IRC log of #zope for Wednesday, 2010-06-16

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bhagatzope-2.10 is working, I need to install  ZpsycopgDA to connect postgres,  but is there any installation docs  for ZpsycopgDA  in an existing zope instance ?07:47
bhagatI tried     from zope installation  folder's    bin/easy_install  psycopg2   it creating  the  psycopg2 egg file in site-packages   but no ZpsycopgDA avail in ZMI  any hints how to install ZpsycopgDA  ?07:49
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bhagathow to install ZpsycopgDA in an existing  ZOPE instance ?08:09
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d2mbhagat: did this page help ?08:21
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bhagatd2m:  you there ? Its  a deb package,09:08
bhagatI would like to know is there any chance to get installed via  easy_install ? if no  whats the other way to get it installed09:09
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d2mbhagat: here is the old FAQ regaring psycopg and zope installation
d2mdepends on the psycopg release you are using10:14
bhagatd2m,  thanks very much, mean while I installed it from source  by  build and install  then copied to Products dir of ZOPE instance fine10:14
bhagatI am able to get it in ZMI10:14
d2mok, fine10:15
bhagatd2m:  but one doubt  isn't there any  buildout method for doing it automatically ? It may with less pain..10:15
d2mbhagat: maybe for a start
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bhagatd2m, this may more convenient, I need to try  buildout too.. thanks again.10:23
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* Theuni1 waves11:36
Theuni1happy bugdaying11:36
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romanofskitwo hours bug-day for me11:40
Theuni1romanofski: better than nothing! :)11:40
Theuni1do you have a bug to tackle?11:40
* Theuni1 fixes a weird invalidation problem with blobs and savepoints11:41
algaTheuni1: I'm leaving for lunch, will be back with mgedmin in ~1.5 hours11:41
algawhere do we strat then?11:41
romanofskiTheuni1: nothing yet11:41
romanofskisomething I could do the next 2h?11:41
Theuni1alga: have a look here
Theuni1romanofski: you can have a look at that list as well and check for bugs with patches11:42
Theuni1that's what I do when I want to get to something small11:42
* Theuni1 waits for the ZODB test suite11:42
algaTheuni1: thanks!11:42
Theuni1romanofski: tell me when you picked something and need input11:45
romanofskiTheuni1: #118088 sounds like it's missing a test?11:45
_mup_Bug #118088: Moving a folder to one of its subfolders causes a system error <zope.container:Confirmed> <>11:45
* Theuni1 stares at _mup_11:45
romanofski_mup_: dance11:45
Theuni1romanofski: yeah, sounds like it needs a test. wanna do that?11:46
romanofskiyes :)11:46
romanofskialready checking out zope.container11:46
Theuni1did you claim the bug?11:46
romanofskinot yet - I first thought about having a look ... not it turns out to be a trap ;)11:47
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Theuni1you still might want to claim it11:47
Theuni1otherwise someone else could do the same thing ;)11:47
romanofskiI claim it and implement the test11:47
Theuni1and if you find it's a trap you can document that11:47
Theuni1"Warning: hours may be lost"11:48
romanofskiresolve as: time trap11:48
romanofskioeh... claim claim claim - where do I assign the bug to myself?11:49
romanofskifound it11:49
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* Theuni1 continues moving bugs from the zope 3 tracker around11:57
romanofskizope.proxy/proxy.h: No such file or directory - bzzzt11:58
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romanofskihmpf - git's svn module is not fetching any external URLs... *narf12:02
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planetzopebotacted.projects 0.1dev (PyPI recent updates)
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_mup_Bug #143923 was filed: ZopeTwoPageTemplateFile should use os.path.normpath <feature+solution> <zope> <zope.pagetemplate:New> <>12:13
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Theuni1i'm off for a meeting and some lunch for a while12:27
romanofskiI may need a review of my test12:30
romanofskiTheuni1: please let me know if you have a quick minute... just not sure to commit the test with the patch without someone having a look at it12:33
_mup_Bug #143930 was filed: formlib test fails <bug+solution> <zope> <zope.formlib:Confirmed> <>12:33
Theuni1romanofski: if you want I can review it later, just poke me again around 13:0012:33
romanofskiyeh - awesome... will it be alright if it's a bit later than 13:00 (CEST)?12:36
