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romanofskidarn - I totally forgot about the bugday in July12:17
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agroszerhey J1m17:09
agroszerJ1m, do you get mails from winbot?17:10
J1mYes, they're really annoying.17:11
J1mOh, I guess I don't get proxy errors any more.17:12
J1mThat makes them less annoying.17:12
agroszerJ1m, you want them turned off?17:13
J1mNot if the links in them actually work.17:13
J1mI was getting proxy errors when I tries to click on the links in them so I was just ignoring them.17:13
agroszerthey should work now, something was wrong with the bot and I was on holiday17:13
agroszerfeel free to kick me if there are some problems with it17:14
J1mNow I'm wondering if they are getting up to date checkouts.17:14
J1ma test failure I'm seeing should have been fixed.17:14
agroszerthe bot has revision 11482817:15
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agroszergotta check this17:17
agroszerJ1m, the bot has r114828 and the latest change was in 114788, so it should be pretty up to date17:19
agroszerthe only failure seems to be in ZEO.tests.test_cache.cache_trace_analysis17:22
agroszerJ1m, here is the failure with NDIFF:
J1mI can read the putput. I'll be checking in a fix shortly.17:56
J1mI can read the output. I'll be checking in a fix shortly.17:56
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benjiso should I be asking my question in launchpad-code instead of #is?18:30
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benjioops, wrong chan :)18:32
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