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planetzopebotGroundhog (Using BFG to Build a Microframework) #5: Exception Handling (Repoze Blog RSS Feed)
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sobczykhi, I'm following zope3 in 30 minutes, but when I try to run zope it tells me that there is no module boom04:15
sobczykI use zope 3.4.0 and put the code in ~/myzope/lib/python/boom so according to the tutorial04:16
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CIA-94icemac * r115619 z3c.persistentfactory/ (docs/HISTORY.txt buildout.cfg): Added `test` extra to ````, as the tests need ``zope.testing``.09:18
CIA-94icemac * r115620 z3c.persistentfactory/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.09:18
CIA-94icemac * r115621 z3c.profiler/ (src/z3c/profiler/ CHANGES.txt): Using python's ``doctest`` module instead of deprecated ``zope.testing.doctest``.09:18
CIA-94icemac * r115622 z3c.profiler/ (LICENSE.txt COPYRIGHT.txt): Conform to repository policy.09:18
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CIA-94baijum * r115623 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/manual/skinning.rst: ready for review !09:48
CIA-94baijum * r115624 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/introduction.rst: re-align (max line length: 76)09:48
CIA-94baijum * r115625 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/tutorial3.rst: copy Justin's page09:48
CIA-94baijum * r115626 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/tutorial3.rst:09:48
CIA-94the last change was from old Zope 3 book, taken from wiki,09:48
CIA-94and modified slightly.09:48
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CIA-94baijum * r115627 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/ (6 files in 3 dirs): re-organize reference chapters10:02
CIA-94baijum * r115628 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/contributors.rst: Added Justin's name10:02
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CIA-94baijum * r115629 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/ (zcml reference/zcml.rst): no more required (moved to reference)10:16
CIA-94baijum * r115630 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/reference/attic.rst: Document obsolete stuff here.10:16
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CIA-94baijum * r115631 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/reference/zcml.rst: mention z3c.sqlalchemy10:38
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cheaterdoes zope have a good API for editing objects through html forms?10:48
cheateris it like, a natural thing to do? or is there a lot of impedance-matching involved?10:48
Theuni1all the frameworks have some specific way of doing it, but generally thats one of the things that zope was made for10:50
Theuni1which flavor of Zope are you talking about?10:50
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CIA-94baijum * r115631 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/reference/zcml.rst: mention z3c.sqlalchemy10:54
CIA-94baijum * r115632 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/reference/zcml.rst: rdb story repeats10:54
cheaterTheuni1: none in specific, i didn't know there were 'flavors' of zope10:55
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baijumthese are major flavours10:56
* baijum is away10:56
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ignasis there a way to get analogue of "context" in a method in a product?12:11
ignasmy product is a Folder, so someone can do: foo/my_product/bar/baz/method_from_my_product12:11
cheaterbaijum: thanks12:11
ignasand I want to "call some code" so I would get "baz" which would be the context if my method was a simple python script12:12
cheaterTheuni1: given that i'm not talking about any specific version, what is the 'best' for this sort of thing?12:12
cheaterTheuni1: i'm not talking about prettiness, i'm talking about functionality12:12
Theuni1depends a lot. if you want to get a quick view, check out grok12:14
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cheaterso i thought zope was just a framework12:33
cheateri understand grok is a sort of lib for zope, right?12:33
ignasnot really12:33
ignasit's the other way around ;)12:33
ignasZope is a set of libraries Grok web framework is build on12:33
ignasso I can't really add a method to my product that would act the same way as "Python Script" does?12:33
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Theuni1ignas: my head explodes ;)12:53
* ignas writing a magic script that would dump a ttw into a file system product12:56
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ignasit almost works12:58
ignasexcept a couple of places12:58
ignaswhere the "magic hippo who can vaccinate himself" acquisition is used12:58
MatthewWilkesignas: like FSDump? or qPloneSkinDump for Plone?12:59
ignasnot really12:59
ignasway better12:59
ignasi mean - I use FSDump12:59
ignasto dump the code12:59
ignasbut then put the code into Objects12:59
ignasthat are folders as methods12:59
ignasand rebuild the structure identical to the original one12:59
ignaskeeps the app working12:59
ignasbut suddenly all the important code is in the Product13:00
ignasas methods, queries, templates in the proper place etc.13:00
ignaswithout having to go and change the access pattern of all the methods (especially difficult with all the code being in Data.fs)13:00
Theuni1which reminds me of something similar13:00
