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azazelhi all01:07
azazelanyone knows anything about NoInteraction exceptions raised during running tests?01:08
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TresEquisazazel: buggy tests02:14
TresEquisif that exception is being raised, then somebody failed to set up the thread-local representing the current request and principals02:15
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azazelTresEquis: the reason can be that a view is rendered in a non-functional testcase?02:16
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shreyas<tal:content="here/getSampleID">    here I want  the value of getSampleID  passed to a barcode generator python script and resulting  barcode  should come  in place of    getSampleID07:22
shreyashow to call the barcode generator script there  in place of    getSampleID   in   <tal:content=" here/getSampleID">07:25
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planetzopebotFrameworks in Uganda (Mock It!)
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betabughow do I return image data from a python script?15:13
betabugtrying to do a quick prototype here, but if I return context[imagename] I get the html link15:14
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betabugapparently .index_html(request, response) does the trick, no idea if it's the correct way, but it's enough for my prototype15:41
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grahalwhat does "[test]" mean next to a egg in a buildout?16:26
grahaleggs = <whatever> [test]16:27
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TheJesterbetabug or str(imageobj) also should work16:58
TheJesterthat handles the chunked reading stuff16:59
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planetzopebotSilva 2.2 Released (
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smg'day all19:08
alecmMorning sm!19:10
smalecm! hey mgedmin19:12
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digilordHello.  I have a class that takes data from ZODB when a user presses a button and generates a set of XML files on disk.  Will the Zope security model allow this?  If not how would I accomplish it?20:47
digilordThis is for Zope320:47
mgedminZope 3 has no TTW-code and no extra restrictions20:48
mgedminit's just Python, feel free to write to files on disk as you please20:48
digilordGreat thanks!20:48
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prinzdezibelHi there. How can I grab the zodb root element when breaking into debug mode with set_trace() ?21:57
mgedminprinzdezibel, depends21:59
mgedminwhere did you put your breakpoint21:59
mgedmindo you have some sort of a persistent object easily accessible from pdb?21:59
prinzdezibelafter registering21:59
mgedminif so, say, self.context._p_jar.root() ought to give you the root object22:00
prinzdezibelmgedmin: yup--22:00
* mgedmin doesn't know what "registering" means22:00
prinzdezibelmgedmin: second22:01
prinzdezibelsomehting like that: getUtility(IIntIds).register(genericSet.setobject_actuator)22:01
prinzdezibelmgedmin: Another thing: I have an object. Can I somehow retrieve the absolute path22:01
prinzdezibelin zodb object-graph?22:02
mgedminif it has a valid chain of __parent__/__name__ attributes, then yes22:02
mgedminotherwise, no22:02
mgedminzodb doesn't store reverse references22:02
mgedmincomputing them would require a complete object graph traversal22:03
TheJesterself.getPhysicalPath() should work regardless22:03
mgedminwhich is possible, but slow22:03
prinzdezibelok. This means I need to walk up the chain with __parent__ atttribute22:03
prinzdezibeluntil I reach the root ?22:03
prinzdezibelTheJester: I have read about getPhysicalPath()22:03
prinzdezibelBut I have no such method on my object22:04
mgedminzope 3 has zope.traversing.api.getPath22:04
mgedminzope 2 has something else22:04
mgedminacquisition proxies and stuff22:04
prinzdezibelI'm zope 322:04
mgedminprinzdezibel, incidentally, what are you trying to achieve?22:04
mgedmina tool like zodbbrowser could be useful if you want to look around and inspect the zodb contents22:05
prinzdezibelI want to have a mapper wich maps object ids (strings) to actual objects.22:05
TheJesterSo your object is not based on SimpleItem or Application or Traversable (in Zope 2)22:05
prinzdezibelI'm fairly new, TheJester , but I supose no.22:06
mgedminwhat are object ids?  oids?22:06
TheJesterI suspect there is much wheel reinventing going on22:07
prinzdezibelunique names the  user gives them22:07
mgedminany_persistent_object._p_jar.get(oid) -> persistent_object_with_that_oid22:07
mgedminuser-given names are probably used for __name__22:07
prinzdezibelmgedmin: Ok, that sound's to me that I could do it a better way.22:09
prinzdezibelLet me try to explain.22:09
prinzdezibelThe user creates new persistent objects and give them a name22:10
prinzdezibelthis name is reflected in the url, right?22:10
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mgedminat least that's the usual way of doing things22:10
prinzdezibelso now I want him to refer in one object to another.22:10
prinzdezibelSo one option would be:22:11
prinzdezibelLet him hill in the url path to the other object by hand.22:11
prinzdezibelLet him deal with a self-chosen identifier22:11
prinzdezibelwhich way to go?22:12
mgedminwhat's the use-case here, exactly?22:12
TheJesterdisplay a list of suitable objects in a drop-down and let them chooose the "right thing" d8)22:12
prinzdezibelOne object has a relation to another one.22:12
prinzdezibelBut this relation (aggregation, compositioin)22:13
prinzdezibelis not defined at built-time22:13
prinzdezibelbut at runtime through the user22:13
mgedminhow is this relationship constrained?22:13
TheJesterDoes it matter?22:13
TheJesterevery piece of contnt pretty much has that relationship to "something else"22:14
mgedminif it's "objects in the same container", then storing __name__ might be sufficient22:14
TheJesterPrice, category, year of issue, something esoteric22:14
mgedminif it's "arbitrary objects of arbitrary type in the same DB", then no22:14
