IRC log of #zodb for Monday, 2016-07-04

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J1mjmuchemb, hi!20:51
J1m77 has conflicts for some reason.20:53
J1mare you done making changes to it?20:54
jmuchemb" 77 has conflicts for some reason." > only src/ZODB/interfaces.py20:55
jmuchemb"are you done making changes to it?" > yes20:55
J1mk, resolving the conflict...20:57
J1mwhen travis is green again, I'll merge and port to master20:58
J1mIn the mean time, lunch.20:59
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jmuchembI'm lost with the undo part21:21
jmuchembon the 4.x branch, things look clear (invalidations processed in DB.TransactionalUndo)21:22
jmuchembbut on master, I see that UndoAdapterInstance also deals with invalidations21:23
jmuchembI don't understand UndoAdapterInstance21:23
jmuchembnever mind21:24
jmuchemb(I think I found; all recent changes to TransactionalUndo for #77 have to be moved in UndoAdapterInstance)21:26
J1mYup. I'm working on it, unless you'd rather.21:26
J1mOK, I see your note about porting to master. :)21:27
J1mI'll stop, but am happy to restart if you wish.21:27
jmuchembI do21:30
J1mYou wish me to restart?21:40
jmuchembI have a merge commit being tested by travis (branch jm-merge-4):
J1mexcellent. Thanks.21:47
jmuchembdo I open a PR only for this ? or do I also include my next commit to switch all storages to the new API ?21:47
J1mPlease a PR just for this.21:48
jmuchemb#80 (oops, I forgot there were more commits than when I initially worked on this subject: my PR message is a little reductive)21:53
jmuchembhandle_serial branch rebased21:58
J1mLittle reductive?22:01
jmuchembwe could have work on the 4.4.2 changelog before merging22:08
jmuchembmaybe just:22:14
jmuchemb4.4.2 (unreleased)22:14
jmuchembBetter support of the new commit protocol. This fixes issues with blobs and22:14
jmuchembundo. See
jmuchembI go home. I'll be available in ~20 minutes22:28
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