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CIA-94jim * r114272 zc.ngi/src/zc/ngi/old.test: Fixed up some references to older interfaces.01:16
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CIA-94jim * r114273 zc.ngi/buildout.cfg: Reenable deprecation warnings in Python 2.7 and later. :(02:18
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CIA-94rogerineichen * r114274 (3 files in 2 dirs): added support for environment in script recipe03:14
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CIA-94adamg * r114275 (src/zope/app/applicationcontrol/ CHANGES.txt):09:01
CIA-94- Bugfix: Launching ``svn`` replaced the whole environment instead of just09:01
CIA-94appending ``LANG``.09:01
CIA-94adamg * r114276 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.5.609:01
CIA-94adamg * r114277 / Tagging 3.5.609:01
CIA-94adamg * r114278 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.5.709:01
CIA-94andreasjung * r114279 zopyx.smartprintng.server/ ( buildout.cfg): buildout configuration09:01
CIA-94adamg * r114280 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: fix the missing ``svn`` problem on win09:01
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CIA-94hannosch * r114281 /Sandbox/adamg/zope.wineggbuilder/trunk/rackspace.ini: Adam says this might work :)11:46
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sim_simHi all. I was wondering, is there a way to know that im in an environment where some ZCML has been loaded ? I have some tests that load a zcml, and some that do not, so i can not rely on calling some getUtility function as it may fail for some of my tests that do not load any zcml. Btw, I would be delighted if someone give me some method/hint/opinion on how to make great tests using zcml (like provide an override.zcml and so on.). thanks a lot.12:07
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sim_sim(and if this is a good idea!)12:07
sim_sim(i inject stub on the zcml, but i guess the overhead can be important)12:08
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vipodsim_sim: in tests I usually setup/load all zope3 components in test setup, so that I can be sure what I do have and what I don't, the only case when you're not sure about some component registration is a test on that registration, but if you still not sure if you have this or another utility then just use queryUtility instead of getUtility and check if it doesn't return None12:12
sim_simvipod, right i looked to queryUtility and I was providing some default value for it. But that's redundant with my zcml configuration (default parameter provided == default component provided in the zcml).  And I check for the zcml for each function call. Well, i guess my problem won't find be solve looking for zope because the problem is not here, i just have to refactor my stuff. :b12:18
sim_simvipod, any opinion on the zcml lookup overhead ?12:18
vipodsim_sim: are you checking your own components or some 3rdparty ones?12:20
sim_simvipod, my own12:20
sim_simwe are using zope down here, and i was refactoring some code to use it as a dependency injection framework12:20
vipodsim_sim: in case you load zcml in your test why should you worry about if it's registered or not, after you loaded that zcml piece you're sure it's there, no need for queryUtility ;-)12:21
sim_sim(some zope component i mean)12:21
vipodsim_sim: just make sure to load_zcml in your test setup12:21
sim_simvipod, yep but that imply adding some load_zcml stuff in all tests code and i will have to fight for that12:22
vipodsim_sim: use testing layers concept and make load_zcml only once for all your tests inside that layer12:23
sim_simwe may get to that point, but i would rather make an intermediate transition12:23
vipodsim_sim: or instead of loading zcml, you can also register component from python code12:23
sim_simvipod, yep. registering component from python code is what i head to do to inject stubs12:24
sim_simI guess the loading of zcml in test layer once on for all is not a bad idea. I thought about this, but I was trying to find a work around. But i guess it's useless12:25
sim_simThanks for all your advice12:26
vipodsim_sim: no problems, good luck12:26
CIA-94gotcha * r114282 zope.proxy/src/zope/proxy/tests/ typo12:31
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sim_simvipod, sorry to bother, but is there a python function to load a zcml ?13:05
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vipodsim_sim: I'm using Products.Five.zcml.load_config function in my tests for this13:08
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planetzopebotstxnext.staticdeployment 0.7.0 (PyPI recent updates)
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CIA-94jim * r114283 zc.ngi/src/zc/ngi/ Avoid blocking-module deprecation warning while running tests.14:07
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planetzopebotplonetheme.sunburst 1.0 (PyPI recent updates)
planetzopebotcollective.permalink 0.1.0 (PyPI recent updates)
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bhagatchannel# any link to share using ajax with zope215:26
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CIA-94trollfot * r114284 grok/ (src/grok/configure.zcml src/grok/meta.zcml Removed useless dependencies.16:32
CIA-94trollfot * r114285 grok/src/grok/ (6 files): Cosmetics on the file, added white spaces (as recommanded in pep8), for readability.16:32
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CIA-94trollfot * r114286 grok/ (src/grok/meta.zcml Reverted the removal of "z3c.autoinclude". Mea Culpa.16:48
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ignasis there a way to make a Python Script created through the web "private"16:57
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ignasas in - if I have script A(public) and it calls script B (private)16:58
ignasit works16:58
ignasbut if I call script B directly16:58
ignasi would get a permission error16:58
ignassql queries seem to be working that way already16:58
ignasI can't call them through their url16:58
MatthewWilkesignas: Change the permissions on B (View should be enough) so only managers can use it17:00
MatthewWilkesignas: Then change Proxy Roles on A so it runs as a manager17:00
ignasProxy Roles?17:01
MatthewWilkesignas: Yes, there's a proxy roles tab that lets you override the computed role a script runs as17:01
MatthewWilkesIt usually runs with all the roles common to both the creator of the script and the user accessing it17:01
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ignasas in - if script is owned by "admin"17:03
ignasbut is executed by "anonymous"17:04
ignaswill it have roles of admin + anonymous or only anonymous as anonymous is probably a subset of admin17:04