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TheJesterStill doesn't matter, it's just a reference to something22:14
TheJesterProvided by the user22:15
prinzdezibelYes, I could put that reference at runtime to the python object, right.22:15
mgedminthree basic ways of storing references: direct object reference (I strongly advise against it), using zope.intids or zope.keyreference, or storing object name/path22:15
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mgedminintids is probably the best choice22:16
TheJesterzodb handles references just fine22:16
prinzdezibelmgedmin: Why are you against direct references?22:16
mgedminexcept then the user deletes that object but your reference prevents GC and you end up with SystemErrors in weird places because your object has a __parent__ of None22:17
prinzdezibel(not the way I intend to do it anyway, but I'm curious.)22:17
TheJesterweakref() ftw22:17
mgedminand ZMI copy + paste ends up not cloning that object since it's locatable but has no __parent__ set, so you end up with two objects referring to the same deleted object22:17
TheJesterWhat ZMI ?22:18
mgedminintids/keyreferences give you the equivalent of weakrefs22:18
TheJesterweakrefs are for people who don't want to implement proper data integrity d8)22:18
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mgedminZODB is for people who enjoy reimplementing database engines ...22:18
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prinzdezibelmgedmin: my first idea was to go with storing object name/path22:22
prinzdezibelbut maybe zope.initids is more suitable..22:22
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prinzdezibelso the direct reference thing is debatable, eh?22:23
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mgedminit causes pain, in my experience22:23
prinzdezibelOk, assume I go the intid way22:24
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prinzdezibelI want to present the user of all available objects that are suitable for referencing.22:25
prinzdezibeland want him to select via dropdown list22:25
prinzdezibelHow can I collect all objects that I know are suitable (they are instances of a certain class)22:25
mgedmincheck out zope.catalog22:25
prinzdezibelthank you!22:26
mgedminthe grok book has a nice chapter on using catalogs and indexes22:26
prinzdezibelby coincidence it lays beside me :)22:27
mgedminalthough of course it uses the grok sugar for registering and setting them up22:27
mgedminbut it has a nice explanation about what the heck is a catalog and how is it different from an index and how do you define what objects are indexed and how you find them later22:27
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prinzdezibelmgedmin: Are you talking about the grok book form carlos de la guardia. and if so, which chapter do you mean?22:38
mgedminyes and the one that talks about searching22:39
mgedminchapter 622:40
prinzdezibelthe catalog.22:40
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prinzdezibelTheJester: Btw, is  getPhysicalPath something plone specific ?22:54
TheJesterNo, it's in Zope2 objects22:55
prinzdezibelbut not   in zope3 ?!22:55
TheJesterNearly all Zope objects come from SimpleItem which has it defined22:55
TheJester(Zope2 objects)22:55
TheJesterBut as I say also Traversable22:56
TheJesterSo that covers about 99% of Zope2 things d8)22:56
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TresEquisprinzdezibel: not in Zope3, you are correct23:00
TresEquisyou need to adapt to some interface defined in zope.traversal, I think23:00
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TresEquissorry, zope.traversing23:00
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TresEquissomething like:23:01
TresEquisgetAdapter(context, zope.traversing.interfaces.ITraversalAPI).getPath()23:01
moo---TresEquis: do you know whether Five provides zope.traversing support?23:02
mgedminTresEquis, zope.traversing.api.getPath(context)23:02
mgedminor IPhysicallyLocatable(context).getPath()23:03
mgedminwhat you wrote also ought to work, except it's longer for no particularly good reason23:03
TresEquisno, I misread the docs23:03
TresEquisthe ITraversableAPI interface is not for adapters23:03
TresEquisit just (redundantly) declares the API of the api module23:04
mgedminyeah, interfaces for modules are/were a very Zope-3-ish thing23:04
TresEquisI don't think the module is even registered as a utility23:04
mgedminand yes, you're right, I was wrong when I said you were right23:05
TresEquiswhich makes the whole exercise completely pointless23:05
TresEquisI guess there could be code somewhere which does a 'queryUtility(ITraversalAPI, zope.traversing.api)'23:05
TresEquisto allow for testing, or something23:06
mgedminyou mean to allow for stubbing in tests?23:06
mgedminsimpler to do that by providing a different IPhysicallyLocatable adapter and using the real api23:06
mgedmineven more simple by setting the __parent__ attributes the way you want23:06
mgedminafaiu module interfaces were solely for documentation purposes23:06
mgedminthey didn't really catch on23:07
TresEquisright, especially since the module API functions have slightly *different* docstrings (drift)23:08
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TresEquisHowdy, Chris23:10
TresEquisHowdy, Chris (cbcunc)23:12
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r0verhello, are there a simple component which implements tags in zope2 ? (these tags used in stuff like tagclouds and so on...)23:13
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TresEquisis a Z3 thing23:25
r0verdoes it work on zope2.12 ?23:25
TresEquisyou might be able to make it work23:26
TresEquisPlone has a couple of tagcloud related add-ons23:27
r0veri've been watching gtag by martin aspeli, but i'm not sure if they use plone machinery. I'm just using plain zope2.1223:27
TresEquisIt might be easiest to start from scratch using a KeywordIndex23:28
TresEquisthe bits which make the tag text size bigger or smaller are the only parts which aren't straightforward ;)23:29
TresEquisthe rest is all UI :)23:29
r0verwell... if i'm lucky enough someone else already solved that :)23:29
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