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digilordCan from zope.container.constraints.contains support multiple objects?  Like contains('book', 'cd','song')?00:41
digilordThe answer is yes it can.  Thanks00:44
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Charlie_XWe still on for the zope-dev meeting in just over two hours?15:56
agroszerCharlie_X, 1500 UTC16:01
Charlie_XNo sign of Theuni. I'll send an e-mail to the list.16:05
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TresEquisTheJester: are you around?17:49
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TresEquisReady to rumble, anyone?17:58
agroszerjust Theuni is missing17:59
TresEquishe's out sick, asked me to convene17:59
agroszerok, so you're the man to crack the whip today ;-)18:00
* Charlie_X is here18:00
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TresEquisOK, let's start18:00
TresEquisregebro: you want to kick off with the Py3 stuff?18:00
regebroAwright, I forgot about the meeting. :) Sure.18:01
TresEquisOh, I guess we can welcome Hanno as Z2 releasse manager, too18:01
TresEquisYAY, Hanno!18:01
TresEquisHe can't be here either today18:01
* Charlie_X rolls out red carpet18:01
TresEquis"Accepting the award in his place ...."18:01
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TresEquis"Tell him what he won, Jim!"18:02
regebroWell, so I got some python 3 branches for zope.interfaces, zope.event and zope.testing.18:02
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regebrozope.interface gets an API change. It's backwards compatible, but still.18:02
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J1mTresEquis, we've goy some Ginsu knives for him!18:03
TresEquisIs this the one you were proposing as zope.interface 4.0?18:03
regebroAnd there was the discussed API changes as well.18:03
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regebroTresEquis: Right. Especially if we do the other API changes as well.18:03
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regebroUnfortunately I saw that zope.formlib or something already has a 4.0 version, otherwise we could go with 4.0 for everything that it Python 3 compatible.18:04
TresEquishow far out are we from landing those changes?18:04
regebroWe can do that anyway, but...18:04
regebrozope.testing needs more work. zope.event is done.18:04
TresEquisfour lines of code ;)18:04
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J1mI would only bump the major version if there are backward incompatible changes.18:04
TresEquisseven hundred lines of packaging18:05
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regebroIt would be good if zope.interface got tested more to make sure it doesn't break anything.18:05
TresEquisJ1m: I think there was one change proposed that might break BBB18:05
TresEquisregebro: its tests all pass, right?18:05
regebroTresEquis: Yup.18:06
TresEquisnot the Py3 change, but something else (memory eludes me)18:06
regebroI'm going to try it with Plone 4 as well, that should be a reasonably heavy compatibility test.18:06
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TresEquiswe should let the release managers know ahead of time, so they can pin in the ztk.cfg if needed18:07
TresEquisspeaking of which, do we have a Grok victim^Wcandidate for the triumvirate?18:07
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* Charlie_X sniggers18:07
regebroI think the discussion on the api changes leaned heavily towards not breaking BBB anyway.18:08
TresEquisChristophe Colombe(sp?) volunteered to represent bluebream18:08
baijumTresEquis: he is here: ccomb18:08
TresEquisah, cool18:09
TresEquisthanks for volunteering, ccomb18:09
ccombah, meeting ok18:09
regebroBut if the move to get those other changes in has died, then I guess I should just test zope.interface with Plone 4 and then merge it.18:09
Charlie_X+1 to that regebro18:09
TresEquissounds good to me18:10
TresEquisgetting zope.testing ported should be next priority, right?18:10
baijumregebro: so, what would be the major version number for that zope.interface release ?18:10
regebroTresEquis: Yes. And there I need to look at improving BBB compatibility before I merge, since the custom doctest is gone.18:10
regebroI had some ideas on how to make that work better.18:11
TresEquisbaijum: I think regebro is proposing a "3.6.0"18:11
regebrobaijum, TresEquis: yes.18:11
regebroOr a 3.6.0b1, in fact. ;)18:11