Theuni1we implemented fssync for zope 2.11 that works almost like Ape did before 2.713:01
Theuni1seems to give reasonable results to at least get your ZODB-based ZMI developed stuff into VCS13:01
ignasproblem is - how do I get to the "acquisition context"13:01
ignasfrom a method13:02
Theuni1they're built to not have any13:02
bigkevmcdignas: if it's called, it will be the first parameter13:03
bigkevmcdi.e. if you do /x/y/z/my_script13:03
bigkevmcdz will be the first parameter to my_script13:03
bigkevmcdit depends what your Product is doing13:03
ignashmm, what about other parameters?13:04
bigkevmcdhow are you registering your function?13:05
ignasI am not registering13:05
ignasclass ProductBase(Folder.Folder, Implicit)13:06
ignasand methods are well - methods13:06
bigkevmcdso, self is the context13:06
bigkevmcdit will be13:06
ignasself is the product :/13:06
ignasit is not13:06
bigkevmcdthe product is the context13:06
bigkevmcdit's a Folder13:06
ignasself is Product13:07
ignasnot y13:07
bigkevmcdthat's not right13:07
bigkevmcdwhat class is y ?13:07
bigkevmcdwhat is it subclassed from?13:09
ignasFolder.Folder, Implicit13:09
bigkevmcdthat should work then13:09
bigkevmcdtho', something rings a bell that Folders are odd13:09
bigkevmcdignas: no, I'm fairly sure that should work13:11
bigkevmcdunless something rather dramatic has happened in the past 3 years13:12
ignashmm, any clues on how to debug it?13:18
bigkevmcdignas: can you pdb into a method, and pp self, and pp self.aq_parent ?13:21
ignassec let me finish with another issue13:21
ignasneed 1 min13:21
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ignas(<rttax at /projektai2/rttax>, <projektai2 at /projektai2>, <HTTPRequest, URL=http://localhost:8011/projektai2/rttax/control/menu/system/Registrai/MokesciuSistemos/foo>)13:24
ignasself, parent, request13:24
bigkevmcdwhat is "control" ?13:24
bigkevmcdwhat is "menu" ?13:25
bigkevmcdwhat is "system" ?13:25
ignasall are products inheriting from Folder and Implicit13:25
bigkevmcdwhat is "Registrai" and "MokesciuSistemos" ?13:25
ignasi can do the same with only "control", still self is well - "self"13:27
ignas(rttax Folder) in this case13:27
bigkevmcdwhat are "rttax" and "projektai2" subclassed from?13:28
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ignasproduct base, which is Folder, Implicit13:29
ignascode is auto generated so it is *very* consistent13:30
bigkevmcdyeah, I have this funny feeling that Folders work differently13:31
bigkevmcdbut I can't think why13:31
bigkevmcdignas: how are you adding the child objects?13:31
ignascopy paste from "Folder" named "projektai2" into "projektai2Folder" named "projektai2"13:32
ignasthere are lots of things i am not exporting yet, like java script files, resources, db connection, and all the junk i don't know how to deal with yet13:33
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ignasit's like "rename projektai2 -> projektai2.old" "create projektai2(Folder, Implicit) as projektai2" "cut all stuff from projektai2.old" "paste it into projektai2" "delete projektai2.old"13:34
ignasrepeat until the whole tree has been processed13:34
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* mgedmin is looking at Bindings._getContext, which is what Python scripts use to define the 'context' variable13:40
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mgedminignas, DefaultPublishTraverse.publishTraverse is interesting13:47
*** hever has quit IRC13:47
ignas(frankly - is scary ;)13:47
*** hever has joined #zope13:48
mgedmincould it be that you're hitting the 'No __bobo_traverse__", so "Try with an unacquired attribute" code path13:48
mgedminthat doesn't call __of__ on the thing getattr() returns13:48
mgedminbut wait, aq_base() is used only for hasattr, not the getattr13:49
mgedminif you experiment with rttax['control']['menu'].aq_parent, do you get rttax['control'] back?13:50
ignasa sec, just did a "let's regenerate all code thing"13:51
ignasthe experiment returns 'control', as expected13:52
mgedminok, so at what point is the context lost?13:52
mgedminis foo a method?13:53
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ignasdef bar(self):
ignaswhen I call bar() and get pdb in foo13:55
ignasself is the non-acquisition self13:55
ignaswithout menu in sight13:55
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mgedminso, in bar()13:56
ignasfunction has no attribute aq_parent13:56
mgedminno, wait, this is probably the wrong question13:57
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ignasprojektai2...13:58 aq_parent is control though13:59
koshhi freaks14:01
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Theuni1kosh: look who's talking14:07
koshTheuni1: experience helps recognize it in others14:10
mgedminignas, what's type(
ignasself is qcquirer wrapper too14:19
ignasand yeah, I can recall something about self passed to methods being "unwrapped"14:19
ignaslosing the acquisition context14:20
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mgedminignas, what's type(
mgedminoops, nevermind14:21
mgedmin<alt-tab><up><enter> was supposed to re-run my test suite, not chat on irc14:21
mgedminthere's some zopish magic going on in things like PythonScripts, where self remains wrapped14:22
ignasmright :/14:23
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ignasso prolly no "context = self.some_magic_code()" for me14:24
*** kiorky has joined #zope14:24
ignasguess i'll just look into the request if i'll be unable to workaround it :/14:25
