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TKtiddlewhere are available zope methods listed?00:25
TresEquisTKtiddle: you didn't like the links I posted earlier?00:27
TKtiddlelike the method absolute_url as in <a tal:attributes="href here/absolute_url">More....</a> how am i ment to know this exists, it is not mentioned in the zope book.. is it in the devolper guide?00:28
TresEquisthe developer guide explains how to use the ZMI help system, which is where the Z2 API is most easily looked up00:30
TresEquisthe Z3 API guide is online, though00:30
TKtiddlethanks i liken zope to dark art00:30
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TKtiddleDidn't mean to be rude Thanks for help :)00:37
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TresEquisTKtiddle: you're welcome00:55
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planetzopebotGDIP: Integration of Google Docs services in Plone (RedTurtle Technology)
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sig11Howdy, can someone help me track down a UnicodeDecode error?  It happens when someone uses say an esset when filling a template.17:49
betabugit's in your own code? or in the ZMI?17:50
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sig11one second I'll post the traceback.  It appears to me to be in ZPublisher17:50
betabugwell, when you say "filling a template", what do you mean?17:50
lisppaste6sig11 pasted "unicode decode error" at
TresEquissig11: the general principle is to decode the encoded strings on their way into the system (e.g., when processing a form POST)17:51
TresEquisand store them as Unicode17:51
sig11Actually, I misspoke now that I think about it.  When the page is being generated is when the error appears17:51
TresEquisin the code handling the form POST, you have access to the Content-Type header, which should tell you what charset to use for decoding17:52
TresEquisonce the still-encoded data makes it to the backing store, you have lost the information17:52
betabugwell, if it's in the ZMI, entering text in a ZPT, then you'd probably have to adjust the ZMI encoding17:52
betabugotherwise, as Tres says17:52
betabugthe traceback is useless, "answer the questions", as the bad cop says17:53
TresEquissig11: you can see the error when rendering the data17:53
sidneiTresEquis, i have to leave, wont be around for the meeting. what i have to report is that i have a windows ami with py2.6/x64 and it's possible to boot it up and compile stuff, tried zope.interface. need someone with an amazon id and gpg key so i can send the private key and give rights.17:53
sig11yeah.  Actually only get the error when rendering the data17:53
TresEquisso you need to fix the data17:53
TresEquise.g., write an ExternalMethod which does something like:17:54
TresEquis   deocded = self.<attr>.decode('UTF-8'); self.<attr> = decoded17:54
TresEquisprobably needs a try: except:17:55
TresEquisand fall back to decoding from latin117:55
TresEquissidnei: OK, thanks!17:55
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TresEquissidnei: does it build both 32 and 64 bit installables?17:56
moo---_sig11: here are also hints
sig11ok.  I'll give it a shot.  I picked up this contract with 0 zope experience and now I'm having to learn quickly.  :P17:56
sig11thanks for the help.17:57
TresEquisyou're welcome17:58
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TresEquisjust-in-theuni1 ;)17:58
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* Theuni1 gets comfortable17:59
Theuni1So, everyone, here's today's agenda:
Theuni1Any comments on the agenda itself?18:00
agroszermgedmin is missing, but what about KGS3.4.118:01
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Theuni1agroszer: i'll put that to the end of the list18:01
TresEquisI'd like to move up the LP bug management stuff18:02
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Theuni1TresEquis: ok18:02
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Theuni1Lets start with the bug day that's coming.18:03
*** wosc has joined #zope18:03
Theuni1Did the announcements go out yet?18:03
agroszerI think so18:03
TresEquisccomb: you here?18:03
Theuni1ah, there, on zope-dev. alright.18:03
ccombTresEquis: yes18:03
Theuni1Hasn't been much feedback, but still.18:03
agroszeryah :-/18:04
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Theuni1I'm somewhat afraid about the date being a saturday. Was that on purpose? :)18:04
TresEquisI did a mini-bugday by myself on Saturday18:04
TresEquisTheuni1: I think so18:04
Theuni1TresEquis: heh :)18:04
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TresEquisI've been experimenting with using bzr against the SVN server18:04
TresEquismostly successfully18:04
*** fdrake has joined #zope18:04
Theuni1Ah, that's where the bzrignore came from ;)18:05
TresEquissvn:externals are the only pain point at this time18:05
ccombis there a migration to bzr on the w.ay18:05
TresEquiswriting a doc on hacking repoze SVN using bzr, hg, and git18:05
TresEquisccomb: no18:05
Theuni1I'd be happy to do mentoring on the bug day, but not many people have subscribed to the wiki page yet.18:05
Theuni1TresEquis: do you intend to be around?18:05
TresEquisbut it should be possible for non-core contributors to use one of the DVCS tools18:06
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TresEquisTheuni1: part of the day18:06
TresEquisthe doc is here
regebroaright, meeting, i forgot. :)18:07
