IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2009-07-04

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aatiiscan someone please give me a hint why I cannot access the attributes of the context of zope.publisher.browser.BrowserView after calling zope.component.getUtility?01:22
aatiisI keep getting AttributeError: 'thread._local' object has no attribute 'interaction'01:22
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* Theuni1 kicks mgedmin18:16
* Theuni1 watches mgedmin typing18:16
mgedminno, no, no, you're supposed to hate buildout, not me!18:16
* mgedmin mumbles about some people being unable to understand clearly shouted instructions18:16
Theuni1you didn't mumble!18:16
* mgedmin wonders if theuni can't read :)18:17
* Theuni1 likes getting the one guy confused who is not in this channel18:17
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VladDrachi, anyone got any tips on building a zope3 consolescript that accessed the object database18:37
afd_VladDrac: is that online or offline?18:39
afd_what I mean is, connect through ZEO or just plain access to the zodb?18:39
VladDracnot sure what you're asking. I don't need a publisher running18:39
VladDracI'm writing a console script that updates objects in the zodb (i.e. import data)18:40
afd_so you're not running zope at the time that the import script runs, right?18:41
afd_then you should just follow the zodb connection docs18:43
afd_        storage = FileStorage(os.path.join(path, DBNAME))18:44
afd_        db = DB(storage)18:44
afd_        self.conn =
afd_        self.db_root = self.conn.root()18:44
afd_an example of what you can do18:44
afd_from ZODB.DB import DB18:44
afd_from ZODB.FileStorage.FileStorage import FileStorage18:44
afd_the imports as well18:44
VladDracright, so I need to figure out dbname / path myself?18:45
afd_that's a fragment from one of my classes, but you can understand what you need to do from them18:45
VladDracsure, I just hoped I wouldn't have to code all the boilerplate18:45
afd_there's no boilerplate needed, just those 4 lines18:46
VladDracwell, no, I need to somehow parse the zope3 configuration to find the zodb details18:46
Theuni1VladDrac: have a look at gocept.runner18:46
Theuni1it's in the pypi18:46
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VladDracTheuni1: any tips on integrating gocept.runner with a console_scripts entrypoint?19:01
VladDracit still needs the configuration, which is there already in my instance, now I need to think of clever tricks to pass it to gocept.runner19:01
VladDracor I'll just try ./bin/instance run path/to/some/script19:02
VladDracsame effect19:02
Theuni1VladDrac: i know it works ... gimme a second19:05
VladDracit does make me wonder if what I want is so exceptional - a console script that does something on the database19:05
Theuni1see that19:06
Theuni1and over here19:06
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VladDracTheuni1:  don't you need the zc.recipe.egg:scripts recipe to create the actual scripts in bin/ ?19:14
Theuni1VladDrac: haven't looked at the buildouts right now. what do they do?19:14
VladDracwithout it I don't get the entrypoint script in bin19:15
VladDraci.e. bin/scheduler19:15
mgedminzc.recipe.egg creates scripts for those eggs that are explicitly listed in 'eggs', it doesn't create scripts for their dependencies19:15
VladDracI don't need anything for dependencies, as far as I can see, theuni's examples don't have zc.recipe.eggs sections19:17
VladDracanyway, if I add it, the created script doesn't get the correct arguments supplied (default it gets no arguments)19:18
Theuni1VladDrac: they do19:18
Theuni1check the [runners] section in base.cfg19:18
Theuni1it also shows how to get the parameter for the configuration file in there from buildout19:19
VladDracwhere's the base.cfg?19:19
* VladDrac is feeling stupid again, zope3 does that to me19:20
VladDracright, got it19:20
VladDracarguments = appname='${app:appname}', configfile='${deployment:etc-directory}/web-zope.conf'19:20
VladDracright... that's what I needed19:21
VladDracat least, that's the way to go, still need to figure out the correct arguments19:24
mcdoncTheuni1: thanks for making that list of ztk pkgs19:24
* VladDrac still needs to figure out how to get the full path to his zope.conf19:26
VladDracI'll semi hardcode it, can't find another way19:31
VladDracI'd be happy to read the documentation (not doctests) if anyone has links on this, I really don't know where to look19:31
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Theuni1mcdonc: np19:43
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Theuni1mcdonc: next thing is to clean up that bug tracker mess on launchpad19:44
Theuni1fortunately scripting helps19:44
mcdoncisnt that what interns are for? ;-)19:44
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