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CIA-46benji_york * r112587 zc.zlibstorage/src/zc/zlibstorage/README.txt: fix jimos00:16
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CIA-46tseaver 2.12 * r112588 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/
CIA-46Allow tests to run in isolation.01:33
CIA-46E.g., 'bin/test --all -s Products.SiteAccess'.01:33
CIA-46tseaver 2.12 * r112589 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ ( Unused imports.01:33
CIA-46tseaver 2.12 * r112590 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ ( Remove fossilized testing hair, module-scope imports.01:33
CIA-46tseaver * r112591 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Merge janitorial changes from 2.12 branch.01:33
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CIA-46tseaver 2.12 * r112592 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ Wrap long lines.01:46
CIA-46tseaver 2.12 * r112593 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ Flesh out edge case tests.01:46
CIA-46tseaver * r112594 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ ( tests/ Merge further janitorial changes from 2.12 branch.01:46
CIA-46tseaver 2.12 * r112595 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ De-dupe testcase name.01:46
CIA-46tseaver * r112596 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ Merge de-dupe from 2.12 branch.01:46
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CIA-46tseaver 2.12 * r112597 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ Add unit tests for AccessRule's current behavior.02:21
CIA-46tseaver * r112598 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ Merge access rule tests from 2.12 branch.02:21
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bitmonk1TresEquis: the branch I linked to 98311 is not for review / merge yet, I'm adding a comment.02:44
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bitmonk1moral of the story, I am not sure that 98311 should block the other two changes pending for a copypastemove release, and either I'm crazy or something is wierd, or perhaps both. ;)02:54
bitmonk1but, there is a failing test and, in a separate revision, the proposed change, which i will not quite call a 'fix' at this point.02:54
bitmonk1if i've made an obvious mistake in my test, i would appreciate an appropriate smack on the head.02:55
bitmonk1oh, d'oh, both of my patches from yesterday and today lack ChangeLog entries.  Did you take care of that for me, TresEquis?  I promise to get better at the details. ;)02:56
bitmonk1anyway, i don't want 98311 merged without some commentary, and etc.. notions in my lp comment.02:57
bitmonk1though yanno, if the test has an obvious oversight and you want to run with it, prerogative and all.02:57
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bitmonk1TresEquis: i'll be around all evening, if you have time to look at my test, I can't see what's wrong with it, i'm setting a marker interface in the namechooser and checking for it now instead of setting an arbitrary attr, still fails.03:15
bitmonk1also still think this maybe isn't a test we should include, but giving myself an E for Effort ;)03:15
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TresEquisbitmonk1: sorry, beer:30 interferred04:14
bitmonk1TresEquis: please don't allow me to interferr beer:30 ;)04:14
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bitmonk1the moral is, i think the one from yesterday and astoon's are order of magnitude more important than 98311, which may involve some debate.  let's just focus on those for now and sleep on 98311.  or, if my test is just plain stupid, then you can slap me with a large trout ;)04:15
* bitmonk1 extend TresEquis an sf bay area beer:30 future invite ;d04:16
* TresEquis is always up for that04:16
bitmonk1most bars per capita in the USA. ;d04:16
bitmonk1in the city, at least ..04:16
TresEquisAgendaless has a sweet arrangment:  our office/apartment is just across the FXBG main drag from one bar, another across the side street04:17
bitmonk1where are you guys? i remember when you kicked off..04:17
TresEquisthe first one start pulling us a pitcher when the see us on the sidewalk04:17
bitmonk1heh my beloved 'tenders have a habit of not charging me, but shhh i didn't say that. ;d04:17
* bitmonk1 google FXBG04:18
bitmonk1ah VA04:18
bitmonk1i thought as much04:18
* bitmonk1 gave his favorite bartender a flashed wifi router the other day, and begrudgingly accepted a $20 after being comped like $30 in pints ;d04:19
bitmonk1i'm like FINE but you're getting this back in tips! ;d04:19
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CIA-46ulif * r112599 /grokcore.view/branches/ulif-logwarnings: Create branch for logging warnings.05:01
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CIA-46benji_york * r112600 manuel/ (5 files in 2 dirs):06:19
CIA-46fix by (more)06:19
CIA-46reworking the way test globs are handled06:19
CIA-46benji_york * r112601 /manuel/tags/1.1.1: tag 1.1.106:19