baijumTresEquis: regebro: +1 for that18:11
TresEquishow can we cope with the execption repr problem better in doctests?18:12
TresEquisbetter normalizers?18:12
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regebroTresEquis: I couldn't come up with anything good there.18:12
TresEquisJ1m: do you have any sensibilities about that problem?18:12
regebroTresEquis: I think doctest even fails to recognize that an exception is expected if you use ... syntax, for example.18:13
baijumregebro: Did you used zope.testing.doctest or Python default (doctest) ?18:14
J1mTresEquis, I'd be in favor of adding an API similar to assertFails for use in doctests, although assertFails has its own lamosities.18:14
regebrobaijum: python default.18:14
TresEquis'assertRaises', you mean?18:14
J1msorry, assertRaises.18:15
TresEquisah, ok18:15
TresEquis'>>> from zope.testing.... import doctest_exception_assertion as assertRaises', or some such?18:15
J1mYou often *do* want to make assertions about exception values, which assertRaises doesn't let you do.18:16
TresEquismaybe the doctest-specific version could return the exception value18:16
J1mI dunno -- some such -- sure18:16
TresEquisregebro: any more updates on Py3-related stuff?18:16
Charlie_XIs it possible to enforce Python 3 style exception representation? Or wouldn't that help?18:16
TresEquisCharlie_X: we still have to keep tests passing under 2.6, too18:17
regebroWe could also monkey-patch in the changes I proposed for doctest to improve this stuff. :)18:17
regebroTresEquis: Nope.18:17
J1mYeah, I like the idea of returning the exception value.18:17
J1mThat could be used in unittest tests as well.18:17
TresEquisOK, lets move to buildbots, unless we have an objection?18:17
J1mThat is really a missfeature of assertRaises that ought to be fixed.18:18
J1mwonder if unittest2 addresses it.18:18
TresEquisI don't know18:18
* TresEquis confesses he didn't do homework, doesn't have any status on buildbots18:18
regebroJ1m: I haven't seen it mentioned.18:18
TresEquisAnybody have an update on buildbot / hudson stuff?18:18
regebroBut it's not too late, I think.18:19
baijumAny buildbot sending updates to zope-tests list ?
baijum(Of course Zope 2 do)18:20
TresEquisI still haven't got any response from the Microsoft guy on donating VS licenses for building / testing py2.4 / py2.5 eggs18:20
TresEquisbaijum: only the repository conformance bot18:21
agroszerI have the feeling that we miss win64 bots18:21
TresEquisagroszer: likely so18:21
baijumyeah. there is none in the list18:21
TresEquisFoundation might help fund EC-based build hosts for Windows18:21
TresEquisI'm stuck waiting for sidnei on the mechanics, though ;)18:22
baijumBTW, also provides Windows18:22
TresEquisthanks for the link18:23
agroszerthehealthagency seems to well equipped, but Jan does not answer mails recently18:23
*** thetet has quit IRC18:23
Charlie_XOne might hope that MS would provide some Azure resources.18:23
sidneioh hey18:24
sidneii got an ec2 image half working, for py2.6 builds18:24
TresEquisright, using the VSE tools?18:24
sidneijust missing a script i had for setting up the environment for x64 builds18:24
sidneiit was on the laptop that was stolen :(18:25
TresEquismaybe we should just go forward with py26-only binaries for now18:25
sidneiit's not to hard to figure out, just had to dig inside distutils for the right environment variables18:25
sidneii should be able to look at it again, now that i got the plone installer out of my todo18:26
TresEquisAny follow up on launchpad?18:26
Charlie_XThat's me, I think.18:26
TresEquisCharlie_X: you were going to write a nag^Wreminder script?18:26
regebrook, gotta go help my wife with the baby. Ciao!18:26
TresEquiscya, regebro18:26
Charlie_XYes - I got a script running this morning once I figured out how to use the API18:27
Charlie_XI sent it to Theuni for review but he's not well. Anyone else want it?18:27
TresEquisyes, please18:27
TresEquispost to zope-dev, maybe18:27
baijumCharlie_X: I would like to have a look18:27
baijumthat's better18:28
Charlie_X It doesn't actually send an e-mail but it exposes the search functionality. Is it okay to post a .zip (package) to the list? It's a whopping great 8Kb!18:29
TresEquisbefore time expires, anybody have an update on bug days?18:29
agroszerthere should be one for BB?18:29
agroszerbaijum, ?18:30
baijumagroszer: We are planning for this Saturday18:30
