IRC log of #zodb for Wednesday, 2013-02-20

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srichterJ1m: we are getting close to get the Py3 port of ZODB under control22:02
srichterJ1m: what is the process afterwards?22:02
J1mvery cool22:04
J1mdid you end up forking the Python 3 cpickle?22:04
srichteryes, see zodbpickle22:05
davisaglisrichter: nice!22:05
J1mwrt process, I'm not sure what you're asking.22:05
srichterI applied the patch from the issue so that you can specify encoding='bytes'22:05
srichterJ1m: what would be a reasonable timeline to merge the branch into trunk adn create a 4.0.0a2 release?22:05
* srichter assumes J1m wants to review the code22:05
J1mthat sounds like a weird option name, but whatever.22:05
srichterJ1m: what would your preferred process be?22:06
J1mI spose I do....22:06
J1mpull request22:06
srichtermgedmin will most likely do that22:07
J1mIt'll be interesting to compate the github abd bb review process.22:07
srichterthe big outstanding issue right now is that I ported noload() from cPickle to zodbpickle, but it does not work22:07
J1mI've been using bb's a fair bit lately and it's really rather nice.22:07
srichterJ1m: do noload() buy us a lot of performance?22:09
srichterJ1m: as far as I can tell, it was only used by some tools22:09
J1mIt's used for garbage collection.22:10
J1mI'd have to review the code to see what else.22:11
J1mIt may be needed to avoid having application classes around, but maybe not.22:11
srichteryes, I was looking for that use case as well22:11
srichterin a first version, we could make noload = load in zodbpickle nad later properly implement it22:12
J1mThey're the same use case.  You want to be able to GC without having the classes around.22:12
srichterI really need to write some tests for zodbpickle demonstrating noload() not working22:13
J1mIt's also used in some utility scripts, but for the same reason, being to get object references without loading objects.22:14
J1mIt was a hack.22:15
J1mI wish I'd added an API called something like "get_references(list)22:15
srichterright, the utility scripts tests is where I have seen noload() being used22:15
J1mgarbage collection used a function named referencesf, which uses noload22:16
srichteryes, though I think the tests do not execute that function22:17
srichtermmh, tests/PackableStorage should exercise it22:17
J1mright as long as it checks that gc is done right.22:18
J1mNote wrt performance, until we have C persistence and BTree implementations, noload will be the least of our problems.22:19
srichterI see pack uses it and gets it passed in from the DB object22:19
srichteraehm, I thought that C persistence and C BTrees are done now22:19
J1mUntil we have the C code ported or rewritten, this will be an academic exercise.22:19
* srichter checks22:19
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srichterJ1m: cPersistence.c compiles at least22:23
srichtertests pass too22:23
J1mOK, I didn't realize that someone had ported that.22:24
srichterTres has been working hard on that22:24
J1mso how is the code managed?22:24
srichterJ1m: yes22:25
J1mwow, cool22:25
srichtersame for BTrees22:26
srichterBTrees 4.0.2 have full Py3 support with a note that the C extensions are not available for PyPy yet22:28
J1mWe may have to get more serious about porting bobo :)22:28
srichterhe he22:28
srichterpersistent has C extension support for Python 3 since 4.0.422:29
srichterbtw, we are also close with zope.publisher porting22:31
srichtera Py3-compatible ZODB release is pretty much the biggest showstopper for a first Zope 3 app to run on Python 322:33
srichterbtw, at some point someone has to remind me what the benefits of Python 3 are ;-)22:33
srichterbtw2, porting doctests is way easier than was made public ;-)22:40
J1mTres hates doctest22:40
srichteryeah, I know he does; his problem ;-)22:47
srichterI am not going to rewrite any doctests as regular tests and I recently wrote some of the regulsr unit tests again and was reminded how much I hate them22:48
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