IRC log of #zope3-dev for Monday, 2009-11-16

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piro84good morning11:00
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piro84hi mgedmin11:08
piro84I'm trying to run the functional test that comes with the zope installation11:12
piro84to get an idea about how it works11:13
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piro84can anybody help me?11:13
* mgedmin wonders if piro84 expects us to read his screen telepathically11:16
piro84I'm just collecting questions11:16
mgedminoh dear11:16
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* mgedmin prepares to run away11:17
piro84because I don't want to say stupid thigs :-)11:17
piro84I just got a home installation of Zope3.411:17
piro84and I located the ftests under testbrowser/ftest11:18
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piro84how do I run them? should I write a script which uses testrunner or somethings is ready "out of the box" ?11:19
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mgedminthere's a test runner11:35
mgedminI'm not sure I remember what an "installation of Zope 3.4" is11:35
mgedminin a source checkout it's ./test; in a buildout it's bin/test11:36
mgedminin an instance created with mkzopeinstance it should also be bin/test11:36
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piro84I run the test script in my zopeInstance11:41
piro84but there are no tests in lib/python11:42
piro84is there any functional test for zope itself?11:43
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* piro84 is confused @_@12:30
mgedminzope is confusing12:32
mgedminthere are functional tests for zope itself12:32
mgedminyou ought to be able to run them if you untar the source archive12:32
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mgedmin(although these days buildouts are preferred)12:32
piro84I have the source12:35
piro84but I'm not sure which one are the functional tests and which the unit tests12:36
piro84I guess they are the one in zope.testbrowser.tests.TestBrowserLayer12:36
piro84am I right?12:38
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mgedminpiro84, yep13:04
mgedmingenerally, bin/test -f will skip the unit tests and run the functional tests13:04
mgedminwhere "functional" is defined as "not a unit test"13:04
mgedminit's somewhat fuzzy these days when there are multiple layers13:05
piro84should I call the test script from my home instance of zope or from /usr/local/zope/bin (zope install directory)?13:06
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piro84there is a file called zopetest in there13:08
piro84and it tests everything in zope.app13:08
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alexdbHi, how can I pass parameters to my factory when I do a createObject('myFactoryRegisteredName') ?16:14
afd_____alexdb: unless you plan on having different implementation for the same content type, I don't see the reason for using factories16:15
alexdbafd_____: well the things is that I use some code implemented in ZCA which can be called out of Zope16:18
alexdbafd_____: the factory do some calls to an external ressource to get attributes of my object, but I need to pass at least one id to my factory so it can get the good data16:19
piro84got to go16:19
piro84see you later16:19
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afd_____I see. I'm not sure if createObject can accept parameters (I think it can), but you can, at worse, create your own factories using named adapters16:20
afd_____something like: getAdapter(IMyObjectFactory, name="some_object_type)16:21
afd_____and then call this adapter (which could be a simple function) with whatever parameters you want16:21
alexdbafd_____: ok thanks, i'll go get some coffee and try this ;)16:22
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alexdbafd_____: in fact, createObject accept parameters :)16:29
afd_____yeah, I half-remember that16:29
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mintsauceIs there an 'easy' way to clear ConnectionStateError's ?19:13
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mintsauceDeleting and replacing my Data.fs doesnt get rid of ConnectionStateError's - is there another way to clear them?21:07
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mintsauceAs I understand it, zodb.connection.setstate: "Turns the ghost 'obj' into a real object by loading its state from the database." - But my obj seems corrupted - is there not a way to clear it?21:17
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mintsauceIf anyone's interested  / lands here via google later, the ConnectionStateError was actually masking a syntax error, which I found stepping through via pdb.23:23
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