agroszermaybe it would be easy to take the same day for ZTK18:30
baijumagroszer: +118:30
Charlie_XMail sent18:30
agroszertho this saturday is rather close18:30
TresEquisOK, official 30 minutes is up18:31
TresEquisno need to quit chatting, though18:31
TresEquisthanks, everybody!18:32
agroszerdo we want do some organizing for the bugday, like "who's coming" for sprints?18:32
baijumTresEquis: thanks for organizing the meeting !18:32
TresEquisagroszer: post an announcement to zope-dev, for sure18:32
Charlie_XSounds like a good idea. A list of people and a list of bugs that may be tackled, and, in the case of people like me, a list of people prepared to mentor.18:33
agroszeropen up a coactivate project?18:33
Charlie_XAnything with a low barrier to entry.18:34
*** danfairs has quit IRC18:34
baijumCharlie_X: coactivate provides a wiki with some other stuff18:34
regebroAbout sprints:18:34
agroszerThen start with the [ann] to zope-dev and others?18:35
TresEquisregebro: hmm?18:35
regebroNow with the Snow Sprint not doing Zope anymore, would there be interest in doing something similar?18:35
TresEquisagroszer: Charlie_X:  self-organizing sounds good to me18:35
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TresEquisregebro: Agendaless is thinking of doing a beach sprint this summer18:35
regebroI've figured out we could probably do five days in Zakopane, Poland for 300 euros all inclusive. Probably.18:35
*** danfairs has joined #zope18:36
regebroTresEquis: Beach sprint, eh... nice. Can't do it this summer though.18:36
agroszerregebro, gocept ought to do one around september18:36
regebroagroszer: Yeah, but that's not gonna be any skiing. :)18:36
TresEquisagroszer, regebro:  they are definitely doing one in week between their party and dzug Tag18:37
agroszerregebro, :-D18:37
TresEquis"Ski Halle!"18:37
* TresEquis had a poster, "Ski Terre Haute!" at one point18:37
TresEquisIndiana is famous for its slopes18:37
r0verDuring the first week of november we're going to organize 2nd Plone Symposium South America in november in Argentina and we would love to have a Zope sprint here.18:37
regebroI'll probably be too busy to organize a skisprint this winter ayway. I'll postpone the ideas to 2012. :)18:38
r0vertravelling is not cheap, but accomodation and food it is18:38
TresEquisr0ver: aieee, I'd love to come, but I'm committed to gocept's party and summit / sprint in September18:39
regebroTresEquis: Is the summity thingy decided?18:39
*** goschtl_ has quit IRC18:39
TresEquisyes, I believe so18:39
sidneiTresEquis, where would that be?18:40
r0verTresEquis: well... if they don't you've a plan b :)18:40
TresEquissidnei: summit is in Halle18:40
TresEquisadjacent to Gocept's 10th anniversary party18:40
*** projekt01_ has joined #zope18:41
TresEquisweek before DZUG Tag in Dresden18:41
*** smita has quit IRC18:41
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*** projekt01 has quit IRC18:41
*** zagy has quit IRC18:41
agroszerthat sounds official18:42
TresEquissays, "The summit will take place in Halle/Saale in Germany at gocept's18:42
TresEquisoffice on September 13, 2010."18:42
*** Wu has joined #zope18:42
*** smita has joined #zope18:42
*** zagy has joined #zope18:42
Charlie_XTresEquis: more info on the beach spring, pls18:43
sidneiuhm, i think that might be around the same time as pycon brasil18:43
r0veran innoncent question: do the Zope Foundation has resources to fund travelling or sprint as Plone is doing (sorry the comparison)18:43
regebroOK, I didn't get that decisive feeling from the meeting, maybe I just wasn't paying attention. :)18:43
*** Wu is now known as Guest4556218:43
TresEquisregebro: decisive on what?18:43
r0veri'm asking to bring people to south america, for example.18:44
regebroTresEquis: on the summit.18:44
TresEquisI think I heard a +1 to merge the Py3 branch18:44
*** J1m has left #zope18:44
Charlie_Xre. bug days - we should look at finding a 24 hour period this month.18:45
*** deux_ has quit IRC18:45
TresEquisCharlie_X: agroszer and baijum were proposing this Saturday18:45
Charlie_XThat's very short notice.18:46
agroszerbaijum, you want to shift the bugday?18:46
baijumagroszer: Charlie_X: I am with moving to another date18:46
baijumI am fine18:47
Charlie_XBut anything to get things started...18:47
sidneiok, pycon brasil will be october 21st18:47
Charlie_Xbaijum: agroszer 24th?18:47
