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CIA-46adamg 3.4 * r112219 zope.release/CHANGES.txt: keep up with changes after the latest updates10:03
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betabugkosh: now I am :-)10:16
koshwell I solved my problem long since10:16
betabugah, ok :-)10:16
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CIA-46benji_york * r112220 /Sandbox/J1m/zodb-doc/intro.txt: copyediting17:00
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CIA-46wichert * r112221 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/www/ (arrow-up.gif arrow-down.gif arrow-left.gif arrow-right.gif): Zap bogus executable flag17:30
CIA-46wichert * r112222 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/plugins/www/zuUsers.zpt: & needs to be escaped (fixes problems with chameleon)17:30
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sim_simHey folks. Im using zope.testing and z3c.testsetup for tagging/running my test. But, I have a problem that is getting painful, I have not taggued my tests (in at least two parts: unit and functional test). Is there a good way to tag my tests, and to launch only those ? It would rocks as i am trying to improve my unit tests. Thanks a lot17:39
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* mgedmin likes to keep his unit and functional tests in separate directories17:40
* betabug does the same as mgedmin, only way to keep the partial appearance of sanity17:40
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sim_simmgedmin, betabug :) yeah but when using doctest, you have your test all around17:41
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mgedminbut then I have bits of repetitive code in each directory: with a def test_suite(): return helper_function_that_globs_all_txt_files_and_adds_them_to_a_layer()17:41
mgedminI don't use z3c.testsetup17:41
mgedminand I don't use *.txt files for unit tests (those turned out to be a Really Bad Idea)17:41
mgedminwell, there _are_ a couple of doctest files added to my test suites17:41
mgedminbut the bulk of my unit tests are in *.py files17:42
mgedmin(they're mostly doctests, though)17:42
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sim_simall right cause my point was running coverage on unit test, and running coverage on functionnal test, separately. As all is mixed up, i don't know if my unittest does test properly the code (eg: or if this is a callback function of another module that is triggered during a functionnal test, that cover this line)17:45
CIA-46wichert * r112223 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/www/two_lists.zpt: Close br elements as well17:46
sim_simmgedmin, so you put no unit test in separate *.txt, but you have mixed unittest and functionnal test in doctest in the code, _plus_ a separate directory for unittest and doctest, is that it N17:47
sim_sim(*.txt files are in the separate dir)17:47
mgedmindo you use layers for your functional tests?17:48
sim_simmgedmin, yep17:50
mgedminmy scheme is the "old" zope 3 scheme: package/tests/test*.py -- unit tests; package/ftests/test*.py and *.txt -- functional tests; package/*.txt -- API docs that are also included in the unit test suite to make sure they're up to date17:50
sim_simbut also for unit test17:50
mgedminso, if you want to compute unit test coverage, do something like bin/test --coverage outdir --layer YourUnitTestLayer17:50
mgedminmy unit tests are layerless, so I can do bin/test -u to run just them17:50
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sim_simmgedmin, yep, but in my case -u does not work as it distinguish unittest from functional one, as using or not layers.17:52
mgedminright, that's why I suggested explicitly naming the layer you want17:52
sim_simyour advice is to add all the unittest in a layer and to run it ?17:52
mgedminIIRC you can specify more than one17:52
* mgedmin pauses17:53
mgedminyou told me you already added all your unit tests to a layer!17:53
sim_simIndeed but this layer may be shared among multiple functional or unit test17:53
sim_simthose are helper function that i may need everywhere17:53
mgedminwell, there are many filtering options in zope.testing.testrunner17:53
sim_simso I rather create a lower layer, and add my unittest in it I suppose17:53
mgedminyou could play with directory names, e.g.17:54
mgedminbut yeah, I'd recommend separate layers for unit and functional tests17:54
mgedminre: "play with directory names17:54
sim_simOk, thanks a lot for your advice17:55
mgedminif all your functional tests are in a directory named ftests, then bin/test --tests-pattern '^tests$' will skip them17:55
mgedminstill, layers is simpler and cleaner17:55
sim_simThis may be possible to stick with zope.testing, I was wondering if they were a third party tools that would enable me to tag some test as functionnal or not, and to get them run17:55
