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romanofskisomeone who's working on z3c.form about?05:00
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piro84good morning12:36
piro84is there anybody that can help me understanding the zope test coverage reports?12:38
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Theuni1piro84: i guess so12:59
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piro84what does the ">>>>" sign mean? does it mean that the line is not covered by the test?13:20
piro84and what about the numbers before the instructions? do you know what they mean?13:22
reinoutnumber of times the line has been executed13:30
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piro84ok thanks reinout13:36
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piro84so I guess that I'm right about the '>>>>>' sign, isn't it?13:36
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__mac__piro84: right13:50
piro84thanks guys!13:55
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piro84going to work!14:32
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mgedminanybody want to talk about gocept.selenium ?17:14
zagymgedmin: I would like to, but I can't since I don't know much about it ;)17:14
benjisame here17:14
mgedminthis is precisely my motivation :)17:15
zagyI know a bit, so you might ask and I might be able to say something17:15
zagyTheuni1: should know much more17:15
zagy(as usual)17:15
mgedminwhat do you people generally use for selenium?17:15
mgedminPyPI has a multitude17:15
mgedminI've used zc.selenium in the past, a bit; wasn't too impressed17:16
benjizc.selenium here; I'd like to use something with direct control (like selenium RC), but I'm not real happy with requiring a JVM just to run my tests17:17
* mgedmin used to be dead-set against Java (or PHP) anywhere on my servers or development machines, now he's mellowing out17:18
mgedmingocept.selenium looks nice, from a brief glimpse at the source code17:18
mgedminshame about the README17:18
mgedmininstead of telling you how to get started, it tells you "XXX writeme"17:18
mgedminI'd like to, if I knew how ;)17:18
zagyheh, gocept.selenium integrates with the testrunner and requries seleniumrc, yes17:19
zagyso java, yes17:19
zagybut which computer doesn't have java these days :)17:19
mgedminwhere does the source live?  not in, apparently17:19
benjiI'm not anti-java just for the sake of it, it's adding yet another thing to build, support, maintain, etc.17:19
zagymgedmin: apparentlcy17:20
zagywe probably should move that to the zope repo if there is general interest in it17:20
mgedminwell, I found the bug tracker on google:
zagybenji: yeah, but then you can let the tests run on a windows server and let it teset IE *puke*17:21
mgedminI can try contributing a README.txt, as I try to figure things out17:21
benjiluckily my current projects don't need to support IE17:22
mgedminI'd be happier to see it on, or using a DVCS17:22
zagymgedmin: that would be very nice17:22
* mgedmin envies benji17:22
zagymgedmin: yes, sure, create an issue :)17:23
mgedmin does not support OpenID :/17:23
zagyoww thats a pity indeed17:24
mgedmindoes allow anonymous checkouts?17:25
mgedminand do I have to guess the URL?17:27
zagymgedmin: should be
mgedminzagy, 403 Forbidden17:29
zagymgedmin: ah, sorry, that is17:33
* mgedmin now wonders if he wants to try bzr-svn or git-svn17:34
* mgedmin has had bad experiences with both17:34
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mgedminwell, bzr-svn fails rapidly (as usual), which only leaves git-svn17:37
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mgedminzagy, afaiu gocept.selenium installs the selenium RC client, but you're still responsible for installing the selenium RC server, right?17:45
mgedmindo you use collective.recipe.seleniumrc for that, or some other recipe?17:46
mgedmine.g. there's also rcom.recipe.seleniumenv17:46
mgedminand I've no clue what haufe.selenium does17:46
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zagymgedmin: there are a few .cfg files in the gocept.selenium17:49
mgedminthank you!17:50
zagynever mind17:51
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mgedminso, collective.recipe.seleniumrc: buggy buggy buggy?18:04
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mgedminthinks 1.0-beta-2/ is newer than 1.0.1?18:04
mgedminor just has no knowledge of 1.0.1 and has 1.0-beta-2 hardcoded?18:04
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mgedminah, fixed in svn, but c..rseleniumrc 0.3 not released yet18:08
mgedmin$ bin/seleniumrc18:09
mgedmin[: 9: Linux: unexpected operator18:09
mgedminnot a good start18:09
* mgedmin pulls out his bigger yak-shaving razor18:10
mgedminalso fixed in the not-yet-released 0.318:10
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mgedminhm, doctest-style selenium tests18:20
mgedminought to be possible without too much difficulty18:20
mgedminjust create a DocFileSuite with the appropriate setup/teardown and stuff the selenium driver into test.globs18:20
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mgedminso, gocept.selenium doesn't start seleniumrc for me, I have to that myself18:27
zagymgedmin: yes18:27
zagymgedmin: that's intentional18:27
zagymgedmin: because the rc could run on a different server18:28
zagylike a windows box18:28
mgedminI got the impression you hardcode the hostname and port of the seleniumrc server?18:28