Theuni1TresEquis: k, i guess we'll figure some of the stuff out then.18:07
Theuni1Anything else about the bug day?18:07
Theuni1Everyone seems rather quiet about it :)18:07
agroszerget more people...18:07
ccombI've not subscribed to the bugday page because I've not seen there was a list of people18:07
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Theuni1ccomb: here's the page
Theuni1there's a list of people at the bottom18:08
Theuni1just so we get an idea who'll be joining18:08
ccombI'm adding myself18:08
Theuni1Next topic: sprint schedule18:08
Theuni1we carried that topic over18:08
agroszersort of18:08
Theuni1agroszer: hm?18:09
agroszerI guess I started that,18:09
agroszerwondering when the next sprint could be18:09
agroszerthen some people have thrown up some dates18:09
Charlie_XSummer beach boy surf and code18:10
Theuni1that sounds like it also cuts in the the issue of a general calendar with the various zope-related events18:10
agroszerlet's join the two18:10
Theuni1agroszer: so your goal was mainly to be able to see what sprints are being planned?18:11
TresEquisJan Smith (VP Sope Foundation) is working on a general calendar proposal18:11
agroszerIOW, if noone knows when the sprints are, noone will be there18:11
Theuni1TresEquis: hah! so that would be valuable input to him that people would like to see sprints on there.18:11
TresEquisyes (to her ;)18:12
Theuni1sounds like we can table that issue and wait for jan's proposal then18:12
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Theuni1TresEquis: darn. every. single. time.18:12
*** dunny has quit IRC18:12
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*** tarek_ has joined #zope18:12
Theuni1.oO(FTR: I apologize to Jan"18:12
Theuni1So, next: Test runners/nightly builds18:13
Theuni1Any news  from that front?18:13
Theuni1TresEquis: visual studio? I bet that's been silent. :)18:13
ccombIsn't there a free command line compiler?18:14
Theuni1sidnei: anything about the windows AMI?18:14
Theuni1ccomb: only for python versions that are recent enough18:14
Theuni1ccomb: we require one to build for 2.418:14
agroszerTheuni1, put win64 on the list18:15
Theuni1agroszer: for supported platforms?18:15
agroszerfor buildbots18:15
agroszerand... yes for supported platforms too please18:16
Theuni1the list doesn't exist yet :)18:16
Theuni1there's the open topic of "Towards a list of projects/platforms/etc. we want guaranteed builds for."18:17
Theuni1that hasn't been tackled yet18:17
Theuni1But I'll make a marker to include win64 there18:17
TresEquissidnei had an update that he as a 64bit AMI image working18:17
TresEquisthat can build binaries18:17
agroszerwe usually forget about windowze, and even worse about win6418:17
TresEquishe needs info from somebody with an EC account to turn over the keys18:17
Theuni1TresEquis: aha!18:18
Theuni1TresEquis: that's where the financial discussion with the ZF board comes into play, right?18:18
TresEquisI think it is still only Python 2.6 using the free VSE though18:18
TresEquisTheuni1: yes18:18
TresEquiswe can maybe get by with just generating Py 2.6 binaries to start18:19
TresEquisand figure out if there is demand for 2.4 / 2.5 later18:19
Theuni1so the EC issue is on the board agenda later in april already18:19
Theuni1i think thats about it for the nightly builds/test runners for now18:19
Theuni1I have the feeling we should plan a somewhat longer session with the people directly involved with the issues to finalize the various issues18:20
Theuni1that could probably happen at some time in may depending on the ZF agility ;)18:20
TresEquisbug triage next?18:21
* Charlie_X practises the ZF quickstep18:21
TresEquisI'd like to get us out of the habit of dumping bugs onto central project18:21
Theuni1agroszer: i'll move the KGS topic a bit down to hear about LP first.18:21
agroszerTheuni1, k18:21
TresEquiswhich mostly means enabling trackers for each of the component projects18:21
TresEquisand then shoveling bugs into the right bins18:22
TresEquisI'm willing to help with the shoveling18:22
Theuni1TresEquis: right. that's what the "ongoing issues" already aim for :)18:22
agroszerbtw triage, would be grate to triage some bugs till bugday ;-)18:22
TresEquisso I'm asking us to revert earlier decision to centralize more18:22
Theuni1TresEquis: aside the one-time thing, there's a book-keeping problem with that.18:22
TresEquishow so?18:23
Charlie_XAny feedback on my launchpad tracker script?18:23
Theuni1TresEquis: the earlier decision was for a temporary centralization until we figure out how to do the separated one18:23
Theuni1TresEquis: i started setting up individual trackers last EP18:23
Theuni1and then everything became very tedious to manage quickly18:23
TresEquiswe are getting a lot of bugs in inappropriate places now18:23
TresEquislike zopetoolkit-project18:23
Theuni1If you want to help, I'd be happy to sit down together with you and review how to do the separated setup on launchpad correctly together.18:24
TresEquisadd me to the maintainers group for all the sub-projects, and I will help18:24
ccombwhat is the difference btw zopetoolkit and zopetoolkit on LP?18:24
TresEquiswe can get sidnei or gary_poster to help with back site18:24
ccomband zopetoolkit-project18:24
Theuni1ccomb: one is a project group IIRC and the other a project18:24
TresEquisccomb: zopetoolkit-project is supposed to be only for project management issues18:24