*** projekt01_ has quit IRC18:48
agroszerI'm fine with it, actually I proposed to have it the same day as for BB, not an exact day18:48
r0versidnei: pycon brasil is going to be very close to Plone Conf18:49
agroszer24th should be plenty of time18:49
Charlie_XOkay. I suggested that even though I'm probably the least qualified to help out! ;-) Get a page up and an announcement out.18:49
* Charlie_X checks his nappy and calls for his mum18:50
regebroThere are so many conferences...18:50
Charlie_Xregebro: true, but that's healthy.18:50
regebroOf course. Now if I could just figure out a way to get payed for going to them... :)18:51
agroszerbaijum, 24th?18:51
baijumagroszer: 24th is fine, but I will joining bit late as I have some work in morning (IST timezone)18:52
Charlie_Xregebro: hopefully we'll start getting more professional Python speakers. Did you see the link Laura sent after last year's Europython.18:53
regebroCharlie_X: nope18:53
agroszerTresEquis, please add that to the summary, and a note to the next meeting's agenda to kick (us) to get up some page18:53
Charlie_Xbaijum: I thought we agreed on a rolling day?18:53
*** MJ has quit IRC18:53
agroszerCharlie_X, yup a whole-day happening18:54
Charlie_Xregebro: forwarded18:54
baijumCharlie_X: but I cann't miss the function18:54
TresEquisagroszer: will do18:55
Charlie_XTresEquis: beach sprint not to collide with Europython, please18:55
baijumagroszer: Charlie_X: With this I don't want post-pone BB 1.0 release unless there is any critical issue18:55
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*** _shywolf9982_ has joined #zope18:56
agroszerbaijum, then the result could be BB 1.01 ?18:56
Charlie_Xbaijum: I don't think bug days should be tied to releases. Just one day a month or so where we coordinate some work.18:56
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baijumagroszer: sure, the final is on May 31st18:57
*** shywolf9982 has joined #zope18:57
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*** astoon has joined #zope18:59
agroszerTresEquis, where's that beach sprint planned?18:59
agroszererrrr, could we do that sort of SprintSchedule wiki page again?19:00
baijumagroszer: this was great
agroszerI mean that19:01
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planetzopebotBig Data for the Cloud and the Crowd (Planet RDF)
planetzopebotSummer of Code positions available (Plone News)
planetzopebotReview: Grok 1.0 Web Development (Random notes from mg)
planetzopebotValueError: The permission XYZ is invalid (ch-athens)
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TresEquisagroszer: Outer banks, North Carolina, mid-August19:07
*** danfairs has quit IRC19:07
agroszerTresEquis, please add to the next agenda to bring up again a SprintSchedule page19:08
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koshhi all19:25
*** fredvd has quit IRC19:28
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TresEquis kosh: howdy19:32
*** hillsy has quit IRC19:33
koshso how are things going?19:33
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planetzopebotZope 2 - Releases (..: hannosch :..)
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* Charlie_X checks his bin for rotten fruit and vegetables....21:30
Charlie_Xhannosch: congratulations!21:30
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TresEquissidnei: Are you using bzr against the repository?21:50
sidneiTresEquis, i do it, eventually21:51
TresEquisit works almost as I would expect, except that svn:externals don't get mapped21:51
sidneiTresEquis, except when making egg releases, because of include_package_data in setuptools21:51
TresEquisthere is a plugin for that21:51
sidneithere's no support for svn:externals yet. it's been in the roadmap for a while.21:52
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TresEquissvn:externals is supposed to be blocked on another blueprint in bzr ('nested-branches', I think)21:55
TresEquisbut that blueprint is languishing (2 years since last commit to its branch)21:55
TresEquisI am trying to work only with bzr this week against the Zope repo, just to see how far I can make it go21:56
sidneiTresEquis, there are some alternatives to nested-branches, involving maintaining a separate externals config. i guess one could create a script to read svn:externals and spit out the right config.21:57
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