CIA-46benji_york 1.1.1 * r112602 manuel/ set version on tag (1.1.1)06:19
mupBug #582482: manuel doctests don't use the globals dictionary passed to setUp and tearDown. <Manuel :Fix Released> <>06:19
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newi am using zope 2.10.I ve tried creating disk based product with tutorial from .After putting in products the .pyc file is getting created .but the product  is not listed in ZMI08:38
Theuni1new: have a look at the log file of the server for errors or warnings about your product, maybe even a traceback08:49
newI am getting in log :INFO Application New disk product detected, determining if we need to fix up any ZClasses.08:52
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Theuni1yeah, that's the usual, but not an error09:08
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newbut still i didn't get in the dropdown the Product name .Is there any other places to check09:18
Theuni1look in the control panel -> products09:18
Theuni1You're in the ZMI (/manage), right?09:18
Theuni1the left frame has an option "control panel"09:19
Theuni1click that09:19
Theuni1on the main page there's a list of links, one of them is "products"09:19
Theuni1go there, too09:20
Theuni1there's a list of all products that your zope server knows09:20
newit is product management09:20
Theuni1yeah, that's fine09:20
newbut its name doesn't appear here09:20
Theuni1then there's something deeper broken in the sense that you code probably isn't even included correctly09:20
Theuni1did you check the actual official documentation besides the tutorial you mentioned?09:21
Theuni1and more specifically: and
newok i'll check .thank u.09:21
Theuni1sure, good luck :)09:22
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CIA-94ccomb * r112603 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/releaseteam/meeting-20100518.rst: added a note about extra.cfg or incoming.cfg12:30
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CIA-94ulif ulif-logwarnings * r112604 grokcore.view/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Turn warnings into configurable log messages.15:14
CIA-94ulif * r112605 grokcore.view/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Merge changes from ulif-logwarnings back into trunk.15:14
CIA-94ulif * r112606 /grokcore.view/branches/ulif-logwarnings: Remove obsolete branch.15:15
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mupBug #583787 was filed: Stop executing tests of a case if the common setup fails <zope.testrunner:New> <>15:59
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CIA-94tseaver 2.12 * r112607 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ Add tests for 'Products.SiteAccess.AccessRule.manage_addAccessRule'.16:29
CIA-94tseaver 2.12 * r112608 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ Add tests for 'Products.SiteAccess.AccessRule.getAccessRule'.16:29
CIA-94tseaver * r112609 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ Merge new coverage tests from 2.12 branch.16:29
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moo---_your daily nosql
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CIA-94tseaver 2.12 * r112610 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ Readability.17:00
CIA-94tseaver 2.12 * r112611 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ ( tests/
CIA-94Remove string exception.17:00
CIA-94Coverage for 'Products.SiteAccess.SiteRoot.Traverser'.17:00
CIA-94tseaver * r112612 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ Merge readability fix from 2.12 branch.17:00
CIA-94tseaver * r112613 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ (tests/ Merge string exception removal, coverage from 2.12 branch.17:00
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akincerI'm using Plone 4 with LDAP and when I connect using my LDAP credentials over WebDAV, Zope seems to want a password too. Is there a way to stop this?17:28
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akinceror maybe a better way to ask is how do I make Zope only use the Plone auth method (regardless of what it is) and not ask for a Zope password on top of the Plone password?17:33
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planetzopebotbabble.client 1.3.2 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-94tseaver 2.12 * r112614 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ Formatting.17:57
CIA-94tseaver 2.12 * r112615 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ More readability.17:57
CIA-94tseaver 2.12 * r112616 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ Coveraage for 'Products.SiteAccess.SiteRoot.SiteRoot'.17:57
CIA-94tseaver * r112617 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ Merge formatting cleanups from 2.12 branch.17:57
CIA-94tseaver * r112618 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ Merge more cleanups from 2.12 branch.17:57
CIA-94tseaver * r112619 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/tests/ Merge coverage from 2.12 branch.17:57