TresEquiszopetoolkit should be the project group18:25
TresEquisgiving overview of all the components18:25
woschm. from a reporter perspective it would be nice not having to know too much project internals to be able to report a bug18:25
woscotoh, that means the filing burden is on us ;)18:25
TresEquiswosc: you usually know which package has the bug18:25
TresEquiszope.component, whatever18:25
Theuni1wosc: yeah, but if you report a bug to zope.component then the project in LP should be zope.component.18:25
woscTheuni1: true dat18:25
Theuni1otherwise you'd have to know whether to go to ZTK/Z3/Z2/grok/ ....18:25
Theuni1which is much harder to infer18:26
woscyeah, that wouldn't be helpful at all18:26
TresEquisthen the uber-projects can have folks who build the "also affects" linkages18:26
Theuni1TresEquis: do you have time tomorrow in the afternoon?18:26
Theuni1i'd be happy to spend 2-3 hours then18:26
TresEquisagroszer: you wanted stuff on KGS?18:26
Theuni1i'll poke you about the specific time directly18:27
Theuni1right, so, the KGS 3.4.1 stuff18:27
agroszerwell, some comments on the versions would be nice18:27
Theuni1AFAIK there is a discussion going on that I haven't been following too closely, but it seemed like at least it was having posts every now and then ;)18:27
agroszerotherwise silence is consent18:27
TresEquisagroszer: who are the main consumers?18:28
TresEquisfolks who have existing Z3 apps deployed?18:28
TresEquise.g. Launchpad?18:28
agroszerI think so18:28
TresEquiswe should get the LP guys interested18:28
agroszer+mgedmin definitely18:28
agroszeras he started the ball18:29
ccombI also do have a few ones18:29
TresEquisJonathan Lange likely cares18:29
TresEquismaybe sidnei gary_poster too18:29
agroszerthere's a thread on zope-dev18:29
Theuni1agroszer: a) there was thread-hijacking going on b) if you want answers quickly, you might want to include a deadline in your post c) please be careful about moving discussions that exist in a thread over here. ;)18:30
*** sim_sim has quit IRC18:30
agroszerok, overdiscussed18:30
Theuni1that's not a word :)18:31
* Theuni1 declares the session over18:32
* Charlie_X would still like to know if his script was any use. Did I miss that at the start?18:32
Theuni1Charlie_X: don't know yet. still on my list :)18:32
TresEquisCharlie_X: I looked at it briefly18:33
TresEquisis it checked in anywhere?18:33
Theuni1agroszer: uhm. not sure what you meant by overdiscussed ... :)18:33
Charlie_XNot yet as I didn't have a clue where to check it in.18:33
TresEquismake a new project on ZSVN, e.g. zc.bugchecker18:33
Theuni1zope. ;)18:33
agroszerTheuni1, I wanted to have some attention and see whether anyone is interested18:34
agroszerso that I'm not doing the round for nothing18:34
Charlie_Xagroszer: is a shameless attention seeker18:34
TresEquis $ svn mkdir -m "Check stale LP bugs" $ZSVN/zope.bugchecker{,/trunk}18:34
TresEquisagroszer: I'm in favor, even though I won't likely use it18:34
agroszerok, I'll keep going18:35
Theuni1agroszer: ok, so you got a list of people who might be interested so you could poke them directly if you wanted to, but looking at the thread I'd also say give it some patience for the answer of your most recent mail to come in ;)18:35
agroszerno worries18:36
agroszerTheuni1, one more thing, how/when do we want to find bugs for the bugday18:38
agroszerbetter said, select18:38
Theuni1worst case i'd start doing some triage on that day18:39
Theuni1alright guys, i'm off now18:42
* agroszer gotta run too18:43
*** fdrake has left #zope18:43
TresEquisagroszer: interested parties could start tagging bugs 'bugday-20100424', or something18:46
TresEquisand publish a search URL for the tag18:46
*** wosc has quit IRC18:47
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Charlie_XThanks TresEquis. It's now in the repository.18:56
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TKtiddleHi can someone please recommend the best way to view the zope documentation?  I understand it's possible to generate documentation from the doc strings, what's the best method to do this?21:34
TresEquisZope2 or Zope3?21:36
*** zagy has joined #zope21:40
TKtiddlezope 2.1121:43
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TKtiddledo zopers read the source code?21:55
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davisagliTKtiddle: there is the Zope book at ... I'm not aware of good API documentation; most of us do just read the source I think22:01
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TKtiddleOMG! I found Zope API!!!!! apparently you just click the 'help!' link in the ZMI22:19
davisagliTKtiddle: also try the DocFinderTab product22:19
marcellobshi all! I have some problem to commit unregisterHandler, i use this external method[1], work to unregister but not commit and didn't give me a erro transaction... help? [1]-
marcellobsthis script unregister but when i restart my instancia the handler still there! >(22:24
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TKtiddledavisagli: will try this thanks!22:25
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Charlie_Xmarcellobs: that sounds like a Plone specific issue.23:05
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marcellobsok, but how can i remove it?! I'm layman in zope/plone =P, if you give the way i can try to do it my self =)23:09
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