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magciuscan someone help me here?
magciusAdaption isn't working right for me for some reason.06:33
koshsorry I have no idea on that one06:45
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magciusIs it a bug?06:49
magciuskosh: anything else I can try? I still have the Pdb console open06:49
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koshnot a clue07:03
koshI have never used the adaptor stuff07:03
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fruitwerkshmm.. tryint o create an instance.. OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory16:07
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bigkevmcdwithout knowing more it's impossible to advise16:12
Charlie_XHe's already left.16:13
Charlie_XI'm having trouble with bin/test16:13
betabugIRCError: [Errno 13] No such user any more16:13
Charlie_Xbin/test -s src/Products.CMFCore doesn't work16:13
betabugCharlie_X: there is a page on about the different test running setups16:14
betabugwith some hints16:14
betabugfor further help, please define "doesn't work" further :-)16:14
betabuge.g. "whenever I type it, my wife suspects I'm on an indecent website and beats me"16:15
Charlie_XImportError: No module named src.Products.CMFCore16:15
betabugcould be on that page16:15
Charlie_X isn't much help16:16
Charlie_XI'm seem to remember it being related to full paths but even those aren't helping here.16:16
betabugit *is* helpful, it contains a link to ""16:16
Charlie_XI read that but it's out of date16:17
betabugno it isn't, it just covers a lot of historical reasons :-)16:17
betabugis your Products directory really in a directory called "src"?16:18
Charlie_XYes, it's the CMF Buildout checkout16:18
Charlie_X-m has been replaced by -s16:18
betabugand what exactly is the use/syntax for -s?16:18
betabugmaybe the tests don't run with that particular buildout? (just guessing, in my limited experience buildouts throw things around)16:19
Charlie_XMost often you will name the section `test` and can run tests via: bin/test -s <my.package>16:20
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betabugwhat if you leave the src/ away?16:20
betabugor even the src/Products.16:21
betabugsince with zopectl test and -m we'd just use the product name16:21
Charlie_XNo better - lots of junk about not finding Zope.Undo16:21
betabug"lots of junk" can be better if it means it found your product :-)16:21
Charlie_XTrue but it still shouldn't be happening16:24
betabugwell, it's not happening in my code :-)16:25
Charlie_XAnd the error is true: from ZopeUndo.Prefix import Prefix16:25
* Charlie_X throws betabug a dog biscuit16:25
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magciuscan someone help me here?
magciusAdaption isn't working right for me for some reason.17:58
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Charlie_Xwhat's not working?17:59
magciusCharlie_X: did you look at the paste?17:59
shen-longCharlie_X, ! :)18:00
Charlie_Xah, the lookup error18:00
Charlie_XHiya shen-long18:00
shen-longwanted to say thanks again for the other day (you helped me with catalog index query to vocabulary of a zope.schema.list value_type = zope.schema.choice)18:00
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magciusCharlie_X: it works if I use provideAdapter(VariableLoadable, [flowmodel.Variable], ILoadable)18:01
Charlie_Xmagcius: so it's not the adaption that's the problem but using the register to get the right adapter.18:02
magciusCharlie_X: this is my setup that doesn't work:
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magciusCharlie_X: is that not supposed to work or something?18:06
Charlie_XI'm confused by getAdapter(type(v), interface)18:07
Charlie_Xshen-long: glad you got things working18:07
magciusCharlie_X: why are you confused by it?18:08
shen-longSure did, even whipped together N way relations for objects (that was a bit..... tougher) but your example helped me understand the catalog better, so thank you for a real world example instead of a pasted url to a doctest somewhere18:08
Charlie_Xmagcius: because I thought you had to give the registry a concrete object.18:10
magciusCharlie_X: what isn't a concrete object?18:11
Charlie_XBut I'm not that au fait with the internals of adaption.18:11
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magciustype(v) is the same exact thing as flowmodel.Variable18:12
Charlie_XYes, but not an instance of the class.18:12
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magciusCharlie_X: even if I do something like this:
Charlie_Xclasses *implement* interfaces, instances *provide* them if I've got this stuff right.18:15
magciusgetAdapter('3', ILoadable) => *** ComponentLookupError: ('3', <InterfaceClass mech.fusion.avm2.interfaces.ILoadable>, u'')18:15
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Charlie_Xmagcius: I agree, it should work. You have registered all the components?18:19
magciusCharlie_X: hmm?18:19
Charlie_XYou won't get anything back from the registry if it doesn't know anything18:20
magciusCharlie_X: note that provideAdapter(BaseStringLoadable, [basestring], ILoadable) works18:20
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magciusI'm not using Zope, just interfaces and adaption.18:20
Charlie_XgetAdapter makes use of the registry18:20
Charlie_XIf you don't need it then you don't need to worry about using it. Just instantiate your adapter with the target directly. Or have a thread local registry like BFG does.18:22
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magciusCharlie_X: do you know why the decorator isn't working?19:04
planetzopebotgrok 1.1rc1 + python2.6 == A OK (my-zope)
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Charlie_Xmagcius: I think the decorator also requires a registry.20:30