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CIA-94asmith * r112620 zc.recipe.wrapper/src/zc/recipe/wrapper/README.txt: fix tests18:22
CIA-94tseaver 2.12 * r112621 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ ( tests/ Remove some insanity, now that we have coverage.18:22
CIA-94tseaver 2.12 * r112622 Zope/ (5 files in 3 dirs):18:22
CIA-94Remove URL-based suppression of access rules and site root objects.18:22
CIA-94Suppression using ``os.environ`` still works.18:22
CIA-94Fixes LP #142878.18:22
mupBug #142878: AccessRules can't safely be used for security <feature+solution> <zope> <Zope 2:Fix Committed by tseaver> <>18:22
CIA-94tseaver * r112623 Zope/src/Products/SiteAccess/ (tests/ Merge saner SiteRoot impl. from 2.12 branch.18:22
CIA-94tseaver * r112624 Zope/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Merge fix for LP#142878 from 2.12 branch.18:22
mupBug #142878: AccessRules can't safely be used for security <feature+solution> <zope> <Zope 2:Fix Committed by tseaver> <>18:22
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planetzopebotcollective.idashboard 1.2.6a2 (PyPI recent updates)
CIA-94asmith * r112625 zc.recipe.wrapper/src/zc/recipe/wrapper/ ( README.txt): fix remaining tests18:37
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CIA-94asmith * r112626 /zc.recipe.wrapper/branches/alex-fix-relative-paths: branch to fix script generation for relative paths18:56
CIA-94asmith * r112627 /zc.recipe.wrapper/branches/alex-fix-relative-paths: add ignores18:56
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planetzopebotcollective.js.blackbird 1.2.1 (PyPI recent updates)
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planetzopebotleocornus.django.ploneproxy 0.1beta1 (PyPI recent updates)
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jmbakerIs there any way to programmatically get and set the size of the threadpool in zope 2?20:21
jmbakerI've looked and I can't quite seem to figure this out from the documentation.  :-)20:21
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moo---_jmbaker: there is documentation? :)20:23
moo---_jmbaker: of course there is a way, as it is open source and you can do whatever you wish :)20:24
jmbakermoo---_ : Perhaps I should restate my question.  Is there any way to do so without changing the Zope source code?  :-)20:24
moo---_jmbaker: of course there is20:25
moo---_jmbaker: it is python20:25
moo---_jmbaker: you can monkey-patch whatever you wish :)20:25
moo---_jmbaker: maybe you should reformat your question, how ;)20:25
jmbakerGood point.  :-)  *How* can I programmatically get and set the current size of the thread pool in zope 2?20:26
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CIA-94ulif * r112628 grokproject/ (README.txt tests_paste.txt tests_alternative_release_url.txt): Minor typos and ReST fixes.20:47
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CIA-94ulif * r112629 grokproject/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Add grok-logger in .ini files.21:02
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CIA-94asmith alex-fix-relative-paths * r112630 zc.recipe.wrapper/src/zc/recipe/wrapper/ ( README.txt): make wrapper script compute a path relative to __file__21:16
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CIA-94asmith alex-fix-relative-paths * r112631 zc.recipe.wrapper/CHANGES.txt: update change notes21:30
CIA-94asmith * r112632 zc.recipe.wrapper/ (4 files in 3 dirs): merged branch: alex-fix-relative-paths21:30
CIA-94asmith * r112633 zc.recipe.wrapper/CHANGES.txt: update change notes21:30
CIA-94asmith * r112634 /zc.recipe.wrapper/tags/1.1.0: tag new release21:30
CIA-94asmith 1.1.0 * r112635 zc.recipe.wrapper/ (CHANGES.txt set release info21:30
CIA-94asmith * r112636 zc.recipe.wrapper/ (CHANGES.txt update release history and bump version21:30
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CIA-94asmith * r112637 /zc.recipe.wrapper/branches/alex-fix-relative-paths: remove dead branch22:06
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digilordIs there a way to restrict the mimetype of a file being uploaded with the filefield widget?22:39
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CIA-94jim * r112638 zc.FileStorage/ (3 files in 2 dirs):22:53
CIA-94- Now (ZODB 3.10) that the filestorage packer option can take22:53
CIA-94expressions, expose a packer factory, ``Packer``.22:53
CIA-94- In addition to a sleep argument, to control resting between22:53
CIA-94transactions, provide transform and untransform options to provide22:53
CIA-94record-transformation functions. The primary use case for this is22:53
CIA-94to use packing to compress storages not previously compressed.22:53
CIA-94jim * r112639 /zc.FileStorage/tags/1.2.0: tag22:53
CIA-94jim 1.2.0 * r112640 zc.FileStorage/ Updated version22:53
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planetzopebotcollective.xdv 1.0rc6 (PyPI recent updates)
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