
Theuni1I'm fixing another issue with the test runner right now and see a post-mortem issue in src/zope/testing/testrunner/testrunner-debugging-layer-setup.test on Python 2.416:16
Theuni1benji: since some guy stole and re-registered my nick on freenode :(16:17
Theuni1I have no idea how that happened.16:17
benjiif you talk to the ops they might be helpful16:17
Theuni1Someone mentioned I might have languished logging in for too long at some point.16:17
Theuni1I  never got an email ping or something, though.16:17
Theuni1So "stealing" was more a stolen by the powers instead of the guy.16:18
Theuni1anyway. do you see that broken test on Python 2.4 as well?16:18
Theuni12.5 and 2.6 work fine16:18
benjiI'm fairly certain 2.4 passed the last time I checked in; let me run the tests real quick16:18
Theuni1I'm checking against plain trunk again too16:19
Theuni1there's also breakage on test26 with the profiler16:20
Theuni1some zip issue16:20
benji2.4.4 with the HEAD of the trunk passes here16:20
Theuni1and the PM issue for 2.4 is there for me16:20
Theuni1I'm on 2.4.516:20
Theuni1I'm more right! ;)16:20
Theuni1which i hate right now16:21
Theuni1because that usually ends with me fixing it16:21
Theuni1the errors existed before I did what I did.16:21
Theuni1I'll produce another checkin for those issues later16:21
Theuni1my 2.6 is 2.6.216:22
Theuni1you mind checking what 2.6 you've been using?16:22
benjisure, one sec16:22
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benjiusing 2.6.1 all tests pass except testrunner-profiling.txt (a known failure on 2.6)16:24
Theuni1so 2.6.2 doesn't change that and I'm fine16:26
Theuni1the 2.4.5 failure has been there before16:27
Theuni1do you mind if i cut another release with my new change?16:27
Theuni1I don't have the time to take care of the 2.4.5 issue right now.16:27
Theuni1But I'd like to have a release with my change.16:27
benjidoes the current release have the problem?16:28
Theuni1if the release is what the trunk was 20 minutes ago ;)16:28
Theuni1lemme check16:28
benjiif so, I don't see any reason not to; if not, we should find out what broke it before making a newly-broken release16:28
Theuni1trunk and release where equal16:29
Theuni1i'll cut a release now and make a not to investigate this16:29
benjiI'll go have a morning meeting. ;)16:29
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baijumInteresting :
baijum(by the creator of Django)18:51
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grookoobaijum: I personally really liked that blog entry19:18
grookooAnd I think he did a second one where he merged the comments he received on that one19:18
baijumgrookoo: Yeah. I saw now19:19
grookooIt is excellent introduction material19:19
baijumBuildout is getting very popular now19:19
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grookooTalking about buildout, I am trying to figure out how z3c.testbrowser's testrunner is supposed to work. Can anyone help me here?19:22
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grookooWhen I svn out z3c.testbrowser, run python2.5, run bin/buildout, my bin/test can not find some of the packages mentioned in the setup.py19:22
grookooin the's extras_require19:23
grookooIs it buildout that is supposed to get hold of the extra packages? Or is it the testrunner recipe? Or am I missing a step altogether?19:23
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grookooThe documentation does not say much about extras_require but from one of Jim's older messages ( it looks like it should all work out and all pieces are in place19:25
grookooto me,'19:27
grookoo to me,'s and buildout.cfg are setup in a simliar way to z3c.testbrowser but z.a.component downloads the eggs required for tests when you run bin/buildout while z3c.testbrowser does not download the test required packages no matter what I do19:28
afd__grookoo: I think only install_requires are followed19:30
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grookooafd__: So when is it supposed to get hold of the extras_require stuff?19:31
grookoo(by the way, I checked out the 3.4.2 version not trunk)19:31
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afd__grookoo: not sure :) Maybe I know wrong19:32
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grookooI think I will revert to the fundamentals and start reading some zc.buildout and some testrunner recipe source code19:35
grookooIf I figure it out, I will write it up somewhere in the wiki :)19:35
grookooBut better not hold your breath. It is not clear I will ever figure it out nor that I could write it in a clear enough way that other could read it19:37
afd__grookoo: which z3c.testbrowser you're talking about?19:37
afd__I can't find any...19:38
afd__if you want to setup a testrunner for your buildout, use zc.recipe.testrunner19:38
afd__make a new section in the buildout, set the recipe to that one19:39
grookooSorry it is zope.testbrowser 3.4.219:39
afd__grookoo: there's nothing special about it, I mean concerning buildout integration19:39
grookooAnd it is already there. Everything seems to be set up properly. It just does not "download" and set the path for the test packages properly19:39
afd__it's the job of the test runner to discover tests19:39
afd__oh, you have an install problem19:39
grookooI guess so :)19:40
grookooI got someone else to try and he had the same results. Unfortunatly he did not know more about buildout than I do :/19:40
