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planetzopebotGroundhog (Using BFG to Build a Microframework) #6: Events and Context Locals (Repoze Blog RSS Feed)
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CIA-94baijum * r115640 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/ (11 files in 7 dirs): bit cleanup05:37
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The_SlipHi guys06:23
The_SlipI'm having an issue with my zope instance for kmkey, i hope u can give me a hand06:23
The_Slipimma trying to import a file "kmkey.zexp"06:24
The_SlipBut it fails and says06:24
The_SlipError Value: cannot import name InitializeClass06:24
The_SlipIm Using Zope 2.10 deb package on Debian Lenny06:25
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The_Slipnone? =(06:27
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The_SlipHi guys06:45
The_SlipI'm having an issue with my zope instance for kmkey, i hope u can give me a hand06:45
The_Slipimma trying to import a file "kmkey.zexp"06:46
The_SlipBut it fails and says06:46
The_SlipError Value: cannot import name InitializeClass06:46
The_SlipIm Using Zope 2.10 deb package on Debian Lenny06:46
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CIA-94icemac * r115641 / branch to fix the tests to run on unix09:17
CIA-94icemac icemac-unix * r115642 ( README.txt): tests now run on *nix platforms and with current packages09:17
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CIA-94icemac icemac-unix * r115643 added change log for last changes09:31
CIA-94icemac icemac-unix * r115644 ( recipe/ easier namespace package boilerplate code as described in
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CIA-94wosc * r115645 gocept.selenium/src/gocept/selenium/ format layer name more nicely09:50
CIA-94icemac icemac-unix * r115646 (4 files in 2 dirs): Conform to repository policy.09:50
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gypsymaurowhat's the best way to hide zope behind apache? I've apache2 on a machine and zope on another machine, there are examples somewhre?10:31
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bigkevmcdgypsymauro: Rewrite Rules, see for help10:34
gypsymaurobigkevmcd: tanx10:40
CIA-94adamg * r115647 /Sandbox/adamg/zope.wineggbuilder/trunk/master.cfg: update from the server10:46
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TaggnostrI'm trying to get a complete list of HTMLItems out of a Batch object, but the best I managed to get so far is a list of all the items ids from Batch._sequence10:58
Taggnostris there some way to get a full list of the object?10:59
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CIA-94icemac icemac-unix * r115648 windows needs "newest = false" otherwise there are distribution not found errors11:02
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heverCan I stop pending actions before a zope start from the console ?11:42
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heverOr can I undo the last action before start ?12:12
d2mhever: what are pending actions?12:14
Theuni1whats a pending action?12:14
hevernot sure ;)12:14
heverI thought there were pending actions that are processed during startup..12:14
heverI'm not sure about this...12:14
d2mhever: whats your problem?12:15
hever I think I removed something I should not remove and now the server does not restart.12:15
d2mtry start it in debug mode and check the traceback at the console12:15
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heveryes I did12:16
Taggnostris 'modules' supposed to always be available?12:16
heverit's not really helpful12:16
d2mhever: copy it to a pastebin12:16
TaggnostrI tried to use modules['modulename'] in TAL and got a NameError12:16
d2mthere is also a file events.log12:16
d2mTaggnostr: why would you need modules['modulename'] in TAL ?12:17
CIA-94adamg * r115649 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/process/ (winbotsetup.rst buildbots.rst): added overview and developers howto12:17
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Taggnostrbasically I have a batch object and I want to check something on *all* the objects of the batch, but I can't find a way to get them. If I use batch._sequence I can get a list of ids, but then I have to turn them in HTMLItems, and the function to do that is in some module12:18
d2mthe batch object has an API12:19
TaggnostrI know that this look hackish (it *is* hackish), but I couldn't find any better way to do it12:19
d2mand this is certainly nothing you should do inside a template12:20
