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ccombI get a an error "500 Internal Server Error" when trying to commit into docs.zope.org_website00:54
CIA-94fafhrd * r115661 z3ext.controlpanel/src/z3ext/controlpanel/ (4 files in 3 dirs):01:01
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MadRobotjoin #friendlycoders11:35
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MadRobotTheuni1, sorry. That was a mistake.. obviously..11:37
Theuni1unfortunately not that obviously11:40
MadRobotI was just joining that channel but I forgot the '/' before the "join". That was just about it. :)11:42
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Theuni1sure, sorry for snapping :)12:15
CIA-94seletz * r115662 /z3c.recipe.staticlxml/tags/0.7.2: prepping 0.7.212:15
CIA-94seletz * r115663 /z3c.recipe.staticlxml/branches/0.7.2: prepping 0.7.212:15
CIA-94seletz 0.7.2 * r115664 z3c.recipe.staticlxml/ (CHANGES.txt 0.7.212:15
CIA-94seletz 0.7.2 * r115665 z3c.recipe.staticlxml/ (CHANGES.txt 0.7.212:15
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bobo_bThe error templates use "err_message options/error_message". How can I set the options dict on a request manually?12:18
bobo_b('options' in dir(request)) and ('options' in request.form) are both false12:19
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nestmguys, I'm writing zope product, which uses other products with custom permissions, where should I declare those? I'm getting ForbiddenAttribute error13:07
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MatthewWilkesnestm: Use declareProtected in ClassSecurityInfo13:12
nestmMatthewWilkes: thank you, but how can I use that method in some other place then?13:19
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Moo^_^nestm: you can use it anywhere13:20
Moo^_^nestm: if you do not have use ModuleSecurityInfo13:21
nestmbut I seem to be lacking permissions?13:21
Moo^_^nestm: do the permission declaration in python product code, not in restrictedpython or externalmethod13:22
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nestmMoo^_^: yes, I declareProtected my method in my product code, but then I want to use that method from another product's code and then I get ForbiddenAttribute13:23
Moo^_^nestm: could you please paste example to code to pastie.org13:24
Moo^_^and related traceack13:24
nestmMoo^_^: I solved it, thanks, typo in permission name... :(13:30
Moo^_^nestm: a common mistake :)13:31
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MrJoneshow does zope treat form input data?17:18
MrJonesI don't know in which encoding it comes in through http post, but does zope e.g. convert the strings to utf8? or leave them unconverted? does it remove invalid bytes in the encoding? or would I need to check that myself17:18
mgedminin zope 3, request.form always contains unicode data17:20
mgedminin zope 2, I don't remember17:20
MrJonesmgedmin: so I can assume that it is a) unicode and b) also doesn't contain any invalid utf8 chars?17:21
mgedminwhy don't you make a little test?17:21
MrJonesmgedmin: I'd need to write something that spits out invalid utf8 data first :)17:21
MrJonesand find some byte sequence that's clearly invalid and would cause problems17:22
mgedmintelnet localhost 8080 ...17:22
mgedminin application/x-www-form-urlencoded data %FF would represent an invalid byte in UTF-817:22
MrJonescan you give me the decimal byte representation of this?17:23
mgedmin... 25517:23
MrJonesok thanks :)17:23
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MrJonesmgedmin: it seems to me the invalid byte just gets passed on to python and my application17:35
MrJonesbut at the same time I have no problem printing it, so probably python doesn't care17:35
mgedminas an str or as an unicode?17:35
MrJonesmgedmin: well if you say zope 3 uses unicode strings it's most likely a unicode string17:36
MrJones(since I'm using zope 3)17:36
mgedminthen "most likely" zope falls back to decoding the request data using Latin-1 if UTF-8 fails17:36
MrJonesbut it will convert to utf8 anyway? so I always end up with utf8 data?17:37
mgedminto? on output,yes17:37
mgedminif your view's __call__ returns a unicode string, and the Content-Type header is text/*, zope will encode it to UTF-8 and add "; charset=UTF-8" to the content-type17:38
mgedminif your view's __call__ returns a byte string, it's your responsibility to specify the correct charset in the content-type header17:38
mgedminby default page templates return unicode strings when rendered17:39
mgedminand best practices are to deal with unicode strings internally17:39
MrJonesmgedmin: I'm particularly interested in browser>POST form>view/model though, not view/model>template rendering/HTML>browser17:40
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mgedminokay, looking at source code of zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest now17:41
mgedminBrowserRequest looks up IUserPreferredCharsets(request).getPreferredCharsets() or ['utf-8']17:41
mgedminthen loops through those until it can decode the text as unicode17:42
mgedminif it fails, it leaves you with 8-bit str17:42
mgedminone implementation of IUserPreferredCharsets17:42
mgedminlooks at the Accept-Charset request header17:42
mgedmindoes funky stuff17:43
mgedminalways ensures utf-8 and iso-8859-1 are there (I _think_)17:43
mgedminfwiw the output side -- the one you're not very interested in -- also uses IUserPreferredCharsets, falling back to UTF-817:45
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elrobenji: I'm experimenting with manuel and am finding that each doctest line is counted as a separate test. Is this to be expected?18:00
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mgedminthat used to be the case with zope.testing.doctest; I *hated* it18:01
benjielro: Manuel counts tests differently than stand-alone doctest; I don't remember if it's every line or every doctest block18:02
elroI seem to get (number of doctest >>> lines) + (number of .. test-case: markers)18:02
mgedminto me a test is something you can enable/disable with zope.testrunner's -t flag18:03
mgedminyou can't do that at the granularity of individual >>> assertions18:03
elroThe .. test-case: marker stuff looks really useful, but with one test per line it seems a less useful18:04
