IRC log of #zodb for Tuesday, 2013-02-19

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srichterfdrake: can you make zope.component and zope.configuration in the Zope SVN writable again for a sec, so I can add the proper pointer and delete the code?16:18
fdrakeNope; no idea what J1m did to make those read-only.16:19
fdrakeHe should be available soon, though.16:19
srichtercool, I'll wait16:19
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srichterJ1m: good morning; can you make zope.component and zope.configuration in the Zope SVN writable again for a sec, so I can add the proper pointer and delete the code in trunk?16:24
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J1myup, just a sec16:46
J1msrichter, neither of those should be unwritable.16:47
srichterok, so I probably made a read-only checkout :-(16:48
srichtersorry, thanks16:48
srichterJ1m: nope, I definitely cannot write to zope.comonent16:52
srichtersame for zope.configuration16:53
J1mWhat error are you getting?17:06
J1moh crap17:06
J1mI'm on :)17:06
srichterTransmitting file data .svn: E220004: Commit failed (details follow):17:06
srichtersvn: E220004: Access denied17:07
srichtersrichter@einstein:zope.component$ svn info17:07
srichterPath: .17:07
J1mtry now17:07
srichterWorking Copy Root Path: /opt/zope/packages/zope.component17:07
srichterURL: svn+ssh://
srichterJ1m: it went through!17:07
srichterzope.configuration went through as well17:07
srichterso both of those packages can become read-only now17:08
srichterJ1m: there are more packages that have already been moved to Github that need that trunk modification; Do I have to tell you about every one again?17:08
srichterthanks, btw!17:08
mgedminsrichter, if you want to find all projects that have full trees in git and in svn, open and hit Ctrl+F "(Git)"17:15
mgedmin(git) indicates an empty repository, (Git) indicates a non-empty; the parentheses imply that the SVN repo is not-empty and doesn't have a "*MOVED*" file17:16
srichtermgedmin: ah, I did not know then difference between upper and lower case17:16
mgedminyou may need to shift-reload since I just made the change to distinguish "(git)" from "(Git)"17:16
mgedmin30 seconds ago :)17:16
mgedminbefore that the only diff was a tooltip17:16
srichterhe he17:16
J1mMaybe someone can script the svn trunk manipulations.17:17
J1mI don't have the time to do that.17:17
J1mI can remove write access though, when we're ready.17:17
srichterJ1m: I sign up to cleaning up all the ported projects17:18
J1mI hope you're script it.17:18
srichterJ1m: there are only 10 or so of them17:19
J1mThe couple I did I did manually, and that was no fun. :)17:19
srichterI am in the process of learning how to convert as well and then scripting becomes interesting17:19
mgedminwas useful?17:19
srichtermgedmin: that's what I am using17:20
srichtermgedmin: plus I applied your patch to svn2git17:20
J1mmgedmin, not really.  It's more complicated than what I've been doing.17:21
J1mIt was so big that I didn't want to read it closely enough to understand it.17:21
J1mDid you see my script?17:22
mgedminyes, but I didn't try running it17:24
srichterJ1m: I also need temporary write access to:18:31
srichterI will test every other package to make sure it is read-only18:32
J1msrichter, done18:41
mgedminwhat's the reason for making projects read-only?18:45
J1mso people don't check into them :)18:46
J1mNot that important. Just a nice to have18:46
mgedminwho would check into a project that only has a single 'MOVED-TO-GITHUB.txt'?18:46
mgedminwell, I would, if I noticed a typo inside that file (e.g. it points to the wrong url)18:47
J1mThey might check into a branch18:47
mgedminbut I couldn't if it were made read-only18:47
mgedminah!  good point18:47
J1m<shrug> again, not that important.18:47
mgedminzopetoolkit checks out some packages (e.g. ZODB3) from svn branches18:47
J1mMore good hygene than anything else18:48
srichterhe he18:48
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