IRC log of #zope3-dev for Friday, 2009-11-20

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ChrisWHi All, anyone know how to run a specific DocFileSuite using zc.recipe.testrunner?00:13
ChrisWtrying to run just the protocol tests for ZEO...00:13
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philiKONChrisW: iirc you can select tests using regexp00:25
ChrisWhey stranger :-)00:25
philiKONbin/test -t file.txt00:25
ChrisWwhat brings you here? :-)00:25
philiKONhey ChrisW00:25
philiKONwell, #zope3-dev still is on my connect-upon-login list for irc ;)00:25
ChrisWhow's the physics going?00:26
philiKONgoing well00:26
philiKONstill doing zope?00:26
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ChrisWyep, but less than before00:27
ChrisWstill use lots of bits of zope (buildout, test runner, component architecture, etc) but not the whole stack00:27
ChrisWalthough still supporting some Zope 2 apps, which is much nicer in Zope 2.12, what with buildout and all00:27
ChrisWyou sitll using python at all?00:27
ChrisW(btw: -t worked, thanks!)00:28
philiKONin my spare time yeah00:28
philiKONi.e. never00:28
ChrisWno zope though, I'm guessing? ;-)00:28
philiKONbeen doing lots of Mathematica and C++. now mostly C++00:29
ChrisWheh, ouch :-D00:29
philiKONMathematica is fun. functional programming FTW00:29
philiKONand well, when i say C++, it's really not much OOP00:30
ChrisWyeah, but C++ ;-)00:30
philiKONwe're using it for numerics00:30
ChrisWand C is even more :-/00:30
philiKONnumber crunching etc.00:30
ChrisWI may have to do some of that soon too00:30
ChrisW*dusts off hard hat*00:30
philiKONsure, some days i want to poke my eyes out00:30
philiKONjust to end it all00:30
philiKONbut usually it isn't C++'s fault00:31
philiKONit's my colleagues who've never heard of version control.00:31
philiKONor that you read code more than you write it00:31
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ChrisWany unit tests? ;-)00:31
philiKONor that we're actually collaborating so code isn't just written for one person00:31
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ChrisWheh :-)00:34
ChrisWhey J1m_, just about to send an "interesting" mail to zodb-dev...00:36
J1m_How so?00:36
ChrisWthe version parameter to the history method00:36
ChrisWthe mail makes it all clear, 1 sec...00:36
ChrisWon its way00:38
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ChrisWalso wondering about zc.recipe.rhrc vs zc.zodbrecipes:server vs zc.recipe.deployment: so, zc.zodbrecipes:server puts scripts in /etc/init.d, zc.recipe.rhrc does the same, what do I do about the name clash?00:47
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ChrisWJ1m_: what's the ZEOStorage you're referring to?01:01
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mgedminI want something for long-running requests17:36
mgedmina progress indication of some kind...17:36
mgedminoh, wow, a BrokenModified exception17:37
mgedminfirst time I see one17:37
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ignasmgedmin, hmm, is long running request progress even compatible with wsgi way of doing things?18:15
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mgedminwho cares18:15
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ignaszope does ;) Zope is out of web server business ;) and that is a server level feature I think18:15
ignasat least the implementations I have heard of18:16
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mgedminwsgi supposedly lets me return response early18:16
ignaslike "hanging requests" + inter request communication18:16
mgedminso I  could print "in progress + a  bit of javascript for async polling of status updates", then go on working18:16
mgedminsharing my progress via the browser session indexed by some job id18:17
mgedmindoes _zope_ support "return response, then go on working"?18:17
mgedminI'm fine tying up one of my 4 request threads for this18:17
mgedminmy use case is sysadminy maintenance tasks where browser timeouts are unpleasant18:18
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gary_postermgedmin: zc still uses zc.async for stuff like that, fwiw and afaik18:46
gary_posterit's designed for just that sort of thing18:46
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ignasmgedmin, now that I think about it, yes, gary_poster and you are correct, it is doable, pretty easily even18:53
ignasI was thinking about file upload with a progress bar usecase18:53
mgedminhm, zc.async sounds complicated18:53
ignaswhich is more complicated18:53
* mgedmin reading docs18:53
ignasthan spawning an async job, and polling for results using javascript18:54
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* gary_poster tried to not make zc.async complicated :-/ . Failed, at some level at least.18:54
ignasgary_poster, by the way - what happens to zc.async with wsgi servers that spawn more than one application?18:55
ignasI thought of using zc.async for "crontab" style stuff some time ago18:56
ignasbut was afraid that if ngnix or apache would spawn more than one wsgi application instance, I might start getting duplicate events, because one "thread" won't know about the other one18:56
ignasso used plain crontab18:56
ignasas I can be pretty sure there only is "one" instance of it running18:57
ignasor is zc.async more suited for "call this long running stuff, tell me when done" kinds of tasks18:57
ignasand not - let's have a thread next to my web application doing something18:58
mgedminafaiu you can have your zc.async dispatcher in a separate process18:59
* mgedmin skimmed the docs very quickly, glazing eyes over the very numerous doctest chunks18:59
ignashmm? so a separate application?19:00
gary_posterignas: it's based on a shared ZODB via ZEO, so it has those standard characteristics (conflict resolution and so forth), and a shared scribbling space.  It's primary use case is dynamic "call this long running stuff, tell me when done" as you said.  I've always thought it would be pretty trivial to build from that into a crontab-like solution.The old Zope 2 predecessor had something like that.  It is superior to crontabs because19:00
gary_postersure that the next run never overlaps with the current one.  You could hack together a poor mans version with just callbacks.19:00
ignasoh, using zodb for syncing19:01
