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menesisswampmonkey: zope 3.4 supports python2.4 and python2.5 only.02:32
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runyagamenesis, when is py2.6 support suppose to land?02:48
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mcdoncrunyaga: in your DREAMS02:51
mcdoncno, jk, i have no idea02:51
runyagacandy coloured clown02:52
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runyagathe candy coloured clown says "in dreams"02:52
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mcdonci understand02:52
mcdoncnot really, but.. you know.02:53
runyagayou seen blue velvet?02:53
runyagaanyhoo.. i presume ztk supports py2.602:53
runyagathis magikal ztk thingie02:53
mcdoncit supports everything02:54
mcdoncthings that we haven't even made yet02:54
runyagaahh infinite flexibility02:55
runyagai love that aspect of zope02:55
mcdoncyes, and did i mention its free02:56
runyagai get all of that for free?02:56
mcdoncits free02:57
mcdoncit has a website02:57
mcdoncand a logo even02:57
runyagainfinite flexibility that supports all possible combinations for free?  improbable!02:57
mcdoncmr. zope doesn't like doubters02:58
runyagaas a member of mr. zope's possee I suggest you move on02:59
mcdoncoh alright.  i didn't like the logo anyway.02:59
runyagahow is everything going mcdonc ? snowing?02:59
runyagasnowing up north02:59
mcdoncno its warm, how is it there?02:59
runyaga85 or so02:59
mcdoncyou gettin your zope on03:00
runyagai cant get enough of mr. zope03:00
runyagai need to get back to my zope its getting cold03:00
mcdoncalright, ttys03:00
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ignashow do I set include_path property that is set in setup.cfg most of the time using buildout?12:27
mgedminI like "most of the time", it's so very specific12:31
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ignaswell - the setting is in setup.cfg, I *think*12:37
ignashmm, where is setup.cfg?12:37
ignascan I have setup.cfg next to my buildout.cfg? should I?12:37
ignasor is it a part of the egg12:37
mgedminsetup.cfg goes with setup.py12:38
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mgedminsame directory, I assume12:38
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mgedminwell, since usually FAILS AND DIES A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE DEATH LIKE THE SOUND OF A THOUSAND DYING SUNS if you run it when it's not in the current working directory, I'd assume that setup.cfg is also expected to be in the current working directory12:38
mgedminI think the things you can specify in setup.cfg you might be able to pass as arguments to setup.py12:39
ignasok, so - how do I set these settings for one of the eggs using buildout?12:40
mgedminno clue12:40
mgedmineggs are the result of running, so I think it's too late to set anything up by then12:40
mgedminusing the term 'eggs' in the narrow *.egg sense12:40
* ignas is trying to conver the instruction - "download the egg, extract it, fix it's setup.cfg, install it"12:41
ignasinto buildouteese12:41
mgedminis setup.cfg something to be modified by people who install packages?12:43
ignasthe "real problem" is psycopg2 in buildout on a mac12:43
mgedminI though it was something to be modified by people who build packages12:43
mgedminthe mx.DateTime brain damage?12:43
* mgedmin encountered it today12:43
ignasthe datetime is on ubuntu12:43
ignasbut yeah, I still voodoo around the datetime12:44
ignassomething like sudo apt-get build-dep python-psycopg2 && sudo apt-remove python-egenix-mx-base-dev12:44
ignaswhich kind of works, but doesn't sometimes12:45
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pyqwerHi, does someone have a hint to do the following: Make it possible to shut down a site to a "maintenance" mode, where all requests to the site object (and all other objects/views in it's hierarchy) are redirected to some maintenance page?13:44
pyqwerI thought about some tricks with the traverser, but maybe there's a simple way?13:45
ignasapache rewrite rule!?13:46
pyqwerignas: Yes, possible, but I'd like to be able to shut to this maintenance mode via the Zope instance itself.13:47
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ignasone custom traverser on the site level should be enough then13:48
pyqwerignas: That's what I thought, but it seems not to be that simple to implement it.13:49
ignasreally? a traverser that returns "itself" if "maintainance" is set13:49
ignasor calls out to superclass if it's not13:50
ignasis one way to do it13:50
pyqwerignas: Theoretically, yes, but this easily leads to recursive redirects.13:50
ignasthe other way is - eating traversal stack isntead of recursion13:50
ignasnope it does not lead to recursive redirects13:50
pyqwerFor instance, I have pictures/CSS in my site as views, which are needed in the maintenance page.13:50
ignasyou do not redirect13:50
ignasyou return an object with a maintainance view at the end13:51
ignasso you don't want to redirect "everything"13:51
ignasbut only "something"13:51
pyqweryes, right.13:52
ignasso you will have to mark all the "something" somehow13:52
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ignasor mark all the "other_thing" somehow13:52
pyqwerignas: Ah, "mark" is a good hint. So I could e.g. let them implement some marker interface.13:52
ignasyeah, probably would work13:53
ignasor maybe do it using skins13:53
pyqwerignas: How would that help?13:53
ignascan'e recall whether it's "context, request" or "request, context"13:53
ignascan you remind me?13:53
yvlcontext, request13:53
ignasargh, in that case IFoo, IBrowserRequest will win out against Interface, IMyLayer13:54
ignasso yeah, you can't use a skin13:54
pyqwerignas: Hmmm, but maybe a skin will do it, too. Because I simply don't display the content in the surrounding template.13:55
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ignasmaybe, you know more about your code ;)13:55
pyqwerignas: Yes, hopefully ;-) Thanks for your ideas!13:56
ignasso you either do some traversal magic, provide some skin on the request in the "site traverser" if maintainance is on13:56
pyqwerignas: Exactly.13:56
ignasor override some adapter/view when you click "enable"13:56
ignasfor the maintainance mode13:56
pyqwerignas: Also a good idea.13:56
ignaslike install a view for all "IMaintained"13:57
ignasthat redirects13:57
ignas(not sure how to deal with "names" for your views though)13:57
pyqwerignas: Hmmm...13:58
ignasi mean - there are 2 places to plug in13:58
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ignasand queryAdapter((context, request), name="foo.html")13:58
ignasthe "name" part complicates the view lookup part IIRC13:59
ignasor does it, can't recall whether you can register an adapter for "all" the names13:59
ignasbut I am pretty sure zope tries traversing into a name before view lookup14:00
pyqwerignas: I think so, too.14:00
pyqwerThe name has precedence.14:00
ignasso just plain traverser for all IMaintained that always allows traversal should intercept it14:00
ignasmeh, haven14:01
ignashaven't looked at the code for 5 months ;)14:01
ignasis getting all hazy14:01
ignasZope3 http publisher code that is14:01
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mgedminpyqwer, I still think you'd better implement it with apache15:13
mgedminusually you need to restart Zope to do upgrades15:14
mgedminduring that time any zope-built maintenance page won't work15:14
mgedminsure, maybe build a Zope UI for enabling/disabling maintenance mode15:14
mgedminby, e.g. dropping a file into a directory on the file system somewhere15:14
mgedminthen have an apache rewritecond check the existence of that file15:14
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pyqwermgedmin: Thanks for feedback, I'll consider that.15:31
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