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kamathlnWebdev gurus and Veterans might like answering me on this reddit:
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shen-longwhoa boy00:44
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shen-longtrying to figure out how to turn a catalog index search into a vocabulary00:44
shen-longanyone done this before?00:45
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Charlie_XNot me but it shouldn't be too hard00:45
shen-longCharlie_X, trying to wrap my head around this, and my brain is exploding ;p00:46
shen-longdon't know what it is about this one simple task00:46
Charlie_XWhat do want to be the keys in the vocabulary and what do you want to be the values?00:46
shen-longright now I'm using SimpleVocabulary and SimpleTerm(value='something')00:47
shen-longand trying to turn 'something' into a list from a catalog query on the field values of 'field' for all objects of 'this' type00:48
Charlie_XYou need a key to refer to your search results. I always do SimpleTerm(key, key, value) where keys must be ASCII00:48
shen-longlet me paste what I have so far00:49
shen-longeverything in the ui and catalog is working like I want right now00:49
shen-longjust need to figure out what to replace 'something' with00:49
shen-longI think ...00:49
shen-longone sec00:49
* Charlie_X has spent more time than he would like to admit on fighting with encodings this last week00:49
shen-longCharlie_X, yowch00:50
shen-longI know all the grok stuff is in the way00:50
shen-longbut really it's just the __call__ def I'm worried about right now00:51
shen-longdoes it make sense?00:51
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shen-longwhereas result_set = catalog[did_targets].apply('some search term') is getting the results I'm looking for in the catalog00:52
Charlie_XIt sort of makes sense00:54
shen-longlol, yeah, I feel the same way ;p00:54
shen-longa did is a phone number00:54
shen-longthis is going to manage a freeswitch pbx00:54
shen-longand I want to get a list of available targets for each did that is added00:55
shen-longso when a call comes in freeswitch knows what to ring00:55
shen-longwhether it be a group, an external number, or a recording00:55
shen-longgrok has really helped bootstrap the dev, but I've hit a brick wall when trying to handle relations00:56
shen-longand I think it's because I'm missing something fundamental00:56
Charlie_XDo you get an AttributeError00:56
shen-longno errors now00:56
shen-longsomething shows up as the only thing available in the list00:56
shen-longI'm using it further down .. like so00:57
Charlie_XYou're only putting one thing in the list. I get an error trying to construct even your example.00:57
shen-longwell yeah, I could put a bunch of stuff in the list I'm sure00:59
shen-longhave vnc? ;p00:59
Charlie_XNo, mo vnc - TeamViewer - and it's pretty late in Jormany01:00
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shen-longwell, thanks for looking either way :)01:00
shen-longdo you know of any packages I might look at to help understand what I'm intending to do here?01:00
Charlie_XIf that is your registered vocabulary then it will only ever have one value01:01
shen-longie, how rough would it be to make 'something' a list of returned objects from a catalog query ?01:01
Charlie_Xhm, I learned all my stuff from Philip's truly excellent book.01:01
shen-longI have that book01:01
Charlie_XI normally make my terms in a list comprehension01:02
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shen-longI can handle that01:03
shen-longjust .. not sure how to get the catalog result set as anything else01:03
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Charlie_Xterms = [SimpleTerm(key, key, value for key, value from iterable]; vocab = SimpleVocabulary(terms)01:03
Charlie_Xcatalog.searchResults() is an interable01:04
shen-longpseudocode wise ...01:04
Charlie_Xiterable, even01:04
Charlie_XAnyone know how the footy went this evening?01:04
shen-longterms = [SimpleTerm(key, mykeytype, v for k, v ..... ???01:05
shen-longvocab = SimpleVocabulary(terms)01:05
Charlie_XNo. token and value are usually the same01:08
Charlie_Xtoken - the first item in the tuple is a something required internally by zope. value - the second item is the value you see in any form and what is actually displayed.01:10
shen-longahh ok01:11
shen-longso, where would the catalog go?01:15
Charlie_XIt feeds your vocabulary. So, either in that method if it's compact enough or a separate one. Is 'query' the catalog result set?01:17
Charlie_XI may be talking shit about the token, value, title stuff, I've just realised. The title is a nice to have01:18
Charlie_XSo whatever you have in your catalog metadata - queryable directly from the result set - can be pumped into your vocabulary.01:19
shen-longyeah I'm reading that01:19
shen-longso it looks like ...01:20
shen-longterms = [SimpleTerm(MyFirstThing), SimpleTerm(MySecondThing)]01:21
shen-longso now I'm getting it, iterate that over the query set once it's a list01:21
Charlie_Xsay you have 'did' in the metadata: terms = [SimpleTerm(r.did, r.did, r.Title) for r in searchResults]01:22
shen-longthank you, I needed that ;p01:22
shen-longso, ok, cool01:23
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Charlie_XI don't understand iterate over the query set once it's a list. An iterable is anything for which "for x in iterable" works01:23
shen-longso the catalog query results can be used directly01:23
Charlie_XYes, indeed. No need to coerce them into a list.01:23
shen-longok, thank you very much01:24
shen-longpretty sure I've got enough to put myself further in the mess ;)01:24
Charlie_XVocabularies can, and often are, simple functions.01:24
shen-longCharlie_X, thanks! :)01:26
Charlie_XYou're welcome. Hope it works for you.01:26
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shen-longlol, me too01:26
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Charlie_XRight bed time for me01:27
Charlie_Xnighty night01:27
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TKtiddleHi, Does anyone know if its possible to add some kind of filter to pagetemplates?  I have content which i get with tal:content="structure view/render" but I want to filter out some of this content. I.e I only want to display content that has a certain html class13:51
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betabug_islandTKtiddle: you can do anything you want with python13:56
betabug_islandbut I'd suggest putting that stuff in a python method, as it sounds like it will get complicated quick13:57
TKtiddleyes, ok if i create a pyton script how do i call it from a page template using tal? is there a walk through anywhere?13:58
betabug_islandsure, that kind of stuff is in the zope book - docs.zope.org13:58
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betabug_islandbut a python script limits you to what you can do with python (security restrictions), you probably want this in your product code14:00
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teixTKtiddle: since you're already using a view just define new methods on it14:04
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teixbetabug_island: Is Greece a island, right now? :)14:05
betabug_islandteix: I'm on a greek island right now, Naxos14:06
betabug_islandworking here this week :-)14:06
kleistbetabug, Naxos has an airport now? i was there 1982, then there was none... i went by boat from Piraeus14:07
betabug_islandit has an airport, yes - but I came by boat too, much cheaper14:07
betabug_islandand also much more enjoyable, I don't like planes too much14:08
teixbetabug_island: nice vacances! and work too... :)14:08
kleistis there DSL ?14:08
kleisti mean, broadband internet?14:08
betabug_islandvacation was only over the easter weekend14:08
betabug_islandmaybe there is, but I'm on a 3G connection using my mobile phone14:09
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betabug_islandI think they have ADSL in town, unlikely to work in the little village where I am14:09
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TKtiddleteix: excuse my ignorance, im just reading docs now, is a view a python object that produces html?15:36
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teixTKtiddle: i just saw that 'view/render' tal expression. seems that you're using browser views and there is a method render that returns html to the template16:55
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azazel`hi all19:14
azazel`any idea of if and how it's possible to "broadcast" zope events across zeo clients? maybe using something like zasync?19:16
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mcdoncazazel`: i dont know how to do it, but i think it's possible, because invalidation events are sent to clients when an object is changed20:31
mcdonc(or at least that's my understanding of how it works)20:32
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