romanofskiTheuni1: attached the test to #118088:12:40
_mup_Bug #118088: Moving a folder to one of its subfolders causes a system error <zope.container:Confirmed for romanofski-two> <>12:40
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* romanofski wonders if #221151 needs a test to be fixed12:55
_mup_Bug #221151: StartUpFailure.shortDescription() fails with AttributeError <zope.testing:Confirmed> <>12:55
romanofskilooks for me just to add a simple super call12:55
romanofskihm... more difficult than I though13:02
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romanofskishesh - I need something to eat13:09
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regebroAnyone has a copy of the 2.12.5 versions.cfg for me?13:41
MatthewWilkesregebro: Works here13:42
regebroMatthewWilkes: Super, thanks!13:43
regebroMaybe they are moving DNS or something?13:43
MatthewWilkescould be, I know Andreas blogged about updating the site, might be worth asking him?13:43
regebroMatthewWilkes: Eh that's a plone versions.cfg...13:44
MatthewWilkesregebro: Sorry, did I paste the wrong thing?13:44
regebroMatthewWilkes: Yeah. :)13:44
MatthewWilkesregebro: Sorry,
regebroMatthewWilkes: Awesome, thanks!13:45
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shywolf9982I get a "spam page" on download.zope.org14:23
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* mgedmin files about zope.testrunner being uninstallable when using Python 2.414:26
_mup_Bug #595052: zope.testrunner 4.0.0b2 uninstallable when using Python 2.4 <zope.testrunner:New> <>14:26
mgedminthanks, _mup_14:27
agroszerdropped a mail to Jens about download.zope.org14:27
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_mup_Bug #595052 was filed: zope.testrunner 4.0.0b2 uninstallable when using Python 2.4 <zope.testrunner:New> <>14:33, Jens sais: seems like ZC did not renew domains14:38
betabugagroszer: impossible14:39 still works14:39
betabugyou don't register subdomains14:39 is an alias for is pointing to, hetzner01.zopefoundation.org14:40
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betabugbut there is a redirect to Location: http://searchdiscovered.com14:40
agroszerguys, talk to Jens, I'm just the messenger14:41
betabugno way is that an expired domain... maybe an expired hosting account or a misconfigured hosting account14:41
betabugX-Powered-By: PHP/5.2.614:41
betabugsuits us fine for using PHP!!!14:41 is an expired domain14:41
mgedminscratch the first dot14:41
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betabugso is expired and was using that14:42
betabugCNAME record for download.zope.org14:45
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romanofskiTheuni1: I may also have a fix for #221151 in case it's really just a super call... the tests don't work for me unfortunately :(14:47
_mup_Bug #221151: StartUpFailure.shortDescription() fails with AttributeError <zope.testing:Confirmed for romanofski-two> <>14:47
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Theuni1phew would have been very bad - i can live with for a bit :)14:53
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d2mhas this been hacked, or is the URL wrong?14:56
Theuni1probably also a cname issue14:57
Theuni1the url is fine14:57
Theuni1we're having issues with having accidentally expired and CNAMEs pointing to it14:57
do3ccanybody knows the ip adress of old
Theuni1should be back15:03
Theuni1jens just updated the nameservers and changed the cnames15:03
planetzopebotstxnext.staticdeployment 0.6.0 (PyPI recent updates)
betabugmaybe people will have the wrong stuff in their/providers dns caches for a while15:04
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Theuni1the authoritative NS' haven't received the updates either yet15:06
Theuni1will take a while15:06
betabughmmm? that's strange15:07 and have the new CNAME hetzner01.zope.org15:07
betabugso things will start to propagate15:08
* __gotcha tackling #14353115:11
_mup_Bug #143531: Broken objects should give access to their state <bug> <zope> <Zope 2:Confirmed> <>15:11
Theuni1zope 3 bugs all triaged somewhere else15:12
__gotchaI'd like someone to look at the fix I made for 14353115:14
__gotchatest_Uninstalled tests are passing15:14
__gotchaI am waiting for full test suite results15:14
__gotchaok full suite still pass15:15
Theuni1__gotcha: i can do that15:15
Theuni1i'm currently working on getting the bug watch script ready15:15
Theuni1romanofski: i've also put your two bugs on my list for review15:16
__gotchaTheuni1: thanks15:16
romanofskiTheuni1: cheers15:16
__gotchaTheuni1: if it seems ok, lemme know, I'll merge15:16
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romanofskiTheuni1: let me know what you think... I'll go to bed, but stay online15:17