magciusCharlie_X: what do you mean?20:30
magciusCharlie_X: it works when I do provideAdapter, just not the decorator20:31
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Charlie_XprovideAdapter registers the adapter20:36
Charlie_XThe decorator just sets an attribute - this is all in the source.20:36
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magciusCharlie_X: hmm, alright20:52
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magciusCharlie_X: is there a way to use the @adapter decorator to decorate multiple classes at once? (Not a multiAdapter)20:55
Charlie_XI wouldn't worry about whether you're using the decorator or not.20:55
Charlie_XBut no, you cannot use it on several classes it at once.20:56
magciusI mean20:57
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magciusthe equivalent of provideAdapter(FooAdapter, [MyOtherClass], IFoo) then provideAdapter(FooAdapter, [MyOtherOtherClass], IFoo)20:57
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Charlie_XNo. Apart from the fact that isn't how adapters are supposed to work, the second use will overwrite the first or raise an error. This is not to say an adapter cannot be registered for more than one interface but that has to be at registration. I think you need to reconsider your use case. Zope's adapters are only a pattern, really. If the pattern doesn't suit your use there is no point in trying to force it.21:03
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TresEquisCharlie_X: I've hacked on your bugchecker script a bit21:11
TresEquisit now easy_installs and creates a console script21:12
TresEquisI also added command line options for projects, number of days, states, etc.21:12
TresEquisand a --project-group option, to allow querying all the ZTK projects21:13
Charlie_XHi TresEquis. IOTW you got it to do what it should have in the first place! ;-) Sounds great.21:17
Charlie_XMost of my work was on sussing out how to use the Launchpad API.21:17
TresEquisI only had to learn it a bit (for the project_group part)21:18
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Charlie_XI hope my stuff was at least useful for that. In any case we should soon start getting nagged about bugs.21:21
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TresEquisthe approach was fine -- I was able to use it to see languishing bugs for all the ZTK, for instance21:41
Charlie_XI've just committed my mini-CookieCrumbler change.21:43
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shen-longI'm trying to in TAL22:36
shen-longget a list of objects, tal:repeat"Object_type" view/object_types"22:37
shen-longthen, later on, I want to do another repeat22:37
shen-longwith the title of each of those object types22:37
shen-longso like, tal:repeat="myviewed_name view/${Object_type}/attr"22:39
shen-longdoes this make sense?22:39
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TresEquisshen-long: if you want to repeat over the same list, maybe save it as a named value using 'tal:define'23:15
TresEquise.g., first (at outer scope) do:  '<div tal:define="types view/boject_types">23:15
digilordTresEquis: It's not the same list.  It's a dict that has a key for the outer list23:15
TresEquisthen, in inner scopes, you can repeat:  <p tal:repeat="otype types">23:16
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TresEquisshen-long: pastebin a sample23:17
TresEquisshen-long: why the inner repeats?23:18
TresEquisdoes a DID have multiple titles?23:19
shen-longTresEquis, you know, we're already mushing the objects and their relations together23:19
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shen-longwe essentially are looking for a way to display, the key, and then attrs of each of it's objwects in the items list23:20
TresEquisyou want to iterate over all the DIDs in the view, right23:20
TresEquisand for each DID, you want to look up the corresponding DID_Object?23:20
TresEquisin that paste, the "middle" repeat is wrong, then23:21
TresEquisyou aren't iterating over multiple titles23:21
* shen-long starts nodding23:22
TresEquismaybe you just want to use <div tal:content="DID/title">?23:22
TresEquisthen, the "innermost" repeat is a peer of that div23:22
TresEquisnot contained in it23:22
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digilordFor each DID, we want to look up the corresponding DID_Object?  How?23:24
shen-longsee, we pretty much need 'DID/title' to be iterated for each of the objects in DIDs, in a later repeat as like view/Dids_Objects/item/ourattr23:24
TresEquisin a path expression, if you want to substitute the value of a name, you need to prefix it with '?'23:24
shen-longhow does that look then?23:25
shen-longjust like23:25
TresEquisDID/title is a string, right?23:25
TresEquisyou don't "iterate" that -- you would get individual characters23:25
shen-longlike we just did23:25
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TresEquisI think you want something like:
TresEquisexcept the 'did_items' name should probably be 'did_item' (in the inner loop)23:28
TresEquislikely clearer to use Python expressions23:28
shen-longTresEquis, you're one helpful guy23:28
shen-longthank you23:28
TresEquislike so:
TresEquisyou're welcome23:29
shen-longno, I mean23:29
shen-longthank you! ;p23:30
shen-longreading the TAL docs, and the philikon book, and the grok book, and TAL tutorial, and the mailing lists, and asking in channels, and etc23:30
shen-longwe were missing that concept23:31
shen-longwell, I was23:31
shen-longnot going to speak for digi :)23:31
TresEquisglad to help23:31
shen-longgetting there ;p23:32
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digilordTresEquis: Thanks mate!  That helped a lot.  We knew it was something simple.  Just not WHAT it was.23:33
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