ignasmakes sense then19:01
gary_postermgedmin: you can have the worker threads in the same process.  It shows how to do that.  That's how I used it, though I generally made those processes not part of the load balancing for the main app.19:02
gary_posterthat meant for flexible deployment19:02
gary_posterif you discover you need more or less apps for the long-runnning stuff19:03
mgedmin"flexible" is often the opposite of "easy" ;)19:03
gary_postertoo true19:03
mgedminhaving to edit my zdaemon.conf and allocate new tcp ports doesn't look like something to take on lightly19:04
mgedminfor something that's a glorified debugging view rather than a core feature19:04
gary_postermm, that's if you want to have the monitor port feature, right?19:04
gary_poster...<shrug> sure.  It cam in handy.  We didn't see an easier way for similar functionality19:05
ignasmgedmin, can you commit a zodb transaction early in the process?19:06
mgedmingary_poster, "if"? cool, I assumed it was mandatory19:06
ignasmgedmin, if you want eye candy, you can probably spawn the actual job in an "iframe"19:06
gary_postermgedmin: heh, flexible, remember? ;-)19:06
* mgedmin books a spare afternoon to play with this19:06
ignasmgedmin, and commit "progress" into some variable in zodb19:07
ignasmgedmin, and poll for it using javascript19:07
ignasmgedmin, maybe you could do it using tools "available" to you19:07
mgedminignas, idea19:07
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mgedminbut ISTR firefox gave up after a few minutes and terminated the http connection19:08
mgedminwhich I think aborted the view on the server side19:08
mgedminmaybe not19:08
ignashmm, other way of doing it19:08
gary_posterthat's why he was suggesting the JS poll19:08
ignasis "streaming"19:08
ignasi think Zope can stream content directly19:08
ignasso you can return an iterable/stream19:08
ignasthat tracks progress and performs the task19:09
ignaswhile returning some html/javascript19:09
ignasto show progress in a nice way19:09
ignasI mean - people do "large file downloads" somehow in zope don't they?19:09
gary_posterI think for mgedmin's use case a variation of your first approach would be easier19:09
gary_posterscribble progress on some ZODB object19:10
gary_posterhave a simple view that returns value of progress19:10
gary_posterhave JS that polls that19:10
mgedminthat is the easy part19:10
ignasthe hard part is how to make the iframe not get "disconnected"19:11
mgedminforking the original request into "return html with js" and "do background processing with occasional zodb commits" is the difficult bit19:11
ignasmgedmin, forking?19:11
gary_posterwhat I just described is what you can do with zc.async.19:11
ignasmgedmin, why fork?19:11
gary_posterThe forking lets him return the original request back19:12
gary_posterwhile he just works elsewhere19:12
mgedminmaybe I should try "request.response.write(); request.response.close(); do_background_job_now_in_the_same_thread()"19:12
mgedmindoes request.response have write() and close()?19:12
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ignasmy question is - why "return the original request back"19:13
ignasa button that submits a form in an iframe19:13
ignasthat's how we do multiple file uploads for example19:13
* gary_poster forgets. He thinks that the publisher wants to get adapt the output to something or other and handle it itself19:13
ignasso the page you are in stays as it was, while long running thing19:13
ignasis chugging along in some <iframe style="display:none" />19:14
gary_posterignas, right, but when you are waiting for a response, Apache/Firefox/various other things let go after a while, giving up.19:14
gary_posterhe could make the iframe and ignore it I suppose, if the error message is not too obvious19:15
ignasyeah, but if you would "print out a couple of bytes directy to the response" once in a while19:15
gary_postermeh :-)19:15
ignasas if you were slowly serving some large file19:15
gary_postermaybe so19:15
* gary_poster would be going to zc.async, but then, he knows it.19:16
ignaswell - i am proposing a solution I know how I would implement in my pylons application ;)19:16
gary_posterheh, fair enough :-)19:17
ignasmy background is - allowing 500 mb file uploads/downloads without using lots of RAM19:18
gary_posterhm, interesting.  downloads don't seem so bad in Zope land, but uploads of that size might be interesting.19:20
gary_poster(that is, as you said, there is some streaming spelling or other, involving file handles IIRC)19:20
ignasduno, switched from Plone to pylons ;)19:21
ignasbut can recall that you can stream stuff for downloads19:21
ignasdid not fix uploads in our Plone version though19:21
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* mgedmin now imagines somebody accidentally switching from Plone to Pylons due to a spelling error19:29
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ignaseasy_install Pylone19:42
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mgedminfriday LATE evening, I must sit here and debug why zc.buildout ignores unzip = true20:49
mgedminbecause the staging server won't start up20:49
mgedminbecause it insists on writing into /home/mgedmin/.python-eggs, because simplejson is a zipped egg20:50
mgedminI hate the world20:50
davisaglimgedmin: set your PYTHON_EGG_CACHE environment variable to make it write somewhere else20:52
mgedminso it'll blow up next time I or the other sysadmin ssh's and does a sudo /path/to/buildout/bin/instance restart?20:53
davisaglimgedmin: also, unzip = true only has an effect at the time an egg is fetched, so if you already have simplejson it won't help20:53
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mgedminrm eggs/simplejson*; bin/buildout; ls eggs/simplejson* -> doesn't unzip20:53
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davisagliI run zope via the script generated by plone.recipe.zope2instance, which lets me configure it to set env vars20:54
davisaglie.g. environment-vars = PYTHON_EGG_CACHE ${buildout:directory}/var/.python-eggs20:55
davisagli(you still have to create that directory manually)20:55
mgedmincreating a ~/.pydistutils.cfg with [easy_install]  zip_ok = 0 works20:56
davisaglihuh, interesting20:57
mgedminsad, more likely21:00
mgedminlooks like
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