IRC log of #zodb for Tuesday, 2016-07-05

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jmuchembHi Jim, I just saw your question about and I don't understand20:37
jmuchembI think I missed a few changes in the interfaces20:39
jmuchembIn fact, my intention was to leave the choice between reporting at store or tpc_vote20:40
jmuchembthe question is mainly for simple storages like FileStorage & DemoStorage, for which keeping the list conflicts in some collection may be a bit annoying20:43
jmuchembI wonder if there's a benefit in forcing storage to report conflicts only at vote ? Is there ?20:45
J1mI realized after commenting that you had different assumptions about the API.20:46
J1mI guess I don't object to store optionally returning booleans.20:46
J1mas long as it's spelled out in the interface.20:47
J1mI'm losing track of what the contract is.20:47
J1mSo, you can disregard my comment, but, we need to update the interface.20:48
J1mI guess storeBlob should always return None.20:48
J1mBecause we don't have conflict resolution for blobs.20:49
jmuchembbut, for performance and code simplify, I may like you proposal of a stricter interface :)20:50
jmuchemb(checking savepoints ...)20:51
J1mI don't feel strongly about returning booleans from store, one way or the other.  I just want the contract to be written down.20:52
J1mI also want there to be tests for storages that return all of the resolved oids in vote.20:54
jmuchembthere's already testDemoStorage which tests the 2 cases20:54
jmuchembby forcing conflicts to be reported by tpc_vote, I see some code simplication in Connection so I'm going to prefer that20:56
J1mExcept that it didn't exercise blobs or undo, which bit me when porting ZEO.20:56
jmuchembyes, sorry for that20:56
J1mThat's OK.  An easy way to do this would be with an adapter/wrapper of file-storage that holds the resolved oids till vote.20:57
J1msimilar to the current adapter.20:57
J1mor have file storage hold the resolved oids20:58
jmuchembI prefer the 2nd option20:59
jmuchembthat can be done partly in BaseStorage so that it's done like this for FileStorage and DemoStorae20:59
jmuchembPR 83, so that ZODB4 does not accept store to return True21:17
jmuchembcoming back in ~20 minutes21:19
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