afd__grookoo: set your package to depend on zope.testbrowser19:41
afd__to require in install_requires19:41
grookooBut my package IS zope.testbrowser19:41
grookooI am trying to test zope.testbrowser with a newer version of mechanize19:42
grookooThe problem is I am pretty new to core development and buildout19:42
afd__sorry, I think I didn't follow through from the beginning19:43
afd__grookoo: probably you should add those eggs from the extras to the buildout file19:43
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grookooOk. So out of the box, the bin/test of zope.testbrowser is not supposed to work?19:45
* mgedmin is intrigued by the question19:46
grookooDon't understand me wrong. I will add those eggs to the buildout file if you think that is what I have to do. I just wonder how you folks deal with this every day19:47
mgedminthis *should* work: svn checkout; run bootstrap & buildout, run bin/test19:47
mgedminif it fails to work, it's a bug19:47
mgedmin... or your environment is incomplete19:48
mgedmine.g. if you don't have python installed, it's not a bug if bootstrap fails :)19:48
grookooOk. Then I will log it as a bug and also make the change locally for myself. I would not dare making the commit19:48
grookooI think I do have python installed ;)19:48
afd__mgedmin: the of zope.testbrowser has a extras_require section, which seems not to be honored by buildout19:49
mgedminare you saying that buildout.cfg has a line saying "eggs = zope.testbrowser [extra]", yet that '[extra]' is not honored?19:49
grookooafd__: Just to complete what I see. My comparaison egg does not specifically write out the egg names in its buildout.cfg19:50
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mgedminyou need to specify at least *some* egg names in buildout.cfg; the rest are pulled in via install_requires19:51
grookooYes, I have a eggs = zope.testbrowser [test] in the zc.recipe.testrunner but it does not pick up the extras_require of test19:51
mgedminextras_required go into play only if your buildout.cfg explicitly mentions [extra], *or* if some egg that's pulled in via install_requires/extras_requires depens on a package with an [extra] bit19:51
mgedminokay, this looks like a bug to me19:52
grookoowell it does! :)19:52
grookooI could have went the path of thinking it is a bug a long time ago but I felt it is very unlikely to just go wrong on zope.testbrowser and no where else19:53
grookooI will log it anyway19:53
grookooBy the way, is it a buildout bug or a zc.recipe.testrunner bug?19:55
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mgedminsounds like a buildout bug19:55
mgedminbut it still could conceivably be a user error :)19:56
mgedminboth use launchpad as the bug tracker, right?19:56
mgedminin which case the bug can be simply reassigned19:56
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grookooOf course most problems are caused by the person typing on the keyboard. But on this one I got someone else (who is as clueless as I am) to reproduce on his system :)19:57
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grookooI feel like an idiot. The bug was already logged... #291520 but the bug was not very googlable19:59
Theuni1grookoo: in that case you might want to add a comment which might make it more googleable20:01
grookooI will. Am just making sure it is my issue too20:01
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grookooOk.. it is the problem. You are not allowed to pin the version of extras.20:05
* mgedmin blinks20:05
mgedminyou mean[extra1, extra2] == 1.2.3 doesn't work?20:05
grookooI don't know. :) But when I remove my versions = versions in [buildout] and my [versions] section, it starts pulling out all the stuff it needs for running tests20:06
grookooI was trying to replicate versions I use in grok to only bump the version of mechanize20:07
grookooSo this breaks all my testing purpose ...20:07
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grookooI actually might have a workaround.. if I use a buildout cache filled with packages from grok's versions it will probably pick those up. Will try this now20:11
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mgedminhm, now I'm curious: if you refer to zope.testing [extra1], and have zope.testing = X.Y.Z in your [versions] section, will it do the right thing?20:15
mgedminon second thought no, I'm not curious20:15
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grookooThat is exactly the bug. It will not get zope.testing at all, nor will it include it in the sys.path while building the bin/test (in the case of the zc.recipe.testrunner)20:18
grookooOops.. sorry I lag a lot when using zenirc. I did not see your lost of interest.20:18
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grookooThanks a lot mgeadmin and afd__ for your pointers and advice. /me going to bed now with sweet dreams20:21
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mcdoncmgedmin: i know it was a long time ago but thank you for
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mgedmindoes it still apply?22:22
mgedminwith new versions of python?22:22
*** redir has joined #zope3-dev22:22
mcdoncmgedmin: well at least it got me in a frame of reference, maybe not ;-)22:22
* mgedmin never got around to filing a wishlist bug about that22:22
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mcdoncat least the body cant be unicode or it still barfs under 2.522:26
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