IRC log of #zope3-dev for Thursday, 2009-10-22

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gary-sprintif anyone can get tlotze on the channel, that would be cool17:57
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Theuni1gimme a sec18:41
Theuni1.oO(hmm. gave me already an hour)18:42
Theuni1gary-sprint: whatcha sprinting on?18:42
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CSWookieActually, I bet he's just giving AT&T a warning about how he feels about the iPhone.18:43
gary-sprintTheuni1: Launchpad on ZTK18:43
Theuni1I poked Thomas on an internal channel where he's idling, I guess he'll get back to you at some point18:43
Theuni1gary-sprint: yay18:43
gary-sprintTheuni1: thank you!18:43
Theuni1CSWookie: hah. that was partially hard to understand for non-us ;)18:43
* Theuni1 considers moving himself into a sauna18:43
CSWookieTheuni1: I thought about that after I said it...18:44
CSWookieBut you deserve it, for having access to a sauna.18:44
Theuni1That simplifies coming to a decision a lot. Thanks! :)18:44
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tlotzegary-sprint: I've heard you were asking after me?19:18
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tlotze(or whatever the right preposition in place of 'after' would be...)19:21
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gary-sprinttlotze: hi, yes!  thank you for getting to me19:31
gary-sprinttlotze: I want to make a couple of fixes to zope.publisher19:31
gary-sprintI noticed that trunk depends on unreleased changes of zope.contenttype19:31
gary-sprintWhy are they unreleased?19:32
gary-sprintShould we release zope.contenttype as is, and then should I develop on zope.publisher trunk?19:32
gary-sprintI was proceeding with making a 2.9 branch and making changes there19:32
tlotzeI intended to release a bunch of things together19:33
tlotzeI realize I should have kept the stuff in branches until that point.19:33
gary-sprintalso, I didn't check to see if you were the one who had made changes to setDefaultSkin, but I'd love to run my change by you if you are familiar with it19:33
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gary-sprintyeah, branches would have been nice :-)19:33
tlotzeI principle, that stuff may be released at any time.19:33
gary-sprintso are there more packages that will need to be released?19:34
tlotzeHm, I can have a look at the change even though I didn't do anything about setDefaultSkin.19:34
tlotzeI'll look up my notes about which packages go together.19:34
gary-sprintok thanks19:34
tlotzeHow urgent is looking at your change? I won't have time for it until tomorrow morning (GMT).19:35
gary-sprinttlotze: pretty urgent, but I can make a release without it if need be: I've already gotten Barry Warsaw and another good engineer here to look at it.  You had the zope.publisher context, so it would be nice to get your review.  It's essentially a one line change, plus indenting a block, but you do have to think about it19:36
tlotzeOK, show me now.19:37
tlotzeMaybe it helps anyway.19:37
tlotzeI've got a few minutes left...19:38
gary-sprinttlotze: this is a sketch; I was in the middle of writing the tests, so I had not actually made the code changes yet.  So, this is my intent:
* tlotze goes looking19:38
gary-sprintI think I might actually remove the try: except around the skin(request)19:39
gary-sprintbecause my check should make it unnecessary19:39
gary-sprintthe problem is that, if the skin is an interface, and you have a request that already implements the skin, things fall over badly.  While that's perhaps an odd case, in general I think that adapting request to an interface to have it return an interface is a bit insane.19:40
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tlotzeAt first glance, it does look cleaner and a lot more expressive.19:41
gary-sprintHaving a request already implement the skin is not all that odd really: I'd argue it is reasonable to hardcode the skin interface on the request if it makes sense for your app.19:41
gary-sprintok cool.  Of course, I intend to write a test showing the behavior, and I won't proceed if the tests fail.19:42
tlotzeHowever, why would your change make the try-except unnecessary? I'm not too familiar with that area of code, in fact... Is there some guarantee that if the skin is an interface, the call will succeed?19:43
gary-sprintif the skin is not an interface, you mean?19:44
tlotzeCannot the adapter lookup fail?19:44
tlotzeOne corner too many to think around ;o)19:44
tlotzeHow's test coverage for the code in question?19:45
gary-sprintif, coming into the ``skin = skin(request)`` line, the skin is not an interface, then it is supposed to be a factory.  If the factory fails, AFAIK it is appropriate to blow up: the factory configured to provide a default skin did not do so, and that should be an error.19:46
tlotzebtw, I'm currently running compat tests against everything mentioned in ztk.cfg with only zope.contenttype and zope.publisher taken from trunk...19:46
tlotzeBut then, isn't it possible to fix the situation that a request which already implements the skin makes things falls over?19:47
gary-sprinttests: there's a skinnable.txt that seems pretty good.  I had a bit of a hard time following it, but it is reasonably thorough.19:47
gary-sprintpossible to fix the situation: what do you mean?19:48
gary-sprintI mean, what do you have in mind?19:48
tlotzenothing specific, I just noticed that your explanation sounds like a work-around, so I wonder on a rather general level why we have to work around things19:51
tlotzeWhy cannot skin(request) just do the right thing in case the request implements the skin already?19:52
tlotzere releases: you can release just zope.contenttype and zope.publisher and everything will be fine19:53
gary-sprinttlotze: re releases: ok cool thanks!19:53
tlotzeI did touch a bunch of packages in the course of the same refactoring but they will be OK due to BBB imports, and I'll release them later. Maybe more similar changes accumulate for them as I have some other refactorings going.19:54
gary-sprintskin(request) will always return the request if the skin is an interface and if the request implements the interface.  That's just how zope.interface works19:54
gary-sprintit's the adaptation short cut19:55
gary-sprintotherpackages: ok cool19:55
tlotzeI'll have to leave in a couple of minutes.19:57
gary-sprintunderstood.  thanks for your help.  So, are you relatively convinced by my change, then?19:58
gary-sprintcool thanks19:58
tlotzeto the extent that I think I understand the problem ;o)19:58
gary-sprintheh, completely understood19:58
gary-sprintok, I'll make the contenttype release in a sec19:58
gary-sprintthanks again!19:58
tlotzeno problem whatsoever19:59
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smg'day all22:24
smjust wanted to say: latest zope/zodb/ztk release looks really impressive so far, well done zope devs22:24
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