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TresEquisbitmonk: no story that I know of02:01
TresEquisthe ZODB has low-level support for the feature02:01
TresEquisZTK is unlikely to provide anything there, ever02:01
TresEquisalthough something built on top of it might02:02
bitmonksure, just an equivalent to the bits in Products.ZODBMountPoint need to be un-producted at minimum, i'd imagine ..02:03
bitmonkalright well, back to namechoosers and renamers and whatnot ..02:04
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bitmonkTresEquis: hey i'm still refining the test for the other, a cust called05:36
bitmonkprobably will be ready tomorrow05:37
bitmonklots of improvements in this package today, eh? i think the prior rev is from astoon.05:37
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CIA-46tseaver * r112555 zope.copypastemove/ (4 files in 3 dirs): (log message trimmed)05:45
CIA-46Merge lp:~justizin/zope.copypastemove/lp_98385, with tweaks:05:45
CIA-46- Honor the name given by the 'IObjectMover' in05:45
CIA-46'OrderedContainerItemRenamer.renameItem'. Thanks to Marius Gedminas05:45
CIA-46for the patch, and to Justin Ryan for the test.05:45
CIA-46- Avoid adding a dependency on '' by using the equivalent05:45
mupBug #98385: OrderedContainerItemRenamer assumes too much <bugday> <bugday20100424> <community> <issue> <zope.copypastemove:Fix Committed by justizin> <Zope 3:Won't Fix by mgedmin> <>05:45
TresEquisbitmonk: ok, great05:49
bitmonksaw your comments, i am pretty sure my test should fail in one of those cases, I went through a bit of a dosey-do because I forgot to commit with --fixes at first, I must have lost a change - the ordered renamer is the one the bug is about.05:51
bitmonkanyway, thanks for catching that.05:51
bitmonki just looked in my editor and i totally lost the return newName somehow ..05:52
bitmonkand the z.a. dep i had a feeling was not ideal, but it's what i could easily find ref to using..05:52
bitmonkanyway, more after dinner digests :)05:52
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CIA-46ctheune * r112556 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/zope-dev-20100518.rst: Update summary of last meeting.10:48
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CIA-46tlotze * r112557 gocept.selenium/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 0.4.211:40
CIA-46tlotze * r112558 /gocept.selenium/tags/0.4.2: Tagging 0.4.211:40
CIA-46tlotze * r112559 gocept.selenium/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 0.4.311:40
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CIA-46janwijbrand * r112560 grokcore.startup/ (5 files in 3 dirs): allow running ad hoc scripts against a setup application, similar to "./bin/zopectl run []"13:33
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CIA-46janwijbrand * r112561 grokcore.startup/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 1.014:19
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112562 /grokcore.startup/tags/1.0: Tagging 1.014:20
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112563 grokcore.startup/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 1.114:20
CIA-46janwijbrand * r112564 /groktoolkit/ (trunk/grok.cfg branches/1.1/grok.cfg): update grokcore.startup to 1.0 version14:20
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CIA-46janwijbrand 1.0 * r112565 grok/ (CHANGES.txt versions.cfg): update grokcore.startup to 1.014:50
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planetzopebotProducts.TextIndexNG3 3.4.0b1 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-46ulif * r112566 megrok.chameleon/src/megrok/chameleon/tests/ Use new test layer from z.a.wsgi.16:29
CIA-46ulif * r112567 megrok.chameleon/src/megrok/chameleon/tests/genshi_fixture/ Add fake view to let template registry shut up.16:29
CIA-46ulif * r112568 megrok.chameleon/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Get rid of zope.testing,, z3c.testsetup.16:29
CIA-46ulif * r112569 megrok.chameleon/CHANGES.txt: Update history.16:29
CIA-46ulif * r112570 megrok.chameleon/ (6 files in 4 dirs): Comply to repository policy.16:29
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CIA-46ulif * r112571 megrok.chameleon/ (CHANGES.txt Prepare 0.5.1 bugfix release.16:45
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CIA-46ulif * r112572 /megrok.chameleon/tags/0.5.1: Tag 0.5.1 bugfix release.17:01
CIA-46ulif 0.5.1 * r112573 megrok.chameleon/ (CHANGES.txt Remove dev marker, set date.17:01
CIA-46ulif * r112574 megrok.chameleon/ (CHANGES.txt Back to devel: 0.5.217:01
CIA-46benji_york * r112575 manuel/ (src/manuel/ CHANGES.txt src/manuel/bugs.txt):17:01
CIA-46- fix a bug that caused variables assigned in a doctest not to be reflected in17:01
CIA-46the passed-in globs dictionary; fixes half of launchpad bug 58248217:01
CIA-46ulif * r112576 groktoolkit/grok-ecosystem.cfg: Bump megrok.chameleon version after bugfix release.17:01
mupBug #582482: manuel doctests don't use the globals dictionary passed to setUp and tearDown. <Manuel :New> <>17:01
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mupBug #583343 was filed: Undocumented "?" usage in path expression <doc> <zope.tales:New> <>17:04
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planetzopebotmegrok.chameleon 0.5.1 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-46jfroche fieldsandcontentproviders * r112577 z3c.form/src/z3c/form/configure.zcml: declare our widgets manager17:48
CIA-46jfroche fieldsandcontentproviders * r112578 z3c.form/src/z3c/form/ there is no use trying to extract data from content providers17:48
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CIA-46janwijbrand * r112579 grokproject/ (CHANGES.txt README.txt): update changelog and readme to elaborate on structural changes in the versions info layout and the interactive debug promtp18:16