Taggnostryes, but I couldn't find any way to get a complete list of HTMLItem12:20
d2mhever: did is say debug? i meant developer mode on12:20
d2mlike bin/zopectrl fg12:21
Taggnostr(the HTMLItems are created in __getitem__ on the fly, and __getitem__ only allows me to get the elements in the group and not the others)12:21
d2mTaggnostr: i have no idea about HTMLItems12:21
Taggnostrbasically it just turns an id in a objects taken from the database12:22
Taggnostrd2m, and I'm doing it in the template because the code where this could go is not mine, and we don't want to make our own fork of it12:22
d2mTaggnostr: why using a batch if you need a complete list?12:22
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Taggnostrthe element of the list are grouped and divided on several pages, and I need the complete list to count how many elements there are for each group, and display it at the beginning of each group12:23
d2mwrite another query and use the results12:24
heverd2m, can't I just rollback a 2.9.9 zodb ?12:24
Taggnostrd2m, how?12:24
d2mhever: no idea what your problem is so far12:24
heverNow I'm getting much 2010-08-12 11:24:46 DEBUG txn.-1209268032 new transaction12:25
hever2010-08-12 11:24:46 DEBUG txn.-1209268032 commit12:25
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d2mheever, if you start your instance in foreground/developer mode you should get an idea why the server is not starting12:26
heverok now it's starting ;)12:28
heverI think I was not patient enough...12:28
d2mok, don't forget to switch back to deploy mode again12:29
heverhow do I stop it without terminating it ?12:29
heverI mean a normal shutdown from the fg mode...12:29
d2mCRTL-C in the console or [shutdown] in ZMI12:29
Taggnostrd2m, you mean that I should do an sql query in the templating?12:30
d2mTaggnostr: create a method/script/whatever that computes the values you need12:30
d2mand use it in your template12:30
Taggnostruhm, I guess I can pass the _sequence to it and let it find out the numbers12:31
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heverd2m, thank you !12:38
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Taggnostrd2m, thanks for the help, I'll go for a walk and thing about it12:47
do3cchmm, I am getting sporadic IOError 12 Cannot allocate memory on my server. With lots of free memory12:48
do3ccaccording to the manpage of malloc that is probably heap corruption12:48
do3ccanybody remembers seeing these things too?12:48
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mgedmindo3cc, I think I've seen those caused by a full process table12:59
mgedminzdaemon tests leave processes lying around indefinitely12:59
mgedminafter a few months the process ulimit is reached and buildbot starts spewing errors like this12:59
mgedminbuildbots are fun12:59
mgedminlet me double-check if those were ENOMEM errors...13:00
mgedminnope, but I've seen OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory raised by os.listdir() when the server was actually running out of ram + swap13:01
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mgedminI don't know where I stashed the buildbot errors ...13:03
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mgedmin'OSError: [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory' from os.fork() is probably another real out-of-memory situation13:04
do3ccmgedmin: Errno 12 is ENOMEM13:06
do3ccand sadly, its not my buildbot but a big productio machine where one instance shows this behav13:07
do3ccHere it happens in the plone control panel, the traceback ends in pkg_resources13:08
mgedminwhich syscall produces that error?13:08
do3ccI am just assuming/guessing it, but I look at malloc13:08
mgedminthat would make Python raise MemoryError, I think13:09
mgedminthat last line, in pkg_resources, what does it look like?13:09
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do3ccdammit, my co worker was too quick and restarted the instance13:11
do3ccBut I remember that the Error string mentioned a problem on a fake egg13:11
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mgedmincan't you look in the log file?13:12
do3ccpython[31353]: segfault at 0000000000000058 rip 0000000000472495 rsp 0000000040fff0a0 error 413:13
do3ccpython[26064] general protection rip:2b21eb495a7a rsp:407fcfa0 error:013:13
mgedminI've a few of those in my kern.log13:15
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do3ccI found my tracepack, going to pastie13:15
mgedminhaven't decided if mine are actual python bugs or server hardware faults ...13:15
