IRC log of #zodb for Friday, 2016-07-01

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jamaddenJ1m: The RelStorage tests consistently fail in checkResolve with a ConflictError under ZODB 5.0a1. They pass with 4.4.0. Is that something that interests you?20:15
J1mIt depends on whether they fail because of a ZODB bug or a RelStorage bug. :)20:18
J1mWhy do you think they're failing?20:18
jamaddenSame RS code works with 4.4 so I'm hoping it's a ZODB bug :)20:19
jamaddenI haven't actually looked into it yet, I wanted to find out if you thought they *should* be passing or if this might still be an area under active work20:19
J1mNot active by me. It's my understanding that ZODB5 should work with RelStorage, since it's essentiallt doing things the relstorage way.20:21
J1mBut there were some small changes in how things are called.20:21
J1mI suspect this is related to poll intervals, but idk.20:21
jamaddenpoll intervals have been removed :)20:22
jamaddenwhat's happening is that conflict resolution is raising a POSKeyError on `oldData = self.loadSerial(oid, oldSerial)`. I'll try to see why20:23
J1mConnection used to call sync(False) on close. It doesn't anymore.20:27
J1midk if that's related.20:27
J1mI could certainly see how it would interact with poll_interval.20:27
jamaddenthis test isn't using a connection, it's working at the raw storage level20:27
J1mHm, then I have no idea20:28
J1mand 5.0.0a1 doesn't have Juliens changes.20:29
jamaddenOk, it's related to the "breaking" change in tests.ConflictResolution in 4.4.0. The two branches aren't in sync on that test20:36
J1mwhat 2 branches?20:41
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jamaddensorry, I really meant "release", not branch. Assuming branch 4->4.4.0 and master->5.0, they're in sync now. But 5.0a1 predates 4.4.0 and the test changes.20:43
J1mWant me to make a 5.0.0a2 release?20:44
jamaddenNot especially on my account. I haven't been testing the 5.0 releases. I only noticed the problem because one of my virtualenvs *somehow* decided to upgrade to the pre-release (I didn't think they were supposed to do that anymore).20:46
jamaddenSorry for the noise20:46
J1mk, np20:46
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J1mI went ahead and released 5.0.0a221:31
jamaddenThanks. I can confirm that the RS tests pass on 5.0a221:37
J1mand released 4.4.1 and 5.0.0a3 with the new interface22:27
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J1mImplementing the new commit protocol in ZEO leads to lots of test failures. :(23:24

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