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BroUh... Hi. I am having a bit of trouble with a certain product.12:23
BroI donwloaded and try to install the latest Nuxeo CPS12:23
Browith the latest Zope 1.12.112:23
BroAnd after a bunch load of errors which I have bee solving as I go along,12:24
BroI've reached a dead end12:24
BroI get this:12:24
BroAttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'BrowserView'12:24
BroAn google gives me something from Plone, but it says12:25
Brothere is bugfix for Plone12:25
BroBut not how to solve th eissue12:26
BroDoes anyone know how I can solve this?12:26
BroI'm at my wits end.12:26
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yvlsorry, Bro, no idea12:28
yvlDownloads page says Nuxeo CPS targets zope 2.912:28
yvlit might be plainly incompatible with zope 2.1212:28
BroHi, or later12:28
BroIt's breaking on CMF, not specifically on the CPS bit12:29
yvlthat's what I'm saying - maybe they refactored something when making 2.1212:29
yvlmissing `BrowserView` may mean that it was moved somewhere else inside zope 2.1212:30
BroAh, no. You're right12:30
BroI'm got it wrong... it means 2.9.x12:31
Bro2.9 is really old, right?12:31
BroI mean it's no tmantained anymore.12:31
Brois it?12:31
yvlsorry, don't know that12:32
yvlthis is kind of zope3-dev ;)12:32
yvlbut it's old12:32
yvlalmost 3 years old12:32
BroThanks, anyway. I guess I'll look for something more up to date than nuxeo then.12:32
BroAny suggestions'12:33
yvlagain, no... :|12:35
yvlby the way, Nuxeo seems to be quite alive12:35
yvlor here:
yvlso using zope 2.9 may just mean that it's good/stable enough for them12:36
BroYeah, but they have mentioned moving away from zope to java12:37
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