Theuni1romanofski: good night :)15:17
*** sunew has joined #zope15:18 came back for me15:22
Theuni1sounds like DNS is getting better again15:22
Theuni1or not15:23
Theuni1some cache is biting me15:23
* mgedmin needs buildout help:
_mup_Bug #580083: zope.testrunner's buldout makes failing tests <zope.testrunner:Confirmed for regebro-gmail> <>15:23
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* mgedmin hates buildout15:28
__gotchamgedmin: declare a test dependency in zope.testrunner15:32
mgedmin__gotcha, please be more specific15:32
mgedminbuildout ignores test_requires15:32
__gotchaI'll add the code as a comment15:33
mgedminI just gave up looking for cleaner solutions and committed extras_require = {'test': ...}15:33
__gotchamgedmin: sure15:33
__gotchaand what is wrong about it ?15:34
mgedminI remember extras_require being controversial15:34
__gotchaexcept that buildout could use test_requires15:34
__gotchaI think the controverse stopped15:34
__gotchaa lot of recent checkins use extras_require15:35
avn_mgedmin:  refer to  eggs = yourpackage[test]  to include test depends15:35
avn_and --test-path still included only yourpackage.15:35
mgedminthat's what I did15:35
avn_(I not sure --- it correct solution or not, I found it by accident)15:36
mgedminzc.recipe.testrunner does not use Launchpad for bug tracking. :/15:36
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avn_mgedmin: -- exact snippet15:38
mgedminavn_, thanks15:38
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pingviinihi #zope!15:56
pingviinidoes anyone know what is the direct ip-address to
hannosch74.54.82.222 ?15:57
mgedmin<do3cc> anybody knows the ip adress of old
mgedminand I hate how xchat removes "redundant" nicknames from subsequent lines15:58
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pingviinihmm.. what I'm trying to do is just get my Plone buildout bootstrap go through and it's version.cfg has dependencies to zopes version.cfg file which were in
betabugpingviini: there was some domain name trouble16:01
mgedminbuildout's extends-cache is a life-saver16:01
mgedminor should be16:01
betabugit should be resolved now, but you probably have the old DNS data in your providers name server cache16:02
hannoschyep, either use a extends cache or always copy any external files16:02
betabugpingviini: patience!16:02
mgedminmucking with /etc/hosts appears to be the simplest way16:03
*** aaronv has joined #zope16:04
betabugit always is... till you forget to remove stuff there when things go back to normal :-)16:04
pingviiniI couldn't imagine myself forgetting to remove stuff from some previous "quick fix" ;)16:05
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Theuni1romanofski: reviewed your first bug and found a glitch in the test as was pointed out that a line wasn't covered16:05
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Theuni1romanofski: #221151 definitely needs to have a test16:10
_mup_Bug #221151: StartUpFailure.shortDescription() fails with AttributeError <zope.testing:Confirmed for romanofski-two> <>16:10
Theuni1i've asked mgedmin in the bug whether he can provide one16:10
TresEquismgedmin: thanks for fixing the zope.testrunner's own bin/test16:10
TresEquisI fixed the Python 2.4 issue16:11
mgedminwait, what?  *I* filed #221151?  My memory draws a blank :/16:12
Theuni1i just noticed that i still have the python2.5 issue with the testrunner spitting out something about postmortem16:12
_mup_Bug #221151: StartUpFailure.shortDescription() fails with AttributeError <zope.testing:Confirmed for romanofski-two> <>16:12
* Theuni1 hands mgedmin another blank16:12
mgedmin_mup_, what kind of bot are you?16:12
mgedminsupybot has this bug tracker plugin that rather sensibly refrains from expanding a bug number for ~5 minutes16:12
mgedminbecause we can see it right there in our screens16:12
mgedminand don't need it to be repeated over and over again16:13
TresEquis_mup_ is sidnei's LP bot, I think16:13
TresEquismgedmin: do you have plans to do any more work on zope.testrunner today?16:14
TresEquisI'm thinking we could go ahead and release it16:14
mgedminI don't have any very concrete plans16:14
mgedmin+1 for releasing16:14
TresEquishelp fix the buildbots tonight16:14
mgedminrelease early, release often16:14
mgedminshould I unpin zc.recipe.testrunner in zope.release's buildout.cfg then?16:15
TresEquisI don't know the relationship of zc.recipe.testrunner to zope.testrunner16:15
mgedminzope.testrunner is used to run zope.release's own tests for the tools, not for the KGS package tests16:16
mgedminbut because it wasn't installable on python2.4, zope.release's bin/buildout broke rather early16:16
