IRC log of #zope3-dev for Saturday, 2009-10-17

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brandon_rhodesIf I have a basic browser:page and want to render it inside of a unit test, how much of Zope do I have to start up and get registered to have it working?06:02
brandon_rhodesIs there a nice routine somewhere that sets everything up to make views callable without my having to discover all of the ZCML files to zcml.load_config()?06:03
mcdoncbrandon_rhodes: i'm sure somebody knows the 2-sentence answer to this that makes it easy, but short of that i think you might need to look at what the browser:page zcml directive does and make the same mutations to the ZCA registry in the test setup06:27
brandon_rhodesmcdonc: well, I'm actually just trying to read in the ZCML. And am now sorting through the various errors that causes because of other parts of the system not being up and working. ;-)06:28
brandon_rhodesNext up: zope2.View permission unknown :-)06:28
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brandon_rhodesOh.  Needed configure.zcml of Products.Five rather than its meta. silly me.06:31
mcdonci realize it's useless to you, but in the frameworks we build we actually provide "testing" modules that handle very common registrations for you06:32
mcdonci think this would be a good pattern for people to take up06:32
mcdonce.g. if you write a new zcml directive, also create a testing function that does its job and document it06:33
mcdoncreading zcml files to do a unit test seems extreme (but necessary, i understand)06:33
brandon_rhodesmcdonc: yes, that's what I'm used to from my Grok days06:34
mcdonczope2 project eh06:34
brandon_rhodesBut with this help I'm trying to provide with "GetPaid" I'm kind of in a wilderness06:34
brandon_rhodesI don't want to start up entire Plone instances just to ask "if the object has amount=10 then does the view spit out <amount>10</amount>?"  :-)06:35
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mcdoncthat appears to be what the plone folks do06:39
brandon_rhodesmcdonc: I am not most Plone people :-)06:41
mcdonci am glad06:42
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brandon_rhodesmcdonc: it's starting to get annoying how often I'm seeing my own name asking questions as I do a Google search for how to render a dratted zope2 browser:page from code :-)07:20
mcdoncthere should be some name for this phenomena07:21
mcdoncgoogle canyon-echo07:22
brandon_rhodesAh, the last time it happened, They told me to do: view = view.__of__(an existing context)07:22
mcdoncbrandon_rhodes: i hope you're being paid for this07:23
mcdoncthis stuff is no fun07:23
brandon_rhodesToo bad Zope people almost never write stuff that's normal Python that you can Just Call that Just Works. :-)  I was reading the bfg docs wistfully today :-)07:24
mcdonci was sort of thinking about this today07:24
mcdonci came to the conclusion that a) code lasts forever and b) when you make a framework, you have exactly one chance to get it right and c) if you get it wrong, see "a)"07:24
mcdoncthe logical conclusion of course is "never make a framework"07:25
brandon_rhodesThe problem is that if there are no frameworks then each project grows its own07:26
mcdoncwell, at least its your own stank then07:26
brandon_rhodesYeah, but each of them works differently, and each project you go back to maintain is a one-off and you have to remember how you did stuff there.07:27
mcdoncthis is true07:28
mcdoncoften the "old me" is harder to understand than anything else07:28
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* Theuni1 pokes mcdonc11:01
* Theuni1 just notices that that conversion was 4 hours ago ...11:02
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