mgedminnew- vs old- style classes?14:25
ignasmy classes are inheriting from Folder and Implicit14:26
mgedminseriously, look at Shared/DC/Scripts/, _getContext, and believe that what you want is possible14:26
ignasso if both of those are old style - I am old style14:26
ignasthat code just unwraps the self14:26
ignasuntil only the "last" layer is left14:26
mgedmincan you create an actual PythonScript and compare?14:26
ignashmm, is "menu" if I do it directly14:32
ignasbut if i call the "method" that prints it like and it calls self.aaa_test._getContext.im_self.aq_parent14:32
ignasi get the parent of the "print_context"14:33
ignasand I can't call _getContext inside the python script14:33
ignasbecause it's private14:33
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ignas949 files changed, 49388 insertions(+), 43 deletions(-)14:45
ignasmagic :)14:45
CIA-94ctheune * r115633 /zopetoolkit/doc/source/zope-dev/zope-dev-20100810.rst: document yesterdays meeting14:51
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CIA-94tlotze * r115634 gocept.selenium/ (src/gocept/selenium/ CHANGES.txt): added (assert|waitFor)Element(Width|Height) to the selenese API15:17
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mgedmintlotze's not here :(15:26
Theuni1i can make him15:26
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mgedmin needs a bugfix and a release; I emailed Jordan Baker six weeks ago with no response15:27
mgedminnow I see tlotze is also listed as a maintainer on PyPI15:27
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mgedminI suppose I can drop him an email15:30
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thomasmgedmin: I hear you've been looking for me?15:34
mgedminthomas, hi!15:34
mgedminjust sent you an email about collective.recipe.seleniumrc15:34
thomasHm, haven't gotten it yet.15:35
mgedminshort version: you're a PyPI maintainer and can make releases15:35
thomas.oO( should that thing be released at all? )15:36
thomasHm, it contains some scary stuff, at least last time I looked.15:36
mgedminyou're scaring me15:36
mgedminI use it for testing my app15:36
thomasThat bit about guessing system paths to firefox, for example.15:36
mgedminit mostly works15:37
thomasthe operative word being "mostly" ;o)15:37
mgedminthere's a bug that prevents it from working with selenium rc 1.0.315:37
mgedminbut that bug's been fixed in trunk15:37
thomasOK, I'll make a release then.15:37
mgedminjust a sec15:37
mgedminmy email's been greylisted15:37
thomasah, that's why15:37
mgedminI attached a small doc fix for the ReST problems in long_description15:38
mgedminyou may want to apply that before making a release15:38
thomaslet's see15:38
mgedminthe mail went through now15:38
thomasAre you confident that the recipe is OK otherwise in its current trunk state?15:38
mgedminwell, I haven't done a full source code audit15:39
mgedminI just know that I found it on PyPI, tried it, got it to work, use it15:39
thomasmeaning "no worse than before" ;o)15:39
mgedminfor a year now, I think15:39
thomasOK, so if you use it successfully in its current state, that's good enough15:39
mgedminI've built an egg of svn rev 112031 for local use ~1.5 months ago, to get that bugfix15:40
thomasWell, I'll look into it in maybe two hours, have to do other stuff until then.15:40
mgedminno rush!15:40
thomasno problem15:40
mgedminjust noticed your selenium-related checkin announced by the CIA bot on this channel15:40
mgedminwhich reminded me of that outstanding issue15:40
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ignasow, ow, ow, ow, if you do not pass some parameter to a ZSQL method from your python script16:18
ignasquery just takes it from the request16:18
mgedminit's magic!16:26
ignasit's not about params!16:26
ignasit's during <dtml-sqlvar > expansion16:26
ignasthat the REQUEST.get happens16:27
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agroszerdoes anyone know by heart why zope.pagetemplate suddenly switches to text/xml?16:37
mgedminagroszer, do you start your template with <?xml ?16:44
mgedminiirc there's some content sniffing going on16:44
mgedmin(the nasty thing about it was that in XML mode tal:foo are all ignored if you don't explicitly add xmlns:tal="the proper magic url that you have to find out somehow by reading the source code"16:45
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sim_simIs there some module to parse the subunit ouput of zope.testing which take into account the layer tags ?17:07
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CIA-94baijum * r115635 /bluebream/website/main/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Added "about" section19:56
CIA-94baijum * r115636 /bluebream/website/main/ (index.rst commercial.rst about/index.rst):19:56
CIA-94- remove page numbering19:56
CIA-94- comment template for supporters19:56
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CIA-94baijum * r115637 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/introduction.rst: register components using Grok is not available by default20:17
CIA-94baijum * r115638 /bluebream/website/docs/v1.0/reference/zcml.rst:20:17
CIA-94- Added i18n-resource20:17
CIA-94- bit cleanup20:17
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CIA-94jim * r115639 ZODB/src/BTrees/BTreeTemplate.c:21:48
CIA-94Added comment and formatting changes mainly to overcome damage done by21:48
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