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planetzopebotpcommerce.core 0.4 (PyPI recent updates)
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delijatihej some knows how to extend zope.conf with my own section or is it still like here explained
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benjidarn, delijati went away20:04
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bitmonk1TresEquis: working on that second copypastemove issue, my test fails even after implementing what I'm pretty darn sure is a fix, so I'm just rewriting the test..20:56
bitmonk1if I can't get past this, i may need some feedback on my test, but it seems very straightforward, except that I lazily copied and merged a couple of doctests and just, going to write a regular test now.20:56
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TresEquisbitmonk1: I don't place much faith in doctests21:02
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bitmonk1sure, it's ugly, i will probably port over the other doctests i wrote and merged as normal tests later as well..21:03
bitmonk1following the submitter vs maintainers lead ;)21:03
* bitmonk1 ducks21:03
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bitmonk1i was that is, following the wrong lead ..21:03
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* TresEquis tends to ignore code whose only tests are doctests as "untested"21:05
TresEquisI'm in the middle of getting zope.interface to 100% coverage *without* running doctests, for instance21:05
betabugwhat's so wrong with doctests?21:11
TresEquisbetabug: nothing besides the fact that they tend to suck as docs *and* as tests21:13
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teixbetabug: TresEquis don't like to press '>' three times :)21:13
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betabugyeah, I don't really like them as docs21:14
TresEquisI don't mind a small proportion of "executable examples" in something written as real docs21:14
betabugas for tests, I use them for "functional" or integration testing - but never exclusively21:14
TresEquisbut 99% of the doctests written are at 50+% "examples"21:15
betabughmmm, not what I'm doing21:15
TresEquiswith ridiculous contortions21:15
TresEquisthey are completely unreadable as docs21:15
betabugI have something like a "walkthrough" on the app, just to make sure I'm not killing any basic functionality on the user level21:15
TresEquisthe lack of isolation between tests is a killer21:15
TresEquisI can sort of see that21:15
TresEquisbut I don't want to see edge cases, exceptions, etc. showing up in them21:16
betabugisolation isn't so much a problem there, since if the (say) order confirmation page starts throwing 500s at the user, it's not going to stay that way for long :-)21:16
TresEquisdoctests nearly always end up testing unimportant artifacts, too (e.g., repr of exceptions)21:16
TresEquis*If* the project already has 100% coverage with unit tests, and the doctest focuses on being primarly "documentation with executable examples"21:17
TresEquisthen I can live with it21:17
TresEquisbut at that point I want the doctest to move out of the package dir and into the top-level Sphinx docs21:18
betabugI think the "doctest as docs" myth came from people doing very basic language features stuff, e.g. "see, you can use my type xy as a list", but apart from something used at a python prompt, it doesn't work for me for docs21:18
TresEquisthey really don't work for me as either21:19
betabugs/as/& tests/ I presume :-)21:20
teixbut i think doctest sounds good for functional tests and not for achieving 100% coverage though21:21
TresEquis"as either tests or docs"21:21
betabugteix: yes, that's about what I'm doing there21:22
TresEquisnot terrible as a "mainline specification"21:22
betabugI used to do that with normal "functional" tests, but it was a nightmare to extend and update21:22
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bitmonk1TresEquis: agree about the contortions, it's a bad habit to get into, but it is nice to see some basic usage with minimal contortions on the pypi frontpage.22:01
bitmonk1once you've tried to fix a syntax error five times in a doctest it's time to put it in a space that can be syntax highlighted, at very least ;d22:01
bitmonk1and like declaring classes, i stole the custom namechooser from the submitter's patch of the bug i merged yesterday.22:02
bitmonk1moving that out of the doctest rid me of endless headaches immediately, but the meat of the test is still a doctest, so i'm thinking i would get something thrown at me if i pushed this ;d22:02
*** bitmonk2 has quit IRC22:03
* bitmonk1 will tidy that up after some emailing22:03
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planetzopebotleocornus.django.ploneproxy 0.1dev-r420 (PyPI recent updates)
CIA-46jim dev * r112580 zc.zlibstorage/buildout.cfg: Oops, need test extras.22:52
CIA-46jim dev * r112581 zc.zlibstorage/src/zc/zlibstorage/
CIA-46Added module-level functions that we can use with packing and gc hooks22:52
CIA-46Doulble check we don't double compress by checking for the compressed22:52
CIA-46prefix when compressing.22:52
CIA-46Fixed a bug in the registerDB plumbing.22:52
CIA-46jim dev * r112582 zc.zlibstorage/ (src/zc/zlibstorage/README.txt README.txt): Added documentation.22:52
CIA-46jim dev * r112583 zc.zlibstorage/src/zc/zlibstorage/
CIA-46Added documentation.22:52
CIA-46Fixed a bug in the registerDB plumbing.22:52
CIA-46jim * r112584 /zc.zlibstorage/ (branches/dev trunk): ready22:52
CIA-46jim * r112585 /zc.zlibstorage/tags/0.1.0: tag22:52
CIA-46jim 0.1.0 * r112586 zc.zlibstorage/ Updated version number.22:52
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planetzopebotzc.zlibstorage 0.1.0 (PyPI recent updates)
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