mgedmindo you use ssh port forwarding then?18:28
projekt01__mac__, did you see my mail about z3c.authviewlet?18:29
__mac__projekt01: not yet18:30
zagymgedmin: not sure about that, I have neither used it nor developed it, just heard a few things here and there :)18:30
projekt01__mac_, I like to add you to the z3c.authviewlet package on pypi18:30
projekt01__mac__, what's your pypi nick?18:30
__mac__projekt01: maybe it is greylisted18:31
__mac__projekt01: i'm icemac on pypi18:31
projekt01__mac__, just added you for z3c.authviewlet18:32
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__mac__projekt01: thanks18:32
projekt01let me know if I need to change something18:32
projekt01__mac__, note, you have to include the package explicit now, z3c.layer.pagelet does not use them as dependency18:33
__mac__projekt01: i'll have a look when I find some time18:33
projekt01Ok, np18:33
__mac__the missing dependency is fine for me18:33
mgedminzagy, I registered a user account, but it won't accept my login18:37
mgedminah, probably it wants me to verify my email18:37
mgedmingreylisting has its downsides ...18:37
* mgedmin twiddles his thumbs while sitting on a README.txt for gocept.selenium18:38
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* mgedmin attaches the README to
zagymgedmin: thanks18:44
mgedminzope.testrecorder can produce Selenium tests in the so-crazy-I'll-never-ever-consider-using-it HTML format18:45
mgedminzc.selenium has its own dialect for writing tests in Python18:46
mgedminhow similar is it to selenese?18:46
mgedminI was thinking about updating zope.testrecorder to have different choices: Selenium (HTML), Selenium (Python)18:47
mgedminbut is one enough, or do we need Selenium (Python) and Selenium (zc.selenium)?18:47
zagyyou don't need zc.selenium when you use gocept.selenium; but gocept.selenium is supposed to re-use the tests you might have written for zc.selenium18:48
zagynot sure that was your question anyway18:48
benjias for zope.testrecorder; I suggest making a plugin for Selenium IDE instead18:49
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mgedminzope.testrecorder seems to be a neat toy, but I haven't used it much18:51
mgedminSelenium IDE is a Firefox plugin, IIRC?18:51
mgedminwell, I gave up on Firefox a while ago and switched to Chromium18:51
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mgedminso I had this idea of making zope.testrecorder useful for gocept.selenium users18:52
mgedminand then why not support zc.selenium at the same time, if that's not too hard?18:52
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mgedmindoes MIMEText() work fine with binary files?18:54
benjiyep, it is a FF plugin18:54
mgedmineek, wrng channel18:54
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mgedmin looks interesting18:59
mgedminI don't quite see how to nicely combine bin/seleniumrc & bin/test && killall java in a buildbot job19:00
mgedminselsrvctl start && selsrvstop would work here19:00
mgedmindspt unprnncbl nms19:00
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mgedminoh, wait, zope.testrecording does everything (including output formatting) in javascript :/19:17
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* mgedmin is having no luck trying to convince his selenium test to authenticate using HTTP basic auth :/19:39
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mgedminam I missing something, or is there really no way to get the full HTML of a page out of selenium RC?19:56
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Theuni1mgedmin: the server is currently hard coded20:04
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Theuni1one of the issues in our list is to make that configurable20:05
Theuni1if you contribute a readme then I'll move the code over to ... ;)20:05
Theuni1got to do some cooking now20:05
mgedminTheuni1, you've got your readme attached to the "write more docs" ticket in your issue tracker ;)20:07
Theuni1mgedmin: about the seleniumrc killing20:08
Theuni1just don;t20:08
Theuni1it's a pretty light weight server intended for multiple-client usage20:08
Theuni1just put it somewhere and let it sit there20:08
Theuni1e.g. in a vm20:08
mgedminand what, run it manually every time the vm reboots?20:09
mgedminfor every vm?20:09
benjimgedmin: the last time I looked, there was indeed no way of getting the full HTML out of Selenium20:10
mgedminouch :(20:10
* mgedmin weeps20:10
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mgedminit's the gocept.selenium wrapper that doesn't have it20:19
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mgedminhaufe.selenium _is_ rather interesting20:32
mgedminit uses zdaemon to put seleniumrc in the background20:32
mgedminalso it ships selenium and the python bindings within the egg, which I can't say I like20:33
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mgedminand WTF is this self.verificationErrors = [] thing that everybody cargo cults from the official selenium rc docs?20:33
mgedminit's a bloody constant list that never gets modified!20:33
mgedminlove this bit:20:34
mgedmin    assert 'ist ein Fehler aufgetreten' not in html,\20:34
mgedmin            'Last click command(%s) caused an error' % locator20:34
mgedminI'm pretty sure that assert will never fire on my English-speaking machine20:34
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* Theuni1 didn't see mgedmin leave21:29
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