IRC log of #zodb for Saturday, 2016-07-09

jamaddenNice work on ZEO and ZODB this week!01:07
J1mmaking progress01:07
J1mworking on object-level locks for ZEO atm.01:07
jamaddenis a 4.4.2 release blocked on anything? As I understand it, I need the fixes there to properly implement the new protocol in RelStorage01:07
jamaddennice! I didn't realize that was actually on the table01:08
J1mI'll make a 4.4.2 release shortly...01:09
jamaddenno rush on my account. I'm just trying to schedule out milestones. I think I'll push that update off another milestone anyway, 2.0b2 is looking large as it is01:10
jamaddencool, thanks01:12
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jamaddenIt looks to me like ZODB.tests.StorageTestBase:handle_all_serials hasn't been updated for the new commit protocol, it still expects 2-tuples (when called from _dostore, which passes in the value of storage.tpc_vote, which now returns a simple set of OIDs).21:30
J1mThat's odd.21:35
J1mIn ZODB 4, supposedly, both the old and new protocols are supported.21:36
jamaddenThe code for handle_all_serials is the same in ZODB 4.4.2, 5.0.0a5 and git master21:36
J1mBut it wasn't tested with any storages that implement the new protocols.21:36
J1mThen I think there's something you're missing, becase the tests pass with ZEO and ZODB 5.21:37
jamaddenRelStorage has tests that (deliberately) generate conflicts and use _dostore, but I guess ZODB doesn't in a5 or git master or they would blow up the same way21:37
J1mThanks for the pr21:58
jamaddenare the ZODB 4 releases just coming from the "4" branch? unfortunately that one commit doesn't cherry-pick cleanly onto 4 so we'll need a new pr22:01
J1mI didn't notice that that was master.22:07
J1mIt shouldn't have sniffed.22:08
J1mZODB 5 requires the new style.22:08
jamaddenRight, so I guess I want to merge that change to 4 and a non-sniffy change to master22:08
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