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azazelanyone knows how to set the value of an OrderedMultiselectWidget using testbrowser? is it possible?04:16
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azazelTresEquis: mabye you are there:) do you know how to set the value of an OrderedMultiselectWidget using testbrowser? is it possible?04:35
TresEquisazazel: I don't remember what an OMSW is at the moment :)04:38
TresEquiswhat form elements does it render to?04:39
TresEquisthis is the one in
azazelTresEquis: it's a widget in zope/app/form/browser/, it renders a multi select using two multiselect, one for the available values and one for the selected04:40
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azazelTresEquis: but it seems to do all the work using js... i was wondering how people test forms containing it.. or maybe no one tests it?04:41
TresEquisJS doesn't test well without a real browser04:42
TresEquisSelenium might help04:43
azazeleh, the weird thing is that it uses js even to do the initial load the two selects...04:45
azazels/load the two/load of the two/04:45
azazelit's simpler to change the widget:)04:46
TresEquisthe values it actually reads on submit are appended into the toDataContainer span:  a bunch of <input type="hidden"/> fields04:46
azazelthere is chance to alter the dom using testbrowser?04:47
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azazelTresEquis: what are you suggesting?04:48
azazelmmm... i can do a post04:49
TresEquisI dunno:  maybe zope.testbrowser needs to add an API for creating such hidden fields to simulate what the JS would do04:49
benjiazazel: this might help you:
azazelbenji: yes! very handy i found it too! Thanks04:52
* azazel wonders if testbrowser can be extended to to use one of the various js libs to "render" the pages like spidermonkey or safari's one 04:53
benjiit would take quite a bit of work04:54
azazelreally? maybe i understimate the complexity behind the scene... i never looked at the code of testbrowser04:56
azazelalso it depends if the js interp can share the dom with python04:57
azazeli think pyv8 has it04:58
benjiright, it's not testbrowser that's complicated, it's the other part04:58
benjianother issue is that even if testbrowser emulated a browser perfectly, you'd still need a way to test other browsers04:59
azazelbenji: one step at a time:) being able to emulate _one_ real browser is better than nothing at all ;-)05:01
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azazelprobably i'm wrong about pyv8 :-|05:12
azazelbenji: but qt4.6 seems to give access to the dom via qwebelement & qwebframe that can be run in "blind" mode using qttest
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sim_hi all17:50
sim_I'm currently working on a project that is not a zope one, but uses some of its components, especially for testing (layers etc.). I was wondering, is there a point and a way to use other coverage tools than the one provided by zope.testing ?17:52
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TresEquissim_: you might try installing nose and coverage eggs, and then running 'nosetests'18:06
TresEquisI'm of the belief that any "reusable" package ought to be testable using ' test' (and therefore ' nosetests')18:06
TresEquisbut I'm in the minority, and don't have enough conviction to make it work for all the ZTK packages myself18:07
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sim_TresEquis, 'cause i was wondering. As the code relies heavily on zcma layer etc. will other test framework know how to handle these/produce relevant report.18:08
sim_TresEquis, maybe I will give it a try for nosetests, what about py.test ? and other (because i'm mainly interested in coverage) coverage tools, like ? Any opinion on those matters ?18:09
sim_TresEquis, Thanks for answering btw :)18:09
TresEquissim_: I think you are out of luck for tests requiring layers18:11
TresEquisthe other runners don't support that idea, at least not in the same way18:11
TresEquisI proposed modifying the zope.testing.testrunner to emit XML files for results / coverage compatible with the JUnit / Cobertura ones18:12
TresEquisso that Hudson could consume them18:12
TresEquisbut don't have any code for it yet18:12
sim_TresEquis, lol :] that part of what i was thinking of ! Hudson stuff etc.18:13
sim_TresEquis, but my other point is that the coverage tool used inside zope.testing is not accessible for option etc. (i have to patch zope.testing)18:13
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TresEquis"accessible for optoin"?18:14
TresEquiswhat does that mean?18:15
sim_TresEquis, zope.testing is using inside to do the coverage, whose constructor can take options. But these can not be specified from the buildout part18:16
TresEquisCan you upload your patch to launchpad:
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TresEquisI might be able to get it landed / released18:18
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TresEquisactually, this would be better:
TresEquisor the equivalent bug tracker18:20
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sim_TresEquis, I did not write the test for the moment, only considering it... Maybe i will eventually do something, i do not know at the moment. I will get back to you if you are interested18:24
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sim_Do you think about special details on the subject if ever I bring a new patch ?18:24
TresEquissim_: I don't have anything particular in mind18:26
TresEquisif you know what needs to be done, then go for it ;)18:27
TresEquisI did have in mind what to do about the XML output for Hudson, though18:27
sim_all rightt18:27
sim_TresEquis, oh, im interested as im just stepping in. I do not even find what's the specification for the xml output18:28
sim_s/do not/did not yet18:28
TresEquisthere isn't any very good specification18:29
TresEquisbasically, I'm going to stare at how the nose and coverage packages do it18:29
sim_hm ok18:30
mgedminsim_, fwiw bin/coverage bin/test .... works fine18:45
mgedminwith ned batchelder's and zope.testing.testrunner18:45
mgedminned's coverage is faster than bin/test --coverage18:46
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mgedminjml recently worked on subunit-compatible output for zope.testing.testrunner18:47
sim_mgedmin, can you redirect the bin/test output on bin/coverage or something like that ?18:47
mgedminsubunit can then convert it to cobertura XML18:47
mgedminsim_ I'm not sure what you're asking18:47
mgedminI must run now18:47
sim_all right thanks, i was thinkg of having a look to subunit, heard of it18:47
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