IRC log of #zodb for Thursday, 2016-06-09

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J1mThis channel is logged here:
jamaddenah, that would be "povbot" I assume?16:54
jamaddenThe pypy logs are pretty nice ( Those are the only ones I'd seen before16:55
jamaddenAny favorite IRC client recommendations for a Mac/Emacs user?16:57
J1mI use a pretty acient x-chat aqua.  It uses the same config files as xchat on linux, making migrating between platforms pretty easy. And I'm very very lazy.16:59
jensenshi :) i think the most 'famous' client for mac is Colloquy17:01
jensensits great to watch ZODB and RelStorage moving, thanks for that!17:02
jamaddenI'm using Adium's built-in IRC client which is minimal but I've never needed much before. I may check out Colloquy, thanks17:02
jamaddenI can start work on making a 1.6.0 final release based on the last tag17:03
jamaddenfirst I guess I'll take another look at ZODB #56 and try to leave a comment :)17:08
J1mThat would be great.17:12
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J1maclark, that sounds like a great idea.17:35
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J1mHilarious comment in "Not in Windows Python until 2.3"21:31
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