mgedminzc.recipe.testrunner 1.3.0 depends on zope.testrunner16:16
mgedminprevious versions used zope.testing.testrunner16:16
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TresEquisI didn't think the buildbots were using zope.release16:21
mgedminmine was16:22
mgedminI'd forgotten how painful zope.testrunner's test suite is16:25
*** MrWu has joined #zope16:27
mgedminTresEquis, Theuni1, got a failing test to reproduce #221151 (attached to the bug in LP)16:28
_mup_Bug #221151: StartUpFailure.shortDescription() fails with AttributeError <zope.testing:Confirmed for romanofski-two> <>16:28
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TresEquiswe have another messy zope.testing / zope.testrunner problem16:30
TresEquisthe Canonical guys have added features to zope.testing which use subunit16:30
TresEquisbut those features don't get tested unless you happen to have subunit installed16:31
mgedminbuildbots for all supported configurations is the only sane solution for that problem, I suppose16:31
TresEquisI'm working with them to bet the Python bits released to PyPI so that we can depend on the egg, and run the tests16:31
TresEquissorry, s/bet/get/16:32
*** goschtl has quit IRC16:33
* mgedmin would like to get #98106 fixed, but last time he tried that, he was ignomiously defeated16:34
_mup_Bug #98106: zope/sendmail/ spawns threads from zcml <core> <issue> <zope.sendmail:Confirmed> <Zope 3:Won't Fix> <>16:34
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*** astoon has quit IRC16:37
*** pepeu has joined #zope16:37
Theuni1hmm. what's the python version that belongs to zope 2 trunk?16:39
Theuni12.5 or 2.6?16:40
bigkevmcd"The last full bug-fix release of Python 2.5 was Python 2.5.4"16:43
Theuni1nah, the question was whether Zope 2 trunk is intended to support Python 2.5 or not16:43
Theuni1i get tests passing with 2.6 but not 2.516:43
hannoschTheuni1: Zope2 only supports Python 2.616:44
Theuni1ok, thanks16:44
hannoschboth 2.12 and trunk16:44
hannosch2.5 could work, 2.4 is actually really broken16:45
Theuni1theres only 2 or 3 glitches with 2.516:45
Theuni1but i'm not interested in that anyway16:45
Theuni1just didn't know which version i should be using16:45
hannoschok. it's not suppported anyways :)16:46
TresEquisromanofski: you still here?16:48
TresEquisfor the StartUpFailure bug, the fix is to get a '_testMethodDoc' on the instance, which can be done at class scope16:49
TresEquisI'm planning to check that into zope.testrunner, along with Marius' 2-line doctest for it16:50
TresEquisbefore I do a release today of zope.testrunner16:50
mgedminfwiw my doctest is not a real test16:51
mgedminit will fail even after the fix, since I wasn't sure what shortDescription() ought to return16:51
TresEquisI tweaked it to return the real value16:51
mgedminmaybe the same thing as repr()?16:51
Theuni1TresEquis: romanofski is in .AU, he left a while ago16:51
TresEquisit returns whatever '_testMethodDoc' does16:51
mgedminnow I'm suddenly afraid it won't be enough16:52
mgedminthe original usecase was "using zope.testrunner.find to construct a test suite and pass it to the standard unittest TextTestRunner"16:53
mgedminalthough I've completely forgotten _where_ I stumbled upon that usecase16:54
*** MJ has quit IRC16:54
mgedminso I suppose it's not urgent16:55
algatime to go, happy rest of bugday everyone16:55
*** Theuni1 has quit IRC16:56
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mgedminit's not my bug after all!17:02
TresEquismgedmin: hmm?17:03
TresEquisyou reported it17:03
bitmonkTresEquis: any further thoughts on 98311? my gut is still that perhaps namechooser shouldn't run on the object to be copied _or_ the destination of the copy, but the container.17:03
bitmonkmy branch implements the discussed change, it just seems Wrong(tm) to write a test for functionality that is discouraged, e.g. modifying an object in a namechooser.17:04
mgedminI reported it on behalf of somebody else:
TresEquisbitmonk: I'm afraid all that is paged out to swap at the moment17:04
*** jim_SFU has joined #zope17:05
*** dayne has quit IRC17:05
mgedminI should lose some karma points for not putting that URL in the original bug description17:06
*** jinty has quit IRC17:06
*** jinty has joined #zope17:06
*** Theuni1 has joined #zope17:07
*** baijum has joined #zope17:08
TresEquisI think I'm ready to do the zope.testrunner release17:09
TresEquisnext question:  should it be 4.0.0b3 or 4.0.0?17:09
TresEquisany rationale?17:10
mgedminjust gut feeling17:10
TresEquisI'll trust you on that, then ;)17:10
mgedminI didn't mention my extras_requires changes in the changelog17:11
mgedminshould I?17:11
mgedminoh, you did that17:12