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sim_simAnd I have a newbie question, it has not been clear for me: what s the difference between -s PACKAGE and -m MODULE, in zope.testing ? Thanks18:12
mgedmin-s cuts off directory traversal, so might be a bit faster18:15
mgedmin-m cuts off importing of modules, but the files have already been traversed18:16
mgedminthis was important back when we had slow hard disks, little RAM for disk cache, and laaarge Zope 3 source trees18:16
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TresEquissim_sim: I would rethink the "put unittests in a layer" approach18:23
TresEquislayers imply shared setup across multiple runs18:23
CIA-46wichert * r112224 z3c.form/ (src/z3c/form/ CHANGES.txt): applyChanges should not try to compare old and new values of the old value can not be accessed.18:23
CIA-46wichert * r112225 z3c.form/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Fix DictionaryField to conform to the IDataManager spec: get() should raise an exception if no value can be found.18:23
CIA-46wichert * r112226 z3c.form/src/z3c/form/ ( Fix a few pyflakes warnings. There are a lot more, but I'll leave those for others18:23
CIA-46wichert * r112227 z3c.form/src/z3c/form/ Improve change test18:23
TresEquiswhich generally makes for poorly-isolated unit tests18:23
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TresEquisSplit the current layer into two pieces:  one a base class (or module) with the shared helper functions18:24
TresEquisand one the actual "layer" part which does shared functional test setup.18:25
TresEquisthen your unit tests use the shared base class / module, but don't have a layer18:25
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sim_simmgedmin, thanks a lot18:27
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sim_simTresEquis, so for unittest rather than extending some layer, I would have to make an import of the help module ?18:28
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sim_simTresEquis, should my functional and unittest (that both need the same helpers), get the exactly the same helper but in a different way : one package as a module and needing to be import for unittest and one as a layer that should be inherited for functional test ?18:30
sim_sim(sorry for my many english mistakes, trying to improve!)18:31
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TresEquissim_sim: votre anglais est parfait ;)18:34
TresEquisI would factor the shared base class / module such that both functional and unit tests would use it the same way18:35
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TresEquisbut keep the layers out of the picture (they are really only supposed to be for setup / teardown)18:35
mgedminTresEquis, do you have something against using layers for explicit grouping of tests?18:37
mgedmine.g. sim_sim's use case: compute testing coverage of _unit_ tests only18:37
TresEquismgedmin: I do18:39
TresEquisI think unit tests should be clean, small, fast18:39
TresEquisand that layers are the wrong abstraction for them18:39
TresEquisI think the utility of grouping them goes down sharply once the Z3 monolith exploded into separate projects18:40
TresEquisI also think unit tests should run with virtually no support from the testrunner beyond stdlib's unittest18:41
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CIA-46ulif * r112228 grokui.codebrowser/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Comply to repository policy.19:27
CIA-46ulif * r112229 grokui.introspector/ (10 files in 3 dirs): Comply to repository policy.19:27
CIA-46ulif * r112230 grokui.quickstart/ ( COPYRIGHT.txt LICENSE.txt): Comply to repository policy.19:27
CIA-46ulif * r112231 grokui.zodbbrowser/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Comply to repository policy.19:27
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CIA-46ulif * r112232 gzo.plonepolicy/ (COPYRIGHT.txt LICENSE.txt): Comply to repository policy.19:47
CIA-46ulif * r112233 gzo.plonesmashtheme/ Bump version number.19:47
CIA-46ulif * r112234 gzo.plonesmashtheme/ (CHANGES.txt COPYRIGHT.txt LICENSE.txt): Comply to repository policy/add history.19:48
CIA-46ulif * r112235 gzo/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Comply to repository policy.19:48
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CIA-46tseaver * r112236 zope.repositorypolicy/RULES.txt: Flesh out rules, notes about how to conform.21:16
CIA-46tseaver * r112237 zope.repositorypolicy/ ( RULES.txt README.txt): Get pacakge docs into more-or-less canonical form.21:16
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CIA-46jens * r112238 zope.repositorypolicy/README.txt:23:47
CIA-46- correct typos23:47
CIA-46- the license value in is OK as long as it starts with "ZPL"23:47
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