ignasalso - how do I set Proxy on a template?17:04
ignas(i can see the Proxy tab on all python scripts)17:05
MatthewWilkesignas: I don't know if anonymous is handled specially17:05
MatthewWilkesyou can't set proxies on anything but python scripts17:05
ignasso if I have a function17:06
ignasand I want to use it's data in a view17:06
CIA-94gotcha lazyvalues * r114287 z3c.table/src/z3c/table/ (README.txt miscellaneous.txt move miscellaneous17:06
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ignasI have no way to be sure that the function will not be called directly17:06
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MatthewWilkesignas: No, if you want control over this sort of thing you can use filesystem code to have private methods17:07
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ignasthat would be possible17:07
ignasif it was not a legacy system17:07
ignaswith too much code to handle in one go17:07
MatthewWilkesignas: You can add new things on the FS, I was working on a project last month that qualifies as 'legacy'17:10
ignasI can17:10
ignasbut I have security problems with the existing codebase17:10
MatthewWilkesAt least 10 years old, but it was running on Zope 2.10 and we were adding new things as FS code17:10
ignasand I even have the workflow for moving code into FS17:10
ignasproblem - 100k loc17:10
ignasin Data.fs17:10
ignaswith a bunch of security problems17:10
MatthewWilkesignas: Irrelevant.  This doesn't stop you creating new functions in filesystem code17:11
ignasthat will not help me make the existing code secure17:11
ignasI would just "mark all the code" set it to "only manager can run it" and then "go through all the public views and make them public + manager proxy" so I would have a "public layer" on top of "private layer"17:12
ignasproblem is with templates I need "template layer" built on "public layer of python scripts" calling out to "private layer of python scripts/ sql queries"17:13
ignasas I don't have a well defined separation of python scripts that I could make a "secure public layer" out of, and I can't call out to "private layer" from templates17:13
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ignasI am stuck, unless i write 100-200 new scripts in FS17:13
ignasor in Data.fs17:14
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d2mignas: did you try FSDump already - not sure if it does save the script proxy roles to a .metadata file too17:15
ignasnot sure how dumping it all into file system helps me17:17
ignasin readme they mention that dumping it back is a feature that is not implemented yet17:17
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CIA-94gotcha lazyvalues * r114288 z3c.table/
CIA-94remove ids17:24
CIA-94include chopped doctests in description17:24
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d2mignas: as for the 'private' script: AccessControl has a method calledByExecutable() to check if the object is called TTW or from insode17:37
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ignasd2m, hmm, seems like what I need, how do I acquire the AccessControl thing in a python script?17:40
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CIA-94fdrake * r114289 z3c.recipe.staticlxml/src/z3c/recipe/staticlxml/ fix typo17:47
ignasd2m, hmm, interesting, according to docs - it should be "just what I needed all along"17:49
ignasbut when I call it inside a script17:49
ignasand then run the script as a "view" by typing it's url17:49
ignasI am getting "1" instead of "0"17:49
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planetzopebotplonetheme.sunburst 1.0.1 (PyPI recent updates)
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ignasok, calledByExecutable is not going to work18:24
ignasif my TTW script is called directly by typing in URL and parameters18:24
ignasit returns "1"18:24
ignasif my TTW script is called by code in an FS product directly - it returns "1"18:24
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MrJonesis this also the right place for buildout questions?18:43
MrJoneshoping it is I'd like to ask how I can, after installing all the eggs and parts, run a python script that is e.g. now inside the buildout bin directory or somewhere that does some final things to complete the installation18:44
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teixMrJones: take a look at z3c.recipe.runscript egg18:52
MrJonesI tried that one already18:53
MrJonesit seems to call a specific's init instead of the script name I submit to it o.O18:53
MrJonesprobably I'm also just using it wrong. but I wasn't able to make it simply call the script I wanted it to18:53
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teixMrJones: hmm what about cp.recipe.cmd?18:58
sim_simIs there a way to access to the `layer' you set in a testcase, from this testcase ?18:59
MrJonesteix: might work. the parts get run before the installation of the eggs though I guess?19:02
MrJonesit's just that I want to run it after everything else is in place..19:02
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teixMrJones: hmm not sure. but try it anyway ;)19:03
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TresEquisMrJones: parts get run in order19:24
TresEquisso you can add a part which runs after all the others19:24
MrJonesTresEquis: I know. but BEFORE the eggs get installed19:24
TresEquiseggs are installed via one or more parts19:25
MrJonesdoes this also apply to the eggs setting in the [buildout] section?19:25
TresEquisMrJones: I don't recall offhand19:26
MrJoneswill have to try that from a fresh install...19:27
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TresEquisMrJones: if I had to guess, I would say that eggs in the [buildout] section don't get installed at all unless they are mentioned (via '$(buildout:eggs}') in a part19:35
MrJonesoh. that might be interesting to know, yes. the buildout.cfg is not written by me, so that might be the case *ctrl+f's for eggs*19:36
MrJonesindeed, that reference exists. then I can safely have my script executed as the last one of parts, that's good :)19:37
MrJonesTresEquis: thanks :)19:37
MrJonesteix: also thanks for helping. prompting the script works fine now19:37
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CIA-94adamg * r114290 (CHANGES.txt src/zope/app/interface/tests/ Fixed tests and test tearDown to actually close the DB.19:49
CIA-94adamg * r114291 (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.5.119:49
CIA-94adamg * r114292 / Tagging 3.5.119:49
CIA-94adamg * r114293 (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.5.219:49
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CIA-94adamg * r114294 zopetoolkit/zopeapp-versions.cfg: fix tests in
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