mgedminthankfully they're rare13:16
do3ccthe OSError happens in different places13:17
mgedmin(sanitized tracebacks suck)13:17
mgedminbut this looks exactly like my os.listdir() errors13:18
mgedminand you say there are lots of free memory?13:19
do3ccreal and swap13:19
do3ccmalloc allocates stuff from the heap, if the heap gets corrupted this error message can come too13:20
do3ccbut if the heap gets corrupted, the server should die pretty quick13:20
mgedminand I've seen glibc heap corruption messages13:20
mgedminthey're not nice and fluffy like Python exceptions13:20
mgedminhow much is "a lot" of free memory?13:21
mgedminI think I got the errors when there was still a bit of free memory left to prevent the kernel's OOM killer from showing up13:22
do3cc525 Meg Free @ swap 4246 Meg13:22
do3ccand 5136 Meg Cached13:22
MadRobotHi all.13:22
do3ccfrom my limited understanding that means that of real memory are 5.5 Gig of the 15 Gig available13:23
mgedminthat does look like a lot of free memory ...13:23
do3ccand we don't have ulimit set13:23
mgedmincould you be running out of file descriptors?13:24
mgedmindo you have collectd or cacti on that server?13:24
do3ccnope, not yet13:25
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do3cc0 free file descriptors13:26
do3cchmm, no13:28
do3ccwhats a good way to see the free file descripters?13:29
do3ccI shouldnt be able to cat with 0 free ones13:29
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mgedminI recommend collectd13:34
mgedminsudo apt-get install collectd and then you can forget about it13:34
mgedminno graphing right out of the box, but there's a sample cgi script you can hook up with apache pretty easily13:34
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mgedminre file descriptors -- I'm a bit fuzzy myself13:35
do3cczope@deimos7:/proc/sys/fs$ cat file-nr13:35
do3ccthe 0 should be the available, but that cant be13:35
mgedminmaybe cat used up the last ones ;)13:35
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mgedminnah, it's 0 here as well13:36
mgedmingoogle tells me the middle number is "allocated but unused"13:37
do3ccseems that my own munin does not tell me file handles either13:37
mgedminfile-nr has: allocated, allocated-but-unused, maximum13:38
mgedminper-process ulimit is more likely to have been exhausted; it's 1024 by default on my machine13:38
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do3ccaccording to ulimit, there are no limits13:39
mgedminand according to open(2) the error would've been EMFILE rather than ENOMEM13:39
do3ccoh, and I am just seeing the error code for running out of file handles is 2413:39
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mgedmindo3cc, could you find your copy of and see what's happening in line 1700?13:42
mgedminthese are interesting bugs:
mgedmina very similar traceback in pkg_resources here:
do3ccits a listdir13:43
mgedminwhich python version do you have?13:44
mgedminwell, it was fixed in 2.5.113:44
mgedminor 2.5.213:44
mgedminI'm not sure13:44
do3ccjust reading 3115 and thinking wtf13:45
do3cci guess thats it13:46
do3ccthanks mgedmin!13:46
do3ccnow /me wonders how malloc can sometimes set errno13:49
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mgedminhave a go at it:
do3ccno codepath that setts errno and returning a valid pointer13:56
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do3ccI think I leave it to that. that happens when you use software so old that its out of the maintenance cycle ;-)13:57
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mgedminyou could always upgrade to zope 2.12 on python 2.5 or something like that14:00
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do3ccyes, I migrate my plone3.3 to zope2.12 and see what happens14:01
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smdo we by any chance have a @tell bot for offline #zope users..15:55
smI guess not15:56
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mgedminthere's msgserv15:59
mgedminsorry, memoserv15:59
mgedmin/msg memoserv help send15:59
smoh, neat16:00
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CIA-94mauritsvanrees 1.6 * r115650 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/plugins/ ( tests/ Fixed possible TypeError in extractCredentials of CookieAuthHelper when the __ac cookie is not ours (but e.g. from plone.session, though even then only in a corner case).17:58
CIA-94mauritsvanrees * r115651 Products.PluggableAuthService/ (3 files in 3 dirs):17:58