*** wosc has quit IRC17:12
TresEquisHow about making the assumed next release 4.0.017:16
mgedminwhy not17:16
*** svaksha has joined #zope17:17
TresEquissidnei or regebro:  can you make me a maintainer for zope.testrunner?17:18
TresEquison PyPI?17:18
regebroTresEquis: Sure17:18
regebroTresEquis: login is TresEquis?17:19
regebroTresEquis: done17:20
TresEquismille grazie17:20
agroszeryeah, just build wineggs for zope.i18nmessageid 3.4.017:26
*** jinty_ has joined #zope17:27
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TresEquisagroszer: cool17:37
*** MrWu has joined #zope17:38
*** touff has joined #zope17:40
*** aaronv has quit IRC17:42
regebroOpen source rocks when other people fix your bugs. Thanks Marius and Tres! :-)17:45
*** MrWu has quit IRC17:46
*** lucmult has joined #zope17:47
*** MrWu has joined #zope17:47
TresEquisregebro: you're welcome17:49
TresEquisOTOH, FLOSS can suck too, as when easy bugs languish for years due to lack of volunteer attention17:49
*** baijum has quit IRC17:49
bitmonkTresEquis: fair enough, that happens in closed source, cloaked in denial.  s/volunteer/staff/g ;d17:50
bitmonktry to explain to apple they have a bug :)17:50
TresEquismgedmin: I think you can reverse the ping17:50
TresEquisbitmonk: yup17:51
mgedminwhat ping?17:51
*** aaronv has joined #zope17:53
TresEquismgedmin: sorry, my speling is off today:  'pin'17:56
TresEquishmm, #587760?17:56
_mup_Bug #587760: Zope 2.12.6 fails to run on Fedora <Zope 2:Fix Committed by hannosch> <>17:56
mgedminheh, muscle autocompletion17:56
mgedminI tend to type 'test' when I want to type 'text'17:56
TresEquishard for me not to type 'repozeitory' too ;)17:56
*** svaksha has quit IRC18:01
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_mup_Bug #530620 was filed: UnicodeDecodeError when using IE, Safari <zope.publisher:New> <>18:14
mgedminoh, that one18:15
agroszermgedmin, do think there's any chance to somehow password protect the "force build" button on a buildbot?18:16
mgedminsure, by hacking the source code18:17
agroszerno thanks ;-)18:17
mgedminat least I don't know of any other way, offhand18:17
hannoschuse Hudson instead?18:17
mgedminI strongly suspect a patch exists somewhere18:17
agroszerpls no hudson...18:18
hannoschok. I find it much easier and it just has those features18:18
hannoschgiven up on buildbot over here. it just costs too much time fighting it to get anything done18:19
agroszerhow much RAM does it eat?18:19
mgedmin1 gig out of the box, or something like that18:19
agroszer(the server has 512MB ;-)18:20
agroszerminus windows crap18:20
mgedminI don't believe Hudson actually needs all that memory; I think it's just the JVM preallocating its heap or something18:20
hannoschhhm, looks like 150mb over here18:20
mgedminRSS or VIRT?18:20
hannoschbut you could try with different JVM settings18:20
Theuni1agroszer: why wouldn't you not want hudson?18:21
Theuni1i found it awesome18:21
Theuni1hudson took lots of memory over here (2 gig or so) but then again it didn't start eating more when i started beating it18:21
agroszerthe server has around 256-300 free18:22
hannoschjust try different -Xms128M and -Xmx256M settings 18:22
hannoschnot sure what the default is. lower those, see if you get memory errors, increase, repeat18:23
agroszerI'll give a shot first to buildbot18:23
*** sashav has quit IRC18:25
agroszerI think I'll take buildbot without the force build button18:27
*** TomBlockley_ has joined #zope18:30
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* agroszer is tinkering whether he should put an apache in front of buildbot18:42
*** mcdonc has joined #zope18:45
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*** tisto has joined #zope18:52
mgedminagroszer, yes18:53
mgedminbecause URLs that include port numbers are not cool18:53
*** MrWu has joined #zope18:53
mgedminand I wouldn't want to run buildbot as root18:53
agroszerthis is windowze18:54
hannoschuse IIS ;)18:54
mgedminah, that's way outside of my experience18:54
agroszerhannosch, first I'll rather shoot into my own foot18:54
mgedminwhy put a buildmaster on a windows machine?18:54
*** mr_jolly has joined #zope18:54
mgedminbuildslaves I can understand18:54
hannoschyou don't have to, IIS will do that for you ;)18:54
mgedminbut those don't need apache, do they?18:54
agroszeryou volunteer to provide the master?18:55
mgedminwhat project is this?18:55
hannoschbuilding windows eggs18:55
agroszerbuilding windows eggs and testing stuff on win6418:55
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agroszermgedmin, I found a way:19:11
agroszertwice webstatus on different ports19:12
agroszerauth done with apache19:12
agroszerhere's the BB:19:12
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