mgedminthe progress bar also can't track individual assertions, which means you end up staring at 0/57, 13/57, 22/57, 57/57 when you have four doctest files18:04
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mgedminhm, maybe the number of assertions has some correlation with running time, in which case that results in a more correct percentage display ... hm18:05
benjiI prefer counting more than one test per file.18:06
benjielro: what correlation is there between ".. test-case:" and the numer of reported tests?18:08
elrobenji: number of reported tests = N(>>> lines) + N(.. test-case: lines)18:08
benjilet me rephrase; why do you think the way "tests" are counted makes ".. test-case:" less useful?18:09
elroFrom reading the markers section of the manuel docs, I was expecting number of reported tests = N(.. test-case: lines) + 118:10
benjithen there is a documentation bug; the test-case functionality is unrelated to counting, it is so you can run cases individually (i.e., run only parts of a doctest file)18:12
benjiit also lets you do rudamentory test isolation18:12
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elroI guess for me, doc test cases logically span a few lines. I want each of my documented examples to count as a single test18:14
CIA-94mgedmin mgedmin-etag-support * r115666 zope.browserresource/ (6 files in 3 dirs):18:15
CIA-94ETag generation can be customized or disabled by providing an IETag18:15
CIA-94multi-adapter on (IFileResource, your-application-skin).18:15
CIA-94mgedmin * r115667 zope.browserresource/ (7 files in 3 dirs):18:15
CIA-94Support the HTTP ETag header for file resources. ETag generation can be18:15
CIA-94customized or disabled by providing an IETag multi-adapter on18:15
CIA-94(IFileResource, your-application-skin).18:15
CIA-94Merged mgedmin-etag-support branch with18:15
CIA-94svn merge -r 115595:115666 svn+ssh:// .18:15
CIA-94mgedmin * r115668 /zope.browserresource/branches/mgedmin-etag-support: This branch was merged to trunk.18:15
CIA-94mgedmin * r115669 zope.browserresource/ (CHANGES.txt Preparing release 3.11.018:15
CIA-94mgedmin * r115670 /zope.browserresource/tags/3.11.0: Tagging 3.11.018:15
CIA-94mgedmin * r115671 zope.browserresource/ (CHANGES.txt Back to development: 3.11.118:15
elrobenji: if it is only a documentation bug, I don't understand why number of reported tests = N(>>> lines) + N(.. test-case: lines), it looks like double counting.18:15
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benjitrue, I hadn't intended the test-case: lines to be included; I'll look at fixing that18:16
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benjiactually, I'd prefer it if only lines that had output were counted as tests; maybe I can do that18:27
mgedminthere are sometimes "this doesn't raise an exception >>> foo.do_something_dangerous()"18:27
mgedminand "this returns None: >>> foo.get_something_optional()"18:27
elrothat setUp and tearDown is called once per marked section, suggests to me that each section should only be one testcase18:28
elroit seems to me that each line in a doctest is more equivalent to a unittest self.assertEqual than a unittest test case18:28
mgedmin(which is my point too)18:29
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koshso how are you freaks doing today?18:29
elroI can see why zope's doctest went with one testcase per line, but that seems to be just a workaround because it didn't have section markers18:30
benjiI can see the reasoning.  I prefer that when I add assertions the test count goes up.  It's sort of a game mechanic. :)18:30
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mgedmintime for a doctest reporting option?18:32
mgedmindoes manuel have those?18:32
benjiquite good kosh; it's nice and rainy here (and I have no need to go out)18:32
koshI wish it would do that here18:32
koshit is too hot here18:32
benjimgedmin: define "doctest reporting option"18:32
koshone very important things is don't serve multiple databases from the same zeo server18:32
mgedmin# doctest:+REPORT_NDIFF18:32
benjimgedmin: I'm not a big fan of those; if I were to make this configurable I'd probably define a plugin API and delegate the counting to it and people could count as they see fit18:33
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elroperhaps there could be a manuel.testcase.LineMarkerManuel() to get the one testcase per line behaviour. Without it you get the standard python doctest one per file behaviour18:37
benjiright, something like that18:38
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benjielro: will you submit a feature request (blueprint in Launchpad parlance) at
elrobenji: will do. I'll have a play around and see whether I can implement it on a branch18:40
benjithat'd be great18:41
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planetzopebotWhere is my manage portlets link? (RedTurtle Technology)
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sawdogwho's monitoring — tis problems; getting a squid error20:58
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benjisawdog: odd, it works for me21:08
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sawdogit did after several more timeouts for me as well21:08
sawdogsomething's not right though, I sent an email to zope-web with the error.....21:09
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CIA-94ldr * r115672 /manuel/branches/elro-test-count: branch for test counting experiments21:46
CIA-94ldr elro-test-count * r115673 manuel/src/manuel/ (README.txt Group contiguous doctest sections as a single test case21:46
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elrobenji: I've put my changes up in a branch here: and a blueprint here:
benjielro: cool; I'll take a look later22:06
elroit reduces the test count from 305 to 90 for manuel itself22:06
CIA-94ldr elro-test-count * r115674 manuel/src/manuel/ (table-example.txt Regions must be marked countable to be inlcuded in the test count22:08
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minskmazquestion about skinning - I'm using zope.schema's form generation which has it's own skin - what would I do in zcml to override this and register it to my custom skin layer ?23:36
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