CIA-94Merge r115650 from branches/1.6:17:58
CIA-94Fixed possible TypeError in extractCredentials of CookieAuthHelper when the __ac cookie is not ours17:58
CIA-94(but e.g. from plone.session, though even then only in a corner case).17:58
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CIA-94mauritsvanrees * r115652 Products.PluggableAuthService/ (CHANGES.txt Products/PluggableAuthService/version.txt):18:25
CIA-94Fixed CHANGES.txt: my previous entry should have been under a new heading for
CIA-94Upped version.txt to
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MrJonesNotFound: Object: < object at 0xb67941ac>, name: u'hello'20:09
MrJoneswhere does zope store those objects?20:09
MrJonesthe reference that is20:10
MrJonessince the original object file is gone, as can be seen :P20:10
MrJonesI'm messing around with zodb a bit (it's not so bad if it can't be restored, I can reinstall), so if someone could hint me to the file that keeps those references, I'd like to take a look at it20:10
MrJonesshould be zope 320:10
Moo^_^MrJones: can you post full traceback to and related code?20:11
Moo^_^it is little hard to figure out what you are asking20:11
MrJoneswell, I can probably better explain that by telling you what I removed:20:12
MrJonesI removed the contents of the /var/ folder where the zodb does have the object file storage on disk20:12
MrJonesnow it still seems to have another file where it saved that the "hello" object is in its storage, and tries to load it from there and fails20:12
MrJonesI'm wondering where that place is where it still saved something about this object20:12
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MrJones(I restarted zope/paster and everything, so shouldn't be from memory)20:13
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MrJonesMoo^_^: ok wait, I'll paste the traceback20:16
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Moo^_^MrJones: did you restart after delete?20:18
MrJonesMoo^_^: yea20:18
*** hever has quit IRC20:18
MrJonesI restarted paster, which I assume restarts zope aswell?20:19
MrJonesI don't know whether zope runs in a separate process20:19
MrJonesor the zodb20:19
Moo^_^MrJones: be hardcore and check whether there is a process you can kill manually20:19
MrJoneslol ok :D20:19
Moo^_^MrJones: because if you delete data.fs and it is open in process the process is not affected in UNIX20:19
MrJonesnope, nothing there20:20
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MrJonesMoo^_^: does zope maybe have some cache files outside /var/ ?20:25
*** allisterb has quit IRC20:25
Moo^_^MrJones: there should be only one Data.fs file with the default set-up as far as I know20:26
Moo^_^MrJones: try asking on #grok20:26
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CIA-94baijum * r115653 bluebream/src/bluebream/bluebream_base/tests/bluebream.txt: Fix test failure due to missing etc/overrides.zcml20:38
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CIA-94tseaver * r115654 Products.GenericSetup/ (Products/GenericSetup/version.txt docs/CHANGES.rst): Prep 1.6.2 release.21:22
CIA-94tseaver * r115655 /Products.GenericSetup/tags/1.6.2: Prep 1.6.2 release.21:22
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CIA-94tseaver * r115656 Products.PluggableAuthService/ (3 files in 3 dirs):22:17
CIA-94Trap "swallowable" exceptions from ``IRoles`` plugins.22:17
CIA-94Thanks to + Willi Langenburger for the patch.22:17
CIA-94tseaver * r115657 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/
CIA-94Clean up external imports.22:17
_mup_Bug #615474: Missing try/except to save PAS from faulty IRoles Plugins <Zope PAS:Fix Committed> <>22:17
CIA-94Make local importe explicit.22:17
CIA-94Wrap long lines.22:17
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CIA-94mauritsvanrees * r115658 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/plugins/ Fixed my fix of earlier today in CookieAuthHelper.extractCredentials by making sure we do not return a half filled dictionary when the password decode fails.23:04
CIA-94mauritsvanrees 1.6 * r115659 Products.PluggableAuthService/Products/PluggableAuthService/plugins/ Fixed my fix of earlier today in CookieAuthHelper.extractCredentials by making sure we do not return a half filled dictionary when the password decode fails.23:04
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CIA-94mauritsvanrees * r115660 Products.GenericSetup/docs/CHANGES.rst: Fixed typo in history